Trigger warning: Dog attack. What would you do?

Hello, I was hoping to ask a question anonymously. Sorry, this question is crazy, but I would really like to know. Before reading, please note I love animals. I’ve have owned dogs and loved them as my own, but when it comes to my child, I will do literally anything to protect him. The other day I saw a video of parents walking their daughter when a pit bull ran up to and attacked their daughter, who looked very young like 5. It took many adults, and the dad is stabbing the dog multiply times for it to release her. She was fine; just minor injuries, thank goodness. My point is that I take my two-year son for a walk every day, and we live where many people have big dogs. They seem nice, but I’ve always had a fear of them randomly attacking. I do carry pepper spray, but since the video, I want to get a Tazer since I know I can’t fight off a big dog on my own. If god probed a dog or any animal attacked, and I couldn’t get it off, and if I were to taze it, will the shock stay with the dog or transfer to whomever it’s biting as well?


if my or any other dog attacks or attacks my kid or my husband I kick it till death.
No remorse


It would transfer to whomever the dog is touching as well

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Yes it would transfer to whomever the dog is biting as well. Pepper spray would be your best bet.

To release a dog that has a lock on your child - or anyone for that matter - you pull the front legs apart horizontally. This is obviously a last resort. You can also twist ears but this is not a guarantee. I would honestly not worry too much about it though - dog attacks are rare, and when they do happen it’s usually a dog the child knows and when left unsupervised.


When a dog bites the best thing I learned is try and transfer it’s aggression to you. Sit on the dog put force your hand in it’s mouth and keep pushing basically forcing your fist down it’s throat. Pepper spray and crush it with your weight piss it off. My brother got attacked by a dog and he shoved his hand in it’s mouth and kept pushing and the thing ran off

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During an attack you’re just as likely to hit the kid as you are the dog with spray or a taser.
I’d go for the dogs eyes or nose to try to get in between them. Hopefully you never need to!

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Nothing really can stop a dog when they attack, it’s an adrenaline rush.


I’d pull my weapon and shoot it! No questions asked no sorrow. A human especially my child is far more important!


A taser will cause the dog to tense up and bite harder, on top of transferring to the child.


Conceal and carry permit and carry a handgun! Any dog attacks myself or my kids I would not hesitate to put it down, I have zero tolerance for aggressive dogs, there are way too many nice dogs euthanized daily to keep them let alone someone not properly containing them.


Good question. My family and I always go for walks with our fur baby, and i always think about shit like this. I’d get the damn dog In A choke hold till it dies or grab its jaws and rip them apart. Idk how realistic that is lmao… But I’ll be damned if a dog attacks my children. I know my fur baby would try to help too. I’m 5’1 I’ll do whatever I can.

Pepper spray will choke & irritate the child. I don’t think I’d spray that near my toddler. I’ve been in a room when it was sprayed & had to rinse my face because it burned my eyes. I wasn’t even near it.

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You’d shock the person being attacked also. Go stronger then pepper spray and get some bear repellent (pepper spray but with a harder kick) just be careful not to be down wind when you spray cause that stuff burns eyes nose throat like no other

If its in attack mode tazers can just piss it off they also are illegal in some cities so check your laws.

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A guaranteed way to stop a dog attack. Stick your fingers up the ass of the dog that is attacking. Gross, absolutely, but it does work and that dog will release its grip immediately.

Pepper spray wont stop some breads. A gun will tho


In Florida people carry spiked baseball bats or 2x4s. But if a pitbull bites down on your kids, even a taser won’t get it to let go. I have a 90lb pitbull with me instead of any protection. Your best bet is to not run or shout or do anything exciting.


Do your walks with a bat in the stroller

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If you are to ever be involved in a dog attack the best to get them to release is to choke them, stop their breathing, so the pepper spray would work great just as long as you spray it directly into their face


Keep your child away from strange animals. Read body language. Teach them about personal space.
Most dogs attack out of fear, not aggression. Walk with confidence, dogs read body language and pick up on your fear, excitement, ect.

Pitbull nor any other dogs, have locking jaws. They just have a HIGH psi bite and determination.

Btw the pits arent your biggest worry. Its dachshunds, chihuahuas, and rat terriers which score much lower on the temperament scale than most large breed dogs, and attack out of fear due to stature.
Kick, and dont go for the head a pit wont care, their skull is thick thick. Go for the ribs or soft areas.


That’s a tough situation. I dont think there is much to get a large dog to release its grip. I’ve heard throwing water on them but you dont always have that available. I would say carry a weapon but there’s always a risk of hitting whoever’s attacked by the dog too. If you know of any aggressive dogs in your neighborhood then avoid their area. Also if you see a loose dog pick your kid up so the dog would only have access to your legs and not you kids. I’d rather get attacked than my kids.

I’d try and get the dog to bite me over my kids. then pepper spray. Punch it in the nose super hard. Ty and pin it down till help arrives. A taser would be cool but I dunno if the taser would transfer to my kid while its locked on by bite. But nothing would stop me. Be ruthless when it comes to you protecting your children.

If you taze a dog biting your kid, you’re gonna electrocute him aswell. Maybe training on it before you purchase

You need a cpl to carry a taser well atleast here in Michigan you do

I always have a little butterfly knife that you best believe I would be plunging in a dog’s eye if it attacked.


Just get a gun. You can open carry on your hip without a permit. It’s for your safety not just against dogs but also against people. A lot of crazies in this world. I always carry and so does my wife. But if you aren’t comfortable with firearms and would rather a taser then you should ask your police department about it. They would know if the electricity transfers and if there are laws about carrying one etc.

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I would carry a bully stick, pepper spray could blow right back in your face if windy.
My niece’s dog was attacked by another dog, and she was bitten trying to break it up. I have always heard, pull the back legs out, (and I know this sounds crazy,), but the vet said if you stick your finger, or something in their butt, they will release their grip on whatever they are biting.

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It will transfer to the kid. The kid would not feel it as bad as the dog, but still would get tazed.

I watched that video as well! It was horrifying. Although I’m not positive, I don’t believe the shock transfers to the person from the dog. I watch live pd and have seen people tased while fighting with police and only the person tased feels the shock.

My electrical engineer son says, yes, the one being bit would get some of the effect of the taser…


Better make sure it’s legal to carry one where you live. It’s not in every state.

Thanks for sharing good question. I believe it will just taser the dog not the person. Also carry a knife too. You know them army swiss knives. Stab them dogs in the nose.

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Take her to a park and walk the track if you’re that nervous.

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I’m a huge dog lover & own 5 dogs myself. If you like animals, have you considered getting a dog yourself? I don’t go anywhere with my daughter without my rottweiler. He’s friendly, but trained as a protection dog. He saved my maltese from a pit bull attack a few years ago. I’m more scared of people than dogs tho lol and I always feel very safe with him. I also own 2 pitbulls and they get into it every once in a blue moon (even tho 99% of the time they are best friends) There is literally nothing I can do to get those two apart. I’ve tried pulling the hind legs, spraying them with water, throwing a blanket over them. It’s scary, so I understand! I haven’t had to try it yet thank goodness, but I just bought pepper spray. Their aggression has never been toward people though, definitely not my daughter. Good luck mama!

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I believe it is illegal to have a taser unless you have a CPL.


I have a pitbull, a german shepherd and a giant mutt. My daughter doesnt pet strangers dogs and ww dont let our pack around other peoples kids, maybe one at a time but its most important that you teach your child boundries and respect, not making eye contact, not screaming or being fearful etc, you have to be careful of your vibes as well as they could totally contribute to a bite on your walks if thats what you’re anxious about. You could carry spray if that makes you feel better but i wouldnt risk a tazer in case it gets more than just a dog, also it could make the dog more aggressive if already in an elevated state.

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I saw this post we’re they use a belt . Wrap it around the dogs neck tighten it up . you from behind him with your legs holding on to him . He will let go because he won’t be able to breath …


I’ve always broke up dog fights by punching them in the head but also a loud sound (gun shots) usually separate the dogs

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A Knife or gun is only thing that will immediately eliminate a dog actively attacking your kid.


A pit bull attacked my little girl while she was walking to the library one day. Luckily an elderly neighbor helped her into his garage but she was bleeding and crying. He had to call the police because the dog was still outside and was joined by another pit bull (same families dogs) I arrived about the same time as the officer and they mased and beat the dogs with batons. They were attacking the car and going towards the officer. He finally mased the female dog enough who was the aggressor and she went down quick and the male ran off. These dogs were familiar with the neighborhood kids and were always friendly. We believe stress from nearby construction caused them to become irritated and they escaped their fenced in yard and just happen to see my daughter. Both dogs were ordered to be put down after being put on a bite hold. After that I gave her a dog whistle.

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I have 3 pitbulls and two babies, although I love and trust my pitties to the fullest I do not trust anyone else’s dogs around my kids. I completely understand the fear you have which is why I don’t take my kids for walks. I am so scared of another dog attacking my kids or my dogs. I’ve had 2 German shepherds try and attack one of my dogs while out on a walk. If you want to continue your walks though I’d definitely carry a knife or look into getting your ccw. And just be aware of your surroundings at all times. Any breed of dog can attack and cause serious damage not just pitbulls but I have seen these videos of pitbulls attacking, but just remember any breed of dog can be dangerous.

I would say just don’t chance walking where dogs are. I was riding my bike(and had rode the same route almost daily)and one came around from the back of his house, never even slowed down ran straight for me. Pulled me off my bike, NOTHING I did stopped him. I punched, kicked, choked, smashed my fist and feet into his face eyes and every part of his body. I even picked up my bike and hit him with it. When he started biting my thigh I squeezed his neck as hard as I could. I tried no eye contact and just lying still. He came for my throat and I got my thumbs in his mouth I guess to push him down, it kept him from being able to bite down too much, it only made him mad and he went back to my arms, hands, butt, thighs, calves, ankle, and feet. A lady across the street came out and was kicking and hitting him. NOTHING we did made him stop. She finally left me and went to get his owner. The owner came out and said his name, seriously all he said was his name. THANK GOD he listened. I have multiple scars and had over 170 external stitches. I know this is long and a lot BUT PLEASE PLEASE EITHER CARRY A GUN(where you can always grab it) OR DON’T WALK WHERE DOGS AREN’T IN A FENCE OR ON A CHAIN OR SOMETHING.


Pepper spray, taser, a large stick… knife… any of those things could further insight the dog… the best thing to do any one of the last people think about is choking the dog out. If it has a collar, twist it until the dog can’t breathe, if not, choke hold that sucker until the go limp, drop them and run. It is the most effective way to stop a dog fight or attack. Stay calm. If a loud, firm “Go away” isn’t enough and the dog is determined to attack… this will be the most effective way to stop the dog.

If you carry, shooting the dog is an option, just know… in that kind of situation you could hit and kill an unintended target… ie. Your child. And again… any weapon could further the animals aggression because now it is pissed and injured. Safest thing… carry a leash/rope that can be noosed and choke that mfer out… can’t breathe, can’t fight.


Omg are you serious if the dog is biting your child the shock from the dog being tazed with transfer to your kid 🤦🤦🤦It’s really hard to say as pepper spraying a dog could only scare it more so it may grab hold of the bite harder


Id imagine the taser would transfer. I wouldnt risk it. And pepper spray will harm your child just as much as the dog. It’ll also probably affect you, which would mean you wouldn’t be as useful to your child in that situation. What if it just enraged the dog further, but you now cant see or breathe?

from my understanding in my dog groups, tazers arent always effective on dogs and can actually make the situation worse. if an attack ever happens the quickest thing to do if nothing is available is to go behind the dog and wraps arms around neck and choke them. never grab by a collar. you can carry mace, perhaps even bear mace. but then you risk yourself and anyone else involved by getting it in your eyes as well

Get a cattle prod! Its longer than a tazer. Pepper spray wont work on a crazy dog. I know first hand.

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My husband was attacked while teaching at an outdoor school last year. It was the coldest day of the year, thankfully, as the layers of wool and a coat kept him from getting his arm shredded.

Needless to say, he now carries a spike hawk with him everywhere animals…wild or domesticated…may be. We let all dog owners know family over fur. :woman_shrugging:

I’m a huge dog lover. But, I’ve also read how quickly dogs can kill people. They tend to go for the face or throat, a large dog can certainly kill a child easily and quickly
I’ve also learned, it truly is how some people train their dogs. You cant trust every dog owner. The dog that attacked my husband had attacked many people prior with out our knowledge.

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Hi, I used to work at a large retail pet store. We had kits by the registers and us cashiers were trained how to use them in case 2 dogs got into a fight in the store.

I do recommend you research these options yourself so you understand what each one does separately.

There is a citronella spray for dogs specifically. You spray it near their snout and they should get distracted from there attack. It is not guaranteed as each dog reacts differently and some may remain jaw locked and be super focused. The key is to distract them no matter what so the next step is a supe4 loud noise, a dog horn blast. Its loud and hurts their ears but I’m sure you wont care about that if it comes down to your child or the dog.

You can carry both options in case of anything but seriously just do your own research on this so you feel comfortable with taking him out on walks. I’ve never had to use these options in the time I worked at the pet store so I dont know first hand how effective they are.

Defend yourself best you can but remember arms and legs are easier to repair than a face. I was attacked in the face by a dog and I was taught by emt and doctors arms go up and knee to the dogs chest. I’ve taught my kids this. We own a larger dog and I was nervous at first.

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Well if you’re trying not to hurt the dog all you need so cold water it distracts them. My gram is a dog groomer and she says that’s what they’re told to do

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My daughter got bit around her eye ball by the family dog. He was sleeping she fell on him and scared him. We HAD to put him down. No rescue would take him and the state gave us ten days to do something about it. Granted we would have gotten him rehoused anyway but because he bit a child they all said no. It sucked because would have never done it had he not have gotten scared. Dog bites are real and very scary. She had to have a total of 16 stitches. It’s okay to always be prepared. Get that taser if it brings you peace of mind. You can NEVER be to careful.


If you tase the dog the shock will also transfer to whatever it is biting

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Honestly if you an your child are walking don’t purposely walk towards the dog,wait for it to pass or cross the street. There are plenty of other options than going straight to hurting the animal


What about breaking the lower jaw? Does anyone know about that?
A lot of these options listed in the comments could potentially hurt the child and further aggravate the dog… Seems like a bottom jaw break would render the bite useless.


Simple carry knife. Stab and dont stop stabbing untill the dog stops.
I love animals couldnt live without them. But id do ANYTHING needed to save my 3 children.


Dogs should be on leashes period!!! Why torture all involved when could be avoided?


I have been told to pull the dog up by the tail.

When you taser someone or something, it makes them convulse. Someone/ thing convulsing .is gonna have all their muscles, including jaw muscles as tense as possible shock would tighten their jaw to the max. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can shock it before it gets to you or your child

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Carry. Numerous reasons you should but protecting you and your childs life is #1


Carry a knife, if you ever have to use it go for the throat, carotid arteries are there.


the taser will cause the muscles to lock up and the dog wont be able to release its mouth, even if it wanted to at that point


They have noise devices that will not harm anyone involved so as soon as you hear or see a dog aggressively approaching you turn it on and it will deliver an extremely high frequency and the dog wont come any closer.


Pepper spray, I carry a remote thing that emits high frequency dogs dont like, works on my 3.


I wouldn’t over stress on this topic… your child is just as likely to get hit by a car or fall and break a bone. But it is understandable cause for concern to an extent. Pepper spray would do the trick, but bear spray definitely would ! But You can’t walk around being afraid of every dog you see ! Not all dogs are aggressive, especially big dogs with unnecessary bad reputations… just be diligent when out and about which I’m sure you already are. You seem like a good mom xo don’t stress too much.

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Carry an umbrella. If a dog comes running just open it and thrust it at them. They will run away.


Yes. The electric shock will pass on to whoever is touching the person or thing being tazed.

How about you don’t approach strange dogs and teach your kids to respect animals. That should prevent a lot of dog bites.


It will only take the dog normally the sound alone gets there attention. But if you were to use it the dog would feel the shock and let go. I sell them to a lot of people for dog attacks. No animal likes the sound

Yes it would shock the other person if they had contact. Also mace is DANGEROUS, it is uncontrolled and will likely get in your and you childs eyes.and lungs and can cause your child to go into respiratory distress and even die.

I personally carry a gun, but if an animal had a hold of my children I wouldn’t use my gun for anything but a fucking bludgeoning weapon to beat the animal with. Ultimately, kicking in the head/ribs/throat/abdomen HARD is the most effective way to stop an attacking animal enough to get your child to safety.

I love animals too, but I’d put a bullet in ANYTHING that tried to harm my children. :woman_shrugging:t3:

not all big dogs a dangerous or aggressive!!!


Personally I wouldn’t risk a weapon. But that’s me and I don’t trust my ain lol

But whrn confronted with the situation we have mainly grabbed the windpipe of the offending dog and squeezed until he let go.
Or if you grab testicles and squeeze (if entire male) or you can poke the eyeballs.
That should stun them enough to let go even if for a second.

Ffks :woman_facepalming:t2: tazers are illegal


Get one of those dog whistles, that dogs cant stand the sound of

A taser will actually cause the muscles to contract not loosen. So, if a dog has its jaw on your kid, you will make it worse. I carry :woman_shrugging: I mean, everyone wants to be as less harmful as possible, but I’m 95lbs. How the hell can I fight off a dog? My kids life is more important than sparing the dog at that point and I will kill it. Love dogs, but I’m not going to stand there grabbing its balls or punching it or whistling super annoyingly at it on the off chance it may let go.

A taser and pepperspray? And you have owned dogs?

Seriously! Use IT and the dog will only bite harder! The tazer will also get to your kid! :woman_facepalming:t2:

U should get a dog. :blush:

Unfortunately that fear will take control if you dont check it. Yeah it may happen. But so will your son or you getting hit by a car or breaking a bone. All you can do is just keep an eye for dogs and read their body language.

Idk of paper spray would work on dogs you would also peperapray you kid but I’m sure that’s not what would be on someone’s mind in a dog attack but if you dont own a gun get one or if you’re not comfortable with a gun carry a knife at all times stab the eyes if you can or under the belly if you can where the vital organs are pit bulls bites are meant to not let go but if you can stick your finger in there mouth back behind there back molars and keep pulling it gets them to let go

There are no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner.

A gun works too. I conceal carry. You have the right to defend yourself, your family and your property. If dog is running at large and. Attacks… You do what’s necessary to protect yourself or your child.

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If you taze a dog holding your child you will hurt your child too. Besides that video has you making mountains out of molehills-most dogs just don’t attack unprovoked.

I for one commend you that you’re not only thinking about the safety of your child, you also do not wish to harm an animal long term. I haven’t Google this myself but I would think that you should be able to Google this question and find your answer. You can also contact your local law enforcement office and ask them, as they are well trained on using tasers, and know whether the taser would transfer to another person or animal.

Dont blame all pitbulls either that dog was clearly trained to attack. Ive had 2 and both were amazing

Its a electronic vault it would travel through the dog to the victom

Proably not id check wth the Human Saciety just be sure

Statistically improbable. Also, shock from taser would transfer to victim being bitten.

It’s illegal to carry a taser.
Or are u in America :woman_facepalming:t3:

It’s also illegal to have dogs off leads in public spaces.

IF it’s legal to have a taser I’d carry one. For this very reason. But it would prob kill the dog

Id get a tazer. Make sure theyre legal to own in your state. Or carry a gun