Tips on travel with kids?

I need some help deciding if we should fly to go see family or drive, we have a soon to be 4 month old. It would be a 16 hour drive that we would have to be split between two days or an almost 6 hour flight that would still take all day plus cost us about triple the price of driving. Our baby isn’t a huge fan of her car seat so I think either way would be hard for her.


Fly for sure. We took our daughter on a 4 hour flight when she was four months old and she did amazing. It was so easy to fly when she was little!

We always drive anywhere we go because my son doesn’t really like strangers , we usually just switch off one of us to ride in the back seat with him that was he sees that somebody is still there

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I’ve done both with a baby around that age, although the flight wasn’t as long. The driving was harder. We had to stop a lot and get her out of her seat for breaks and to eat. But it was still manageable. If money is a concern I’d definitely go for the driving

I flew with my 4 month old and it was sooo much better. He slept both ways and I had him nice and full

I drove down to florida with my 4 month old. It was a 13 hour drive. Just made a few extra stops to stretch her legs/feed/diapers.

Ive done both 21 hour car trips and 4-6 hour plane rides. Plane would be faster in my opinion but car ride make sure they get out frequently and bring LOTS of snacks, toys, and blankets

Depends on what both of you would like to see. You could take 4/5 days as long as everyone is happy. Don’t try to rush life it’s to important ,enjoy the drive ahead .life’s little wonders .

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I’d fly. Long car rides are fun, but take a bit longer with all the stops that are needed. I’ve flown with my children at young ages and they slept.

Fly. Either way she isnt going to like the car seat, but at least with the plane you can take her out and hold her and stimulate her etc, where as the car she will be stuck in it and the car ride will be over the course of two days versus 6hrs as you mentioned. I would vote plane.

I would drive personally for cost alone.


I’ve done the driving… pur babies slept most of the time and we took frequent breaks to get the baby out

We always drive. Im a control freak and want to be able to stop and stretch when nessesary.

Have you thought about the train?
My cousin did that in an afternoon back from visiting me (she rode back with me)
Its shorter than driving and you can walk around plus they have a dinning car and some have WIFI

When we go to visit family it is a 22 hour drive over 2 days. At that age I would personally drive given how much money you save (it’s ALOT for us). Our last drive was when she was 7 months. She is 15 months now and I will only fly with her given her current daily needs until she is a bit older at least. 4 months is easy as for a long drive (especially if there are 2 adults)