Tips on sending 1-year-old to daycare for the first time?

My 1 year old will be starting daycare next week and I’m looking for any tips on packing food/milk/bottles etc. as well as what to pack and how to pack it! Thanks in advance!


Day care will tell you what is required and how to pack it. Some use totes, some use back packs. They all have required list of items, change of clothes, two sheets, blanket, hair brush etc. but they ll tell you how they want it. Some don’t allow outside food and there are no bottles in the 1 year old room if you’re using a center. Most centers provide all food drinks and snacks but everyone is different


Good communication with your childcare professional. be clear with your childs needs. But be flexible with your expectations, they do things differently than you. Different does not mean wrong.


Label everything! Extra clothes (2 or 3 extra of everything). Communication with staff!
Talk to the center and find out what they allow. Where I worked, we didnt allow outside food, bottles or soothers (unless there was a medical issue that we could not provide for)
If they do allow it, label with painters tape- child name, time to be given, amount to be given/formula mixed in.

Put Your Childs name on Everything, inside jackets, in side clothing, bags, on Diapers, wipe packs, bottles/Sippy cups.

Initially you need to pack what your child is already having. After some time you can start introducing nutritious foods. Its better to use stainless steel best sealed tiffin boxes like cello or Milton. Some day care have a list of what needs to be packed in their bag. Make sure your child has enough water. Its good to send water from home. Please keep cloth diapers/ regular diapers in bag. Keep a pair of clothes just in case. You can also keep bib. Give the day a pair of blanket, towel and soft pillow for the baby which you use at home so that the baby can recognise it. Its better to give a chart of the baby’s preferences, gesture for hunger and familiar words if any. How the baby responds when he/she is called using pet name.

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Make sure they get the flu shot. Kids in daycare are a Smorgasburg of sicknesses

First off find out what the day care requires, but for that she a full diaper bag with wipes, diapers and spare clothes are the basics and their own sippy cup with their name on it but most day cares provide the food and drinks.

We used a back pack. Label EVERYTHING lol. Not even kidding. Shoes, clothes, bottles, snack containers…everything. if baby has a favorite toy, leave it at home or LABLE IT. always check for all your stuff before leaving the daycare at the end of the day. Pack extra diapers and wipes.

My daughter is 15 months and started daycare last week. The first few days were AWFUL, but by the end of the week she adjusted and is loving it. I did start sending one of her favorite stuffed animals with her and she keeps it with her the entire time she’s there.

I pack my 19 month olds lunch everyday, send a gallon of milk every Monday and the daycare caretaker lets me know when he needs more wipes/diaper

I don’t know about where you live. Certain times of the year and in close situations kids share lice. I found this product called Lice Shield after that it was never a issue, ever. It also comes in a spray, once a week I sprayed their hats, coats and the teddy bear that also went to day care for naps.