Tips on having kids close in age?

I just found out I’m pregnant again! My baby is 18 months. Any tips?!? I’m so nervous!!! Just had to tell someone


Mine are 11 months apart :woozy_face: both red headed boys… they fight like crazy but love each other more. You can’t get on to one without the other saying no! :rofl: they are 3 and 2! It was hard at first but it gets easier you’ll find your routine and once you do the kids will pick up on it and the oldest will start “helping” you. Let them help you with the baby… I found the oldest throws less tantrums if you let them help out with little brother/sister.! Good luck!


My oldest two are 18 months apart , it was a handful , but they were best friends, and still are to this day. It will be ok.

How does your husband feel…:thinking:

My girls are 23 months apart and I wouldn’t change it fir the world

Lots of redbull and coffee :coffee: :rofl::rofl:

Everything will just fall into place after the hard part

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I went for 6 week check up & found out I was pregnant again… And 3 more after those 2 …

My baby was 6 months when i fell pregnant with my second, so obviously she was 14 months when i had my second . i was a nervous wreck i never thought i could do it. My advice to you is take it day by day , enjoy your babies , it won’t always be easy , you will have some bad days that you’ll want to scream and pull your hair out. But you will be fine you will do your best. After all you are a woman , a mother . Soooo enjoy those babies.

mine our 15 mths apt girls i had it rough at the beginning but you will get through you will survive i promise i just hope you have sleepers as in sleeping babies have cafiene at hand i know spelled wrong.

It’s honestly great when there close in age built in best friend