Tips on finding a doctor late in pregnancy?

Has anyone moved out of state while pregnant? We’re planning to move out of State mid February and I’ll be around 33 weeks but I don’t want to move if I can’t find a doctor that would take me in since I’ll be far in my pregnancy. (I’ve heard stories were women moved and they were around 25 weeks and got passed on being seen since they were already far along)


I wasn’t even seen until my second trimester. Doctor’s still saw me.

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Before you move try to call ahead of time and see if you can find one. Good luck! :grin:

Call around your new area now explain your situation before you move there.

I’d definitely call ahead of time and find a doctor that will take you when you get there. Have them keep in contact with your current doctor so he/she can be up to date once you arrive. Especially since you will be close to your due date.

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Start looking now or track down an fb mommy and me group in the area and ask them for recommendations.

I moved from one county to another and I had problems finding a Dr because I was so far along. I was 30 weeks +.

You shouldnt have any issues. Plan ahead and call around to where you are planning to move and discuss your situation that way when you move you will already have an appointment made.

In Arkansas if u r so many weeks along another Dr won’t take u

I was 13 weeks when I moved and they just needed my records. Does your dr have any connections in the new state

I was 35 weeks and became to high risk for my dr so they let me go. I was able to find another dr to take me on

I moved in my third trimester and had a hard time finding a doctor. This was crazy to me at 19yrs old cause either way I was having my son in a hospital and some doctor was gonna help :smirk: lol

Best thing to do is call around and have all records from your current doctor ready to be sent over

Start you’re on search now. Even talk to your current ob they might be able to refer you to someone or help you in your search

Worse comes to worse, show up at the hospital when you go into labor. Whatta they gonna make you do? Hold it in? lol

I moved around +24 weeks different state. I called my insurance to see if it would go that far, it didn’t. Before leaving I saw my doctor one last time got a supply of prenatals and other meds I was on that would last a few months and my a copy of my medical file. Didn’t have a trouble finding a doctor because I had my paperwork on hand and they didn’t have to go thru the trouble of calling doing paperwork and having it faxed over