Tips on dealing with sleep regression?

Sleep regression? Teething? Help!! My eight-month-old was never started on a set in the stone schedule because she slept through the night at a very early age on her own. She recently started waking up during the night again, screaming, crying right away out of nowhere. I try to console her from a distance and not pick her up, but she screams her head off until I get her, when I do pick her up she’s back asleep within 10 min but won’t let me put her back down without waking up crying again. Now that she is older and is eating baby food and cutting out her third nap… her sleeping schedule is all messed up, which results in a cranky, cranky baby every day, 20-30 min naps, and impossible to get her to sleep at night. Any moms of the same age that can share their daily routines and give advice on how to get one started?


If its the 8 to 10mo sleep regression all u can do is breathe and be prepared to be sleep deprived. Just stay on ur schedule. Maybe warm bath, a book and warm milk b4 bed. No tv as it stimulates the brain, loud music etc.

A warm bath and bottle usually helps both mine sleep better.

I would also recommend checking her for an ear infection - that’s what happened with our little one. We thought he was colicky and it was ear infections.


a warm bath always helps a car ride is good sometimes and during the teething and cutting out some nap sometimes all they want is just the mama they want that love so if you got a rocking chair maybe rock with her and I’m just kind of relax in the chair and get as much rest as you can and try and put her down when you know that she’s been asleep for a good amount of time

Baths before bed work great and dont let the child nap after 12 .

Why are you pushing not taking naps? Maybe she’s not ready. Maybe a little lavender on her sheets to calm her

Pick 3 or 4 things in your day that happen pretty much daily, not that your baby does daily, and then try to build a schedule for LO around that. It may take some tweaking but if you get up at 7 and make coffee, at 11 you make lunch, at 4 you start dinner at 9 you yourself go to bed, build around that. I’m not sure if it will be helpful for you, but I had to stop trying to fit into the “socially acceptable normal” schedule because that’s not house my house flows

Living this at the moment

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9mos was around the time my daughter started to regress in sleep a little. I never actually had a set in stone schedule for naps for her. That didn’t work for her. When she got tired I would give her a nap. She would usually get about 2-3 naps a day. Nothing past 3-4pm because that made bedtime hard.
But I also always held my baby to sleep. That’s how she slept best. I’d hold her to get her to sleep, make sure she was really out and put her down. That might not work for everyone but it worked for us. Usually any regression she had in sleep was a phase and lasted no more than about 2 weeks.

Lol grandson almost 1 and thinks sleeping is over rated 1 nap a day and still gets up in the middle of the night

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We just got through this. It was rough! You might want to try putting her down earlier for bed to make up for lost sleep since she’s dropping a nap. Separation anxiety is also a thing at this age, and they are practicing lots of new skills. I gave my little one more time to settle with me in the room and show me her newfound skill of standing in her crib :woman_facepalming:t3: Lots of cuddles and reassurance at night wakings, and just keep trying to put her back down. Honestly, you just have to ride it out. Do what you need to do to keep your sanity. It will pass :heart:

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My son is 1 and we just hit sleep regression. It sucks. Our routine is 7 am we get up get breakfast, 8 am it’s change diaper get dress, 9 to 10 we play. 10 to 11 I shower, get dressed myself(he plays in his pack and play

I am following the heck out of this post because my girl is 9 months and has been the same way recently :sleepy:

My son is 7.5 months and he wakes at 6-7am (usually) eats and goes right back to sleep until 9-10am. We get up he eats a bottle and has foods and he plays in his jumper for a bit and then tummy time/sitting in the floor with toys and whatever we’re doing until about 12-1 and then he’s down for his nap until 2-3 then up again to eat and play until about 6 then he sleeps till 7pm and he eats food/bottle, bath, playing and snuggles and then bed between 9-10pm. He set the schedule and I just follow his cues usually

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Try a teething necklace. Not the kind they chew on, but a raw Amber stone teething necklace…also known as a milk or honey stone. I absolutely swear by those things beyond what I can put into words. You can even combo them with amber teething stone and the rose quartz that’s for overall health. Best company to buy from is Baltic Essentials on Facebook, where you can buy them in the size specifically for infants and toddlers. (Even adults!) The card that comes with the necklace will tell you to take off at night (obviously to cover their butts, but to me it worked best at night and we only took it off of our daughter to give a bath. It’s definitely worth a try if you are not doing this already.

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My daughter had night terrors at that age. Lasted until she was 2. Nothing to do but comfort them

If teething maybe a little pain reliever at bedtime.

I gave my son baby Panadol just before bed and massaged his gums he slept the whole night when I did that :slightly_smiling_face:

Sm33 will numb your gums bongella dosent I’ve used it on all my kids

id strip my shirt off as I laid my kid down and walk back to my bed topless lol

We went through this and it was so bad we asked the doctor. The response was between 8-9 months a lot of babies do stuff like this and most believe it was to do with growing at that age.

Following, my daughter is 8 months and I’m having the same issue😩

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I went through this it ended up lasting months. It was when we finally decided to do the “cry it out” thing that he finally started to sleep again and now is on a great sleep schedule again. It took months of no sleep for me or him before i finally decided to let him cry it out and really you can start to notice it working within the first week and it didnt take too long to get through it and for my baby to start sleeping

I have been told night waking is a possible sign of not napping enough? Maybe let her have that 3rd nap for another couple weeks before cutting it out or maybe see if you can make her naps last 15 more minutes?

Early 9 month one? The 9 months one nearly killed us! Pray, drinking coffee, give motrin to ease pain, cold clothes or fruit popsicles for their mouth and know neither teething or sleep regressions last forever! Good luck!

This happened to us. We dropped the 3rd a bit earlier than this because our little boy was just under tired at bed time and even if he fell asleep straight away he wouldn’t stay asleep. Was the best thing we did. The other thing he had a bit of a growth spurt then and was quiet hungry, we ended up giving him a bottle right before we went to bed and he slept really well on a full tummy. The phase didn’t last long and he went back to sleeping through without any milk. He’s now 17month occasionally will wake in the night, and if he doesn’t settle I still go in with a small bottle of warm milk and he’s straight back o sleep. I find after a really hot day or one of his day care days he’s much more hungry and likely to wake up during the night. Some ppl would disagree with this and say it’s teaching them to get hungry during the night, however that’s not the case for us. Like I said it’s only occasionally and works for us.

My baby is at 8 months and he did this once we started solids!
If you have no tasks during the day just lay with baby. Its worth it. Appreciate the time :heart: when baby is alert and happy playing i put him in his playpen and get things done. But thankfully husband knows baby’s nedds so if i dont cook because baby needed mamas safety. He will bring home take out :blush: of course remember to take breaks if baby just wont go down. Take care of you. Don’t get frustrated baby feeds off you! Good luck :slight_smile:

I am going through this and it’s extremely hard when they are sick as well. I cut down to one long nap a day, bath time towards bedtime, and i use baby orajel if it’s absolutely bad. I usually play with my son up until he absolutely crashes out.

Pretty sure this is something u should be calling your daughters dr for… people on social media here arent drs and every single child is diffrent even if it sounds the same…


Try using a vaporizer in her room during the nights & light pjs she can move easily in (romper) with warm blankets, video monitor her. Make sure she can move around easily with blankets too!

Poor babe as a nurse of 30 years and a mother of 3 I have felt your worry and exhaustion.if it’s only occurring at night make sure room is well lit to calm fear a little ibuprofen for teething pain maybe a musical screen also I would let my daughters old an snuggle one of my shirts I had worn that had my scent on it from wearing not my uniform shirts of course lol…once baby has belly full place shirt in there hand to grasp.i stopped all napping at that age except one that took place between noon an 2…at 8pm I gave warm bath then bottle an off to bed with moms shirt.teething pain can often cause sharp shooting pain which can also cause sudden waking an screaming I gave ibuprofen during first episode calmed an cradled with bottle till baby asleep also babys can develope colic anytime during 1st year so be on look out for that

Stick to your routine. It’s as phase and will pass.