Tips on breastfeeding when baby gets teeth?

Just have to say breastfeeding with baby teeth coming in is so weird :tired_face: I knew it was bound to happen at some point. She’s 8 months today and finally getting two teeth. I’m proud to have been breastfeeding this long but nervous as to what I’m in for with these teeth! Any horror stories or tips I should know about?


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If it happens lightly pull up on the corner of their mouth, this breaks the latch and take them off and explain if you bite were all done, mine had some good cries when I’d do this but after about 3 times he understood when he bit I would end the nursing and he stopped doing it. Though every baby is different this worked great for mine

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Mine was 10 months when he started biting and I also stopped breastfeeding lol I think I was kind of ready to be done mentally anyways but man! No helpful tips because I couldn’t get mine to not do it lol

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It gets difficult sometimes. They like to latch or bite and not let go. Try to keep your cool in those moments and say “no bite”. It hurts like a mofo but yelling will make the situation worse. (from experience)
You got this! It will be something to get used to but if you both want to continue breastfeeding please don’t let it detour you! :heart::heart:

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