Tips for leaving my baby for the first time?

Tips for leaving my 10 month old for the first time. I might have to go to the er.


Pack well, leave her with someone she’s used to and you trust. You’ve got this Keep your cell phone with you and take a charger and extension cord. Prayers!

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Make sure she has snacks bottles diapers double-check make sure she has any kind of toys that she’d like to play with blankets that are comforting etc and don’t forget to bring an extra charge of the hospital sometimes it takes forever

I just left my 16 month old for the first time. I cried for the first hour of the trip. Have the person send you pictures and updates. My husband and son FaceTimed me before bed !

Pack the diaper bag full if you are dropping baby with someone. If someone is staying at your place with baby, just make sure they know where things are. That’s it. Go to the doctor.

Leave a item that smells like you. Pillow. shirt you slept in. So when baby gets upset they it to hold on to. A caregiver can throw it up on their should when soothing as well.
Hope you feel better and quick.