Tips and advice on starting breastfeeding?

Boobs are gonna sag regardless. Lol. Your doctor’s office probably has a breastfeeding specialist and there are usually meetings too with other breastfeeding mom’s and expectant mom’s. But I didn’t breastfeed my first two because I was weirded out about it and now that I’ve breastfed my youngest, I truly regret not doing it with my oldest. It takes some time to come in and I still wasn’t making much when we got home from the hospital and she wasn’t latching good but we had to keep at it and not get stressed about it.


I only breastfed the first 2 days so my son could get colostrum and my breasts aren’t as perky as they were before and they’re not large either. Lol. But breastfeeding does provide major benefits for you and your baby, it’s challenging but so rewarding. Also, Using lotion and certain exercise might help contain the elasticity in your breast muscles.

Breastfeeding consultants are a great resource. Your OBGYN or L&D dept at your hospital should be able to hook you up with their info. Colostrum comes in first, then milk. If you’re supply isn’t enough there are certain foods and supplements you can take to help increase your supply.

Pumping for myself, I dropped in milk supply… my milk came in 3 days later after my 2nd baby… I kept pumping for 2 months and dropped in milk fast, as pumping doesn’t do what a baby can do :relaxed:… and hey saggy boobs no problem… when you breastfeed just have to be careful with what you eat, I ate everything and my son got really bad eczema so I tried to get everything out my diet I was eating with dairy and he came right… eat while pumping even just a apple or something :relaxed:

Seek out a certified lactation consultant, your ob should be able to hook you up. That is the best person to answer all your questions and boost your confidence. Also The Breastfeeding Support Group :two_hearts: is an amazingly supportive resource. Good luck !

I’ve breastfed 6 to the age of 1… Pm me if you wanna talk!

Many hospitals and WIC offer free breastfeeding classes.

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Boobs get saggy from pregnancy not breastfeeding and the appearance of your breasts shouldn’t keep you from giving your child the best.


Heck no as far as saggy breast I have breast fed 5 babies for each a year some of then longer… I have no problem

Readany books on breastfeeding, that’s how I did it. With no one to help me. It was trial and error, frustration but at that 30-day mark things really started to mesh…, son and I became a feeding team.

Here’s link to exclusively pumping support group Exclusively Pumping Mamas - Education & Support Group | Facebook

the hospital has lactation consultants, i met with one in the begining and she knew a ton of info and tricks. Boobs are gonna sag eventually in life regardless. I cant say I notice much of a difference. Ive been bf’ing for 15 months now and within 3 days after baby is born your boobs should fill up, and you will have a killer apetite so you can keep up with making milk. I was extremely hungry. You burn 500 calories a day making milk. I started dieting when she was 10 months old, and she was getting frustrated at the boob since nothing would come out, i had seriously cut calories and jeopardized my supply so went back to eating whatever whenever and my suppy is on point. the science behind breastmilk is staggering, it always adjusts itself to what you baby needs at the time. They say eat healthy for making milk but regardless of a junk food diet or healthy diet your body will make milk that has everything your baby needs, its just more unhealthy for you to eat less healthy than for your baby. I cant forget to mention that you will leak a lot in the begining. The first time I slept for like a 4-6 hour stretch i woke up with a soaked shirt and painfull very full boobies. So breastpads will be your friend for a little while. I never cared for pumping, its really just easier for the baby to drink from the boob. but you have to figure out what works for you. In the beginning the baby will want to feed A LOT. dont let it discourage you, they are just really hungry in the beginning and breastmilk doesnt keep babies full as long as formula so they feed more often. its also very comforting for them so naturally they just want the boob a lot. It makes for a very close beautiful bonding experience. My 15 month old babygirl and I are still going strong. its definitly a little overwhelming in the begining but if its important to you that your baby get the health benefits from your milk then you will dig deep and hang in there. Feeding schedules go out the window, they will tell you when they are hungry. All my baby wanted was the boob for a while. nothing could sooth her but the boob. I had to co sleep to make it work for me which is another topic in itself but she woke up hungry and it was easier just to sleep with a boob out and she finds it during the night. it was the only way i started getting any sleep. shes been extremely healthy and smart baby from the get go, its something to be very proud of in the long run. They all wean on their own when they are ready. Im just letting my baby lead on that because they dont bf forever. I hope this helps, im practically an expert, if you have any other questions feel free to ask, I have a lot more advice up my sleeve.