Thoughts on the Paraguard IUD?

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Anyone have experience with Paraguard? I’m wanting to get as much information as possible. My baby is 5 weeks old and due to heath reasons it is the only birth control I would be able to use! Thanks!


I’ve had it for about 6 months now, I haven’t really nocited much difference with my periods then before. First few months were a little more crampy, but that’s it really. Everyone is different though.

I had it for 7 years. No issues at all. Got pregnant 3 months after removal.

I had it for almost 2 years, never noticed any changes in my menstrual cycle or anything! Hardly knew it was there.

I had it for 5yrs. My cycles were a tad heavier but everyone is different. I never had a bad experience or bad side effects. When my husband and I decided to have another baby,removal was easy and we were pregnant within 2mths. My husband had a vasectomy so I don’t need bc anymore but if I did I’d definitely get another paragard.

Make sure your Ob actually offers this one though! I thought I was on this one only to find out I was on the Marina one.

I had it for 6 years and I loved it. It doesn’t affect your period and I didn’t even notice it was there.

I just got mine on 4/18/19 and I only had cramps for 2 days after insertion… just got my menstrual cycle this week and it’s not that bad… only had cramps before I got it… so… so far I like it

My periods were longer and cramping was worse the first few months. Sometimes if my boyfriend went too deep it hurt and he said he could feel it. I had it for three years and took it out at my yearly appointment last October. We’ve been trying to get pregnant the past three months and haven’t yet but I’m old so that may be why.

I had it for 10 years, I never had a problem with it. The only reason I decided not to have another put in is because we decided to have another baby. Now that he is born I am honestly thinking of having another put in

I had one for a year and a half. I loved it. Last week when I was having my pap done, my doctor told me that it was expelling itself. She had to take it out. I am in the same boat where it is the only birth control I can have. I am getting another one placed on the 21 and I hope it doesn’t expell itself.

I have the mirena, for two years no periods!

I had it 4 months going out I was 2 months :pregnant_woman:

I had no problems with it! I loved it!

I’ve had it a year. I thought I was going to bleed to death my first cycle but then they lined out .

I had it for 9yrs. Ireegular periods were the biggest thing until painful sex for the final yr. I couldn’t do hormones so long term until I decided I was done, it was a good option until the final yr.

I’ve had it since i was 6weeks pp (baby is now 20 months) & so far no issues. My periods are quite heavy, but i don’t have the cramping that i used to have.