Thoughts on rascal and friends diapers?

Opinions on rascal and friends diapers?? Been wanting to try them on my almost 2 year old and 7 month old.


Looooove them!
Mainly the nappy pants havnt used the nappys in a long time lol
Really have we had a leak. And for both my thick thigh babe’s they have been perfect
The Wipes are amazing to

Great diapers! The waist was a little too snug for one of my kids with a bit of a belly but all in all I recommend them to anyone they’re awesome

Recent our Walmart has had sample packs for $.57 for two.

They are absolutely worth trying. They are also backed by a guarantee so you can return them if you hate them. Pay attention to the weight range in the box and not the size #. Buy for weight.

If you sign up with your email they will send you a free sample like 2 or 3. I didn’t care for them personally but you should trying them out. I love their wipes though

I didn’t care for them, didn’t fit my granddaughter’s on the thigh area

I love them! Their wipes are amazing too, sooo soft.