Thoughts on kids having a TV in their room?

Who has TVs in their kid’s rooms? Do you worry about how much tv they’re watching? My eight year old wants one, and my husband and I are on the fence.


I plan on putting one in my children’s room but only hooked up to a DVD player so they can watch movies in there on the weekends Nd stuff

I put them in their rooms. But usually only use the TV in the bedroom once in a blue moon or to listen to amazon music. Definitely not to fall asleep watching etc.

We don’t have TVs in any of the bedrooms. We only have one TV in the entire house and we will go day without even turning it on.

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My son has one as long as he behaves. He will be 9 in a week. He doesn’t spend all day watching it tho he does other things as well… Just monitor how much he is watching if you are concerned.

I don’t agree in TV in anyone bedrooms

My daughter is 7 and has a TV in her bedroom but I think if I could go back and make a different decision I would have chosen no TV until she was much older. She has grown really accustomed to it and really argues that she needs it to fall asleep with at night. So I think if you do choose to let your child have one, just monitor screen time for sure :slight_smile:

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My son got one at age 10. He rarely uses it.

In my opinion there’s no reason a child needs a TV in their bedroom.


My three year old has one. Sometimes she watches movies to go to sleep. But mostly it’s for if shes sick and wants to stay in bed.

My 3 year old has a TV. He gets to watch about 4 hours a day but it’s more of kids music videos while he plays :blush:

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Mine had TVs in their rooms but they were only used for DVDs… they was not an antenna and we don’t have cable. They used them a lot at first to eat h their shows repeatedly. They eventually quit using them and asked us to take them out.

My kids (9 and 4) have had one in their room almost their entire lives. I take the remotes during the week (we have a no screens rule monday-thursday) and they are only allowed an hour or two each day on the weekend for movies/video games.


I have a TV in my boys room. They are 7 and 9. We just started letting them have one when all this Covid stuff started. We have a timer on the tv and it goes off a little bit before bedtime. I would definitely refrain from letting them fall asleep to it on.

We had a tv in my older girls room (5,7) for nap times we had the remote to a roku stick and put movies on for them but they recently asked us to take it out so they had more space

I have one in my 7 year room hardly watches it.

You can put a TV with a DVD player. I wouldn’t put cable in there.

Not in this house but to each there own.

My kids have one in their rooms but they’re hardly in their room so really only watch it before bed.

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Just put one in my 4yr olds room Friday. He can play his switch on his own tv, I can see him from the living room, he has a fire tv so I know what’s downloaded on the TV and what he has access to. It has helped him to stay in his own bed and not come crawling into mine with my husband and I at 3am. And he can watch something to fall asleep to in his own bed and I don’t have to move him to mine.

My almost 2 year old has one in his room. Disney and kids Netflix only. No cable box in his room. And he doesn’t use it too much. Mainly when we’re all in his room hanging out we will watch a movie together or something. Once in a while when he’s playing with his toys but that’s about it

We are debating on putting one in our kids room they are 8,5 and 2.5yo. They wouldn’t watch it to go to bed (tho I would be ok with playing music on it) and it’d really be so when my older 2 are video gaming the youngest can watch his YouTube stuff or Scooby-Doo &play in his room

I had one in my room growing up but didn’t watch it much. My kids are 5 & 3 and my husband and i both say no tvs in the bedroom.

My 3 year old has one but she can’t watch anything on it without us. We have a Google Chromecast set up on it and we cast shows

My son 9 has one but he only uses it for his pa4

My kids (6 & 9) have TV’s and rarely watch them. They know when the can and when they cannot watch. It is nice when they need a little break from each other.

If i could go back I would of never put one in my sons room ever

Our kids have always had TVs in their rooms!!

I was probably that age when I got one. Worked great when I was sick or weekends when I watched before bed. I’ll do the same to our kids

Ours has one, their about to be 5&6. They really only use it if we are using the living room tv, or a movie/show before bed. And as a nightlight for their toom

My 10 year old has always had one on his room. He technically has 2 in his room right now for when my nephew comes over they can play their Xbox’s together. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I had one in my room growing up. People think it’s strange cause I have one in my kitchen. To each their own.

My daughters had one in her room since birth and shes 2.5. She likes the noise when she sleeps. Our kids channels have an automatic timer on them tho so after 4 hours they go on standby.

Been one in there since before she was born, play music at night or for me to watch while breastfeeding

My four year old has one in his room. He puts on the shows he wants to watch while I get the tv in the living room to watch the show or movie I want in peace. Sometimes I have to take the remote so he will stop watching show after show and go to bed. But I also helps a lot when it’s time to start winding down before bed.

All 3 of my kids have always had a tv. I can’t fall asleep without the noise and neither can my daughter.

My daughter (almost 2) has one and we cast Disney+ through our phones so she can watch Mickey Mouse.

My son has had one since he was about 6 or 7… hes almost 11 now

I didn’t allow one until my son was 12 and now he’s 14 and spends all his damn time in his room playing Xbox and watching Netflix. My 6 year old wants one I said no way not until your older

I’m the odd one out here by the comments. I’d say no. But live by example because I refuse to have one in my room either. My room is my sanctuary.

Don’t do it I made that mistake with one

We don’t have TVs in kids bedrooms and won’t until they are much older it at all

My ex bought my oldest a TV around 11/12. I was against it. My others won’t have a TV or any electronics in their rooms. You never see them, you don’t know what they’re watching or games they’re playing or they’re talking too (like on a TV with internet or certain game systems). My kids have a projector in the basement so they can watch TV or movies. I guess I’m old fashioned or a helicopter parent. I like to know what they’re doing. Especially in this day & age someone can bring a rated M game over or download it without you knowing. There’s way too many sites to block them all. You may think at 8 he can’t but it won’t be long before he learns.

We just got my 10 year old one. Mostly to give him time I way alone. Ita rough on quarantine. He still has to earn time on it. We dont just let him watch all day everyday

I wont be until hes at least 11 or 12 or so.
Theres one in my room for weekend cartoons if he wants to come in or he can go down stairs and watch.

Our kids have had them in their rooms since they were little, we used to let them watch a movie when they had their day nap and now they are older they use them to play Xbox so they are not in the lounge invading my space. You can still monitor how much they use them eg, turn it off at sleep time, take away the remote ect

My son’s always had one for movie time, now that he’s a little older he has a roku and can watch spectrum and Netflix on it when he’s having down time.

Mine had one until I caught them up at all hours after they went to bed watching it, they’re 7 and 9…

I don’t have one in my room and my son does not either. He’s only 4. My daughter does now but did not until she was a teenager. Other than that we only have one in the living room.

Now bedrooms are for sleeping not watching TV

My daughter got a TV in her room when she was 6 years. At bed time I let her watch something turned the timer on for 30 min and than the TV shut off by itself. Will do the same with my son. My step son’s has a TV in his room too he is 10 and he would watch all day and night so we set a time in the evening when the internet to his TV shuts off and he can’t watch anything anymore and than it will turn on the next day

My 2 and 4 year old have one in their room, but it isn’t connected to a tv company or anything. It just has a dvd player connected to it, so we monitor the movies and time they get to watch TV in their room.

I got my daughter a Roku tv and it has a timer and we love it. If she turns it back on we can hear it but we’ve never had that problem.

Yes they do. The remote lives in our room. Its turned on as a reward based on their behaviors. And its incorporated as nighttime routine. 1 hour of cartoons at 530-630. 30 minutes of cooking channel. Then I put moving art on for them to fall asleep to.

They have 2 in 2 rooms for games & 1 for watching movies/Cable. Timer is set & is on parental control.

I have one in my daughters room… i hate it. I never wanted one in there but now her cousins are with her. I had to break them of falling asleep to it … i had to draw the line some where. But I wont have it on all day. My daughter hardly ever sits and watches it so when she asks to watch something i let her

My daughter has one and always has. She has an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep with it.

I have to take the power cord.

My SS8 does have a maybe 16" in his room. He grew up watching it to go to sleep so it didnt seem fair to entirely take it away. But it’s off most of the day and i shut it off after he’s out for the night

Best thing we ever did as adults was remove the tv from our room. I was against it at first but it’s been so nice I’m pretty sure I won’t allow TVs in kiddo bedrooms at all either.

My son has always had a tv in his room (we shared a room and i used it as a night light to feed him and it just stuck plus his bed time wasn’t my bed time lol) he is 7 and now has his own room i will put on a netflix show to go to bed and only turns it back on if he wakes up to go to the bathroom then he know he can only go back to netflix (he has an xbox) he does very well with not getting on any games and going to bed when its bed time because he knows I won’t hesitate to remove the xbox if he stays up all night and that i won’t let him sleep all day (not that he does anyway that boy is up with the sun lol)

I’ve done it before, but prefer not to. At this point they don’t even need one since they have phones and tablets.

My children do, but there’s parental control on what they can watch, its not like they’re up all night watching whatever they want.

Our kids have TV’s in their room. They are in there teens or just under a year from being a teen. We got them back late March I believe. They are smart TVs, so they have Netflix, Disney, and prime. We’ve had no issues with them.
We did however put rules in place before hand. Like no TV after bed time ect… ours aren’t on them alot. Even before the summer hit. It’s worked out well for us, especially cents they are staying up later now that they are older.

My 6 year old has always had a TV but I control the remote and time frame as to how long she watches it

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My 6 yo son has one in his room but he rarely watches it. He’d rather be outside or doing other stuff

Both of our kids (5 and 7) have TVs in their rooms, but we keep the remotes and limit how much time they get with them.
They come in handy when we have things we need to do around the house and don’t want the kids camped out in the living room, weekends when they wake up at 6:30am for no good reason and we want to sleep in, when they absolutely cannot agree on what to watch, or during football season when dad’s hogging the big TV :joy:

I had one in my son’s room but took it out, he would turn it on on the middle of the night and stay up watching movies. Tv came out of his room and will not get another one anytime soon

both my kids have tvs in their rooms, have had them since they were born. our youngest doesn’t really care (he’s only 3 months), but we don’t limit our oldest. He turns it off and on as he pleases (it’s usually on all day). He mostly watches youtube videos (cocomelon, dave & ava, etc) but there are no parental controls on it since he watches whatever we watch when he’s in the living room with us.

My daughter has one and I just put a timer on and then I get the controllers when it goes off

I had a tv set up with dvd player in the area right outside my 2 boys room . Set limits on how much they could have it on. Usually in the afternoon or evening after homework time and dinner time

All my kids do. They only watch it as they are going to sleep
My 4 year old watches her cartoons on and off threw out the day
I dont see a problem with it. It may work for some people and some it may not

My 7 year old doesn’t have one because she gets sucked in whenever the TV is on. My 3 year old however won’t settle down at night if there isn’t a show on. So, the 3 year old has a TV in her room that we turn on for bed time with a bed time show.

Nothing wrong with a kid having a tv in their room just bought one for my 2 year old for her bedroom

My kids don’t have tvs in their room. We have a large one in the living room.

My children have always had a TV in their room. We all go to sleep watching TV. It’s just a TV.

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Just be careful with the smart tv…they can get on YouTube and look up all kinds of inappropriate stuff. Use parental controls and limits.

We gave one to my son for his room. He gets one movie before bedtime or he can play longer. Other than that it is unplugged and the plug is taped high up on the wall.

Mine does but she has rules it’s not bad just set rules tv gets taken away if rules are broken :grinning:

I have 3 kids… we just allowed (in April) the oldest to have a smart tv in his room (he was 18) due to quarantine. He is now at college. My younger two (16 and 14) do not have TVs in their rooms and won’t.

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My 10 year old just got her first tv in her room. She has a fire stick and we limit her tv time with the parental controls. So far so good!

My 5yr old has a tv in his room. He gets tv time in his room before bed. The remotes are in my room and we also have a thing in his room connected to a remote in ours that i just have to click to turn the tv off.

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We have it so you have to cast shoes on ours. So they only get two hours a day. With one of those google chrome buttons

My girls did from a young toddler age and they did well with sleeping and school. When my son was young he couldn’t handle it and didn’t sleep well. He’s 8 and still can’t handle it. We took it out and put it in our loft. He does much better. All kids are different.

My 1 year old has a TV. But he only really watches when he’s having a hard night.a show or two usually calm him down. So he can sleep

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My Daughter has one in her room and she’s 11. It’s not been turned on in months :woman_shrugging:t2:

I never knew that not having a TV in ya room was a thing. Am I a bad mom?

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Long as you have a timer on so it will turn off and not come back without you doing it

My 5 year old has had one a few years already.

My oldest has had a tv in her room since 18 months, the sound helps her sleep.
My youngest is 2 and doesn’t have one

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My daughter has a tv in her room with a xbox which she uses for games and netflix and DVDs. She doesn’t know how to switch it on so it’s only on when I switch it on. She doesn’t use it everyday though.

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My older girls ages 7 and 10 have one in their room. They can watch it after schoolwork. And on weekends. They usually just watch it at bedtime though. I tell them if they go to bed at 7 they can watch a movie before bed. Gives me a little alone time to get the house cleaned up before bed without being up til 10pm cleaning but TV goes off at 830 on school nights. Also a great bargaining tool, something to take away if they dont listen.

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My girls are 8 and 6 and we have time limits set along with parental controls on the tv and the apps but most the time they play music on it while they play. I do not allow them to go to sleep with tv. It is always monitored!! My 8 yr got a ps4 for her bday so she kinda needs one to play lol and also monitored and parental controlled.

My son does but for the most part he is good when I tell him it’s time to turn it off for bed :blush:
Just like anything with kids. Make the rules a habit right from the get go and there shouldn’t be many problems :woman_shrugging:

My 12 yr old has had a TV in her room since she went into her own room at 4 nothing wrong with that

My kids all had a small tv in their rooms growing up . I wish I had not done that . We could have all shared our one tv . The child that watched WAY too much tv was my daughter . The boys were always in sports and were busy . I would do it differently if I had to do it over again .

Two of ours do, one does not. The youngest (now 10) is just not able to control herself with it and would be up during the night watching. She used to have a small flat screen. She’d also play with the tv stand. Once she knocked over the stand and broke the tv two years ago, we just never replaced it.

My oldest use to have a tv. But he’s broken two so he has a 45$ tablet now with Netflix and Disney :joy:

My son has always had a tv in his room no cable but he has a tv he doesnt fall asleep well without some kind of sound

My 3 year old has one in her room, it’s the only way she will stay in her room. She plays with her toys while she “watches” the tv, I think she likes having the sounds and songs on in the background.

My kids do. They’re gone for school for 10hrs a day, once hw, dinner, and baths are done idc how much they watch til bedtime at 730. Then it stays on anyway. They’d rather be outside, they aren’t big into TV anyway