Thoughts on having a third child?

what do ya’ll think about having a third baby? after having two children, how has that settled into your life and is there a way to actually plan to have twins or no? Google has so many articles about that but I wanna ask experienced parents


I just had my third two months ago. I love it. I always wanted a big family. In my opinion, going from two to three kids is not as hard as going from one to two.


I went from 0 kids to 2 kids right away. So going from 2 to 3 was easy. But the third was worse than the twins.

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Going from 1 to 2 kids was harder than 2 to 3. I love having three kids, challenging a lot of the time but it’s worth it!


My mom always swears that even numbers were the easiest, she had 4. I went from 1 to 3 so all I can say is :grimacing:

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You can’t really plan for twins. It just happens. Unless you do IVF. It can run in the family, but doesn’t mean it will happen.
I have 5 kids- love every bit of it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Having my son and then my daughter 1yr & 2weeks later was tough on me. Personally I feel like im done, I have my boy and girl. I am now 30, if I were to find out I was pregnant of course I would be happy but as of now I’m done.

Mom of 4 adult children with the 3rd and 4th being twin girls. Life was beyond crazy at times . Our house was the hang out house so even more kids were over all the time. But I can honestly say I wouldn’t of changed a thing. To chose to have more children is really a personal decision made by you and your significant other.

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Going from 1 to 2 kids is fine. Going from 2 - 3 is like having 10 kids. :sweat_smile:

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It has been really hard honestly. The third is the hardest. She is my most defiant and mentally draining of my kids. I also don’t have help or family so I don’t get a break. But three is definitely not fun.

Going 1 to 2 kids was rough. 3 meh depending on the age mine were 16 months apart…the 4th just fell into routine. I hate odd #s so I knew when I had the 3rd there had to be a 4th :rofl:

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Going from 1 to 2 kids was harder than going from 2 to 3 kids. Right now is hard with having 3 kids, but that is because my daughter is teething super early and has 2 teeth coming in at the exact same time

I have three and I love it❤️ (but mine are 16,11&2 years old with the youngest being my only girl so naturally I knew I had to try for a third after my first two were boys.)

going to 1-2 kids Not bad. but Going to 2-3 is a whole different level No one told me about But worth it don’t regret it

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For me going from 2 to 3 was easy however my 3rd child is a spitfire and there is no way I’m having more after him :joy:

I don’t like odd numbers or any reason that ends up with me needing a minivan lol. Two kids is perfect :saluting_face:

I thought having my 4 th would be hard then we had the 5 th. They are fit in with no problem…

I found 2 to 3 harder and when there all together it choas, if it’s only 2 it’s so much quiter

Why ask us. Ask your husband…:thinking:


I would rather be punched in the face, repeatedly.

I spaced mine out I have 4 so that helped a little bit but starting all over again was hard I waited 5 yrs and now I have a 18 month old and she takes a lot of my time but my eldest are 13 9 6 so there pretty much Independent but they still need love to if you have a supportive partner and family I would say yes but it is a lot and some days are better then others but the more the merrier welcome to the crazy house :joy:

I have two kids ages 8 and 7 and just found out I’m 12 weeks pregnant it was a total surprise since I have my pair but I’m excited if you are ready physically emotionally and financially then go ahead don’t do it of your not ready

I had my two boys in my twenties and went back for number 3 baby when I was 42 and had my baby girl (20, 24 and 9 years old now). My boys adore her and are her biggest protectors. I don’t regret a second of my choice, it’s been so much easier third time round. I know what to worry about and what not to worry about. I’m firmer with some rules than I was with my boys and more relaxed with other rules. I feel like having my number 3 completed my family. But this is a personal choice. I always knew I wanted number 3, I felt an ache inside me. If you don’t have that ache, maybe it’s not time to go for the third one. I think you know deep down how you really feel. Do you want to go back to changing nappies, being sleep deprived and exhausted? That said, think of all the first moments. The first word, first giggle, first steps and first day at school. For me it was all worth it.

Short of doing IVF your chances for twins (unless they really run in the family) is slim. A 3rd child as long as you purposefully make time for the older 2, especially the middle child, really doesn’t make the dynamics any different or harder. I found that the 3rd actually made the family feel complete.