Thoughts on getting matching tattoos with your spouse?

What does everyone think of matching tattoos with their husband? We want to get them and already know exactly what we want. BUT I guess I’m a little superstitious because people always say when you get matching tattoos it doesn’t work out.


After 11 years of being married we finally got ours done last month! Just a simple matching cross on our ring fingers, zero regrets.

I’m all for it. I wouldn’t do a name or anything like that but an actual image would be neat. No one needs to know it’s a matching tattoo unless you tell them. I have one with my best friend and you would never know unless I told you. I get compliments on it all the time.

My man and are getting king and queen crowns on our ring fingers

I have my husband’s name on my arm and he has mine on his chest :woman_shrugging:t2: he’s had his for 6½yrs

I have a similar one to my husband. We both have our wedding date tattooed on us. Mine is on my back shoulder with a dove. His is on his bicep with the Chinese words of Forever & Always. He wanted to tattoo my name on him and I said no.

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My husband and I have our wedding date on our ring finger. He can’t wear a ring due to his type of work so we did that instead of getting him a ring

My fiance and I got these on our 13th anniversary, we just celebrated 15 years last week. I don’t regret it and if we ever did split, I wouldn’t remove or cover it… he’s my boys’ dad and has been my bestfriend for over half my life and will always be a part of me.

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Thats a big nope. I have a tattoo on my back that my ex husband drew. I regret it do much.

been with him 21y this year i have his name on my right shoulder and he got my name after a deployment

My husband and I are both Gemini’s so we got matching Gemini tattoos

We got our fingers done. And we got our names on our wrists

I have a bathtub with my husband’s initials and he has a toaster with my initials. To each their own :woman_shrugging:


My husband & I got matching tattoos before we were even married. Been together since 2012 & married since 2016.
Do what makes ya happy, life is short!

I got my husband’s name across my ribs a few years ago. 20 years on Wednesday.

People split for lots of reasons but tattoos isn’t one of them lol


Ours don’t match, but they are complementary.

My husband and I have matching its our wedding date 10-16-10 we got them on our 10 year wedding anniversary

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The only thing we agreed to is not matching but coordinating. Even then, probably not. We thought about matching tattoos for our kids, but we ended up wanting our own take on those.

I love matching tattoos. Even if something ends, you still have the good memories that came before. If the tattoo is complete without the other then that’s even better. I think a lot of relationships end after matching tattoos because people use that as a show of love and loyalty when they’re already struggling (some couples get names tattooed, some have babies. They use long term commitments as a bandaid). As long as your relationship and your bond is still strong nothing bad will come of it :heart:

I think to each their own.

There are very few things that are a hard no for me from the get go in our relationship. Matching tattoos or my spouses name tattooed on me our on that list. It’s not that I think it’s bad karma or anything. It is however that it’s more costly to get that removed if things did fall apart. No thinks, I’ll keep my money.

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I got this after 10yrs of wanting it and added my husbands name. 2yrs later he got it tattooed on his chest. I didn’t ask him too he just did it and came home and surprised me. We’ve been together 10yrs 7 months.
But not everyone like getting matching tattoos

My husband and I have 3 sets of matching tats and have been together for over 14 years. The tats aren’t the reason couples don’t work out!

I’d have to pass - not a fan

My husband and I got matching tattoos before we got married during a time we were separated. They’re not exact matches by any means mine is on my collar bone in maroon ink and his is on his forearm in Disney font purple ink with splashes of color in the background but they both say ohana with a little hibiscus flower at the end. We got them on his birthday originally he was just coming with me to get mine done then he asked if I would be upset if he got one to match because he liked it. I told him no, ohana means family you’re my family no matter what. He said he would need to save for it to get it at a later time so I told him I’d pay for him to get it that day for his birthday present. That happened a couple years before we got married, we’ve now been married for 5 years and going strong

NOooo you both have your own likes & or dislikes Do your own thing then No regrets.jmo.

My spouse and I each have crowns from like 8/9 years ago…. They’re not identical, and each have a different saying written underneath. No issues here!

As long as you’re willing to live with it after you get divorced or pay to have it covered up what’s the big deal?