Thoughts on getting a tubal?

Anyone have experience with getting a tubal? I have 2 boys age 3 and 10 months. I don’t want anymore I’m 25. I have an appointment to discuss getting my tubes out in March. Kind of nervous about if they will let me or not.

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I got mine cut tied and burnt almost 11yrs ago and the only down fall is everymonth the cramps are worse then labor pains for the first 2days and the bleeding for the first 2to3days is so heavy I go thru a pad every 4hrs…after that it’s just spotting and I’m normally done by day 6

I got mine done when my 4th kid was 1, I do not regret it! And my periods aren’t that bad.

I got mine done when I was 23 after my 2nd child. It depends on the doctor. Mine believed in letting a woman make her own decisions. I’m 28 now & still dont regret it.

I had mine at age 29. No regrets.

I wish I would have known about the heavier periods before. I had an ablation and a tubal and the ablation didn’t work like it was supposed to and I still have bleeding and the cramps are sometimes severe.

I got mine taken out when I was 22. I’ve had no side effects. I have 5 kids.

I got mine around 27 I think.i have health issues so it wasn’t a problem for me to get was a easy procedure I was fine right periods are more heavy now tho

I had mine done at 25. Worst experience for me. Before having my tubes done, I always had normal on time periods, after I had sporadic periods that lasted up to 21 days. It ended up being dysfunctional uterine bleeding (which only happened after having my tubes done) and I ended up with a hysterectomy at age 34 after all other options didn’t work.

I got mine done almost two years ago, i got the laparoscopic procedure, they cut inside my belly button and filled my stomach with gas so that it was easier to do the surgery. It leaves a big bruise on your belly but i only had pain for a couple of days really, i was bloated amd gassy because they pumped me full of gas but i was able to resume regular activity after like two days.

I had it done. I regret it bc my cycle is so much worse than before. It’s also not 100%, my surprise baby came 6 years later.

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My periods are awful since I got my tubes out. I don’t recommend

I had it done with my last baby, my periods were awful afterwards, just had a hysterectomy Monday and already feel 1000% better. I wouldn’t be able to make that decision at 25, but your body, your choice, and there is options if you change your mind later.

I regret getting mine done now. I originally got it done because I didn’t want more kids with my abusive ex and thought I was trapped. When he left I made my escape with divorce and met my current boyfriend. The only way I can give my current boyfriend a child is through IVF and I made him aware of that when we first got together. It has also caused me to have heavier longer periods which is being treated with more birth control.

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My biggest advice will always be to get your tubes removed. I got pregnant 11 months after getting my tubes cut and burned. Love my baby to death but I’m done done having kids lol

Please look into tubal ligation syndrome. It’s irreversible and can be life altering.

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I had mine done at 27 and the next year a full hysterectomy because my cycle was so bad I couldn’t care for my kids or work and my estrogen levels were causing massive depressive episodes. They don’t tell women that part of the process!

Don’t do it. Chances are you will regret it. Most women I talked that had it done regretted it.

If you are done your done
Or try a non hormonal iud . Lasting 10 years , you still have the choice

I’m on the waiting list to have mine done now. I’m 33 with 3 kids and having no more. I asked to have them done at 28 and the dr pretty much said no to me.

Just make sure that it’s something you’re for sure wanting - I got mine done after I birthed my second via cesarean (I was 25 as well with my boys being two years and a month apart) and here I am 33, somewhat regretting it and hoping that I’m one of women who surprisingly gets pregnant that has had a tubal. Main differences I had noticed was more heavier flows, the cramps tend to be more intense, and I experience some cramping while I’m ovulating.

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I got mine last year during a c-section having my last. I had awful pregnancy and a pst does it childbirth once so I knew it was time… they shouldn’t be able to tell you no do your best to stay firm if it’s what you really want.

I had my tubes tied 7 years ago as I had my 4 kid o was done, but what my Drs didn’t go over with me is the tubal ligation syndrome and it was a living hell for me. I use to have regular periods but after having that done they are 20x worse so heavy I have to wear a freaking overnight diaper I go through 2/3 pads every hour the first few days. Although I’m done having babies I wish I wouldn’t have had it done. I’d rather deal with birth control

Idk if they will let you maybe if just tied since you are do young, but I just had mine removed completely

Dr always told me no when I wanted it, I wanted it in my late 20’s and through my 30’s. Finally at 38 they allowed it but still gave me all the talks about how it was permanent. It’s your choice but make sure it’s really what you want