Things Feel Different

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"I've been with my husband for 8.5 years, married 5. I always felt like we were great, until tonight. Tonight jokingly I called him a miserable old fart, to which he then called me an old bike. Literally, I didn't know what to say and even when tearing up, he could see he had upset me ain't wasn't bothered. Seriously though, not something you would ever say to anyone - especially your wife. I don’t understand where that comment came from, or why. It was our anniversary yesterday, and we had a lovely meal, and as always, get home and he’s “too tired”. Being fair to him, he does work 6 days a week, but I work equally as hard. Things just feel different. I feel upset, and totally hurt that that would say that. I would really appreciate opinions on this!! Thanks"

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"No sympathy from me. You called him names, if you cant take the comeback, dont dish it out."

"I mean you called him a name so he took a shot back. Why is it ok for you but not him men have feelings too"

"Maybe he was just as hurt by your comment? Hence not feeling bad when he saw you upset, perhaps he was holding back his own tears so to speak."

"Maybe he was jokingly calling you that as you did him."

"You reap what you sow. Don’t say things if you cant handle the comeback."

"Uh you dished it lmao he was responding. He was probably joking just as much as you were"

"Uhh did you not call him a name first… you wrote all that and expecting sympathy when you posted it. Stop calling names, when you can’t handle it when someone calls you something back. We’re not kids anymore. You say something to someone they have a right to say something to you…"

"Never heard the saying old bike. Don’t give that phrase a second thought - y’all were clearly joking around."

"Pot, meet kettle…… don’t dish out what you’re not willing to take."

"My momma always told me…if you can’t take it don’t dish it! He probably would have never called you that if you didn’t start the name calling."

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