The babysitter left my child with her boyfriends son...advice?

So I just had the most terrible news today at work and I just need to vent it because I’m still very shaken by what happened. I was at work, and my phone started going off. I check an see that my sitter has been trying to call me. I check and see a partial text saying how my daughter (3 years old) was dropped off at her boyfriends house and left under his 15 year old son’s supervision and before I could finish reading it the cops call me to tell me my daughter was found wandering the streets! I am literally so mad. When I got home and grabbed my child the sitter wasn’t even remorseful or anything Acted like nothing happened meanwhile I’m crying, holding my daughter. She’s got 4 kids. You’d figure she’d be al bit more attentive instead of leaving my daughter with her boyfriends son just to go to a store. I’m still so upset about this and I just need reassuring words. I couldn’t stop apologizing to my daughter because I feel like this was my fault. She’s never watching my daughter again due to this.


You a good one bc she would’ve left hurt


Press charges immediately - don’t wait. That is horrifying. I am so sorry you are going through this. That is just unacceptable behavior.

I would press charges. It’s child neglect and endangerment!


I would literally sue her or press charges

I would be raging mad for this as well. I am glad your daughter is safe and I this is why I send my kids to daycare.

She wouldn’t be my sitter anymore. I would let law enforcement handle it. If she would have had an emergency which would have required her to leave the child in his care is one thing, but to go to the store is another. Find a reputable child care facility.

That wouldn’t be my sitter anymore.


23 year ago ,we were having an extension build, the side was exposed, the work men were in/ outside, I asked my husband to look after our 2 year old, just while I went to the toilet, as I was coming the stairs from the toilet, the front door went, I answered and there was a lady holding my baby girl, she found her on the road, it took me years to trust him again

Thank God your daughter is safe. I would absolutely report her to the state licensing board (assuming she is a licensed provider) and follow through with any legal action you can take. I would also try to contact any other parents who had children there in her care.

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Stuff happens Mommy! You have to work for both of you to live! You have every right to feel this way. In no way shape or form should your daughter be left with anyone without your approval. It’s not your fault. You trusted your sitter and it’s definitely her fault. Thankfully your daughter is safe and that’s what matters most.


You should press charges at least. Cause that could’ve ended up horribly n I hope you fired her completely

What did the cops say? I’m assuming nothing criminal has been done. I don’t think it’s a crime to have a 15 year old watch someone younger and kids get out. Sometimes they get out with their own parent and I don’t believe that’s a crime. You can always ask the cop if you can press charges. I probably wouldn’t press charges on the 15 year old cause it’s not their fault or responsibility. Obviously that babysitter can never be trusted again. I’d straight up tell her that you were paying her to watch your kid. Not to drop the child off with a teenager. If there was an issue she should have called you first. And idk if she is on any agencies or sites but I’d write her a bad review and report her.


I would definitely press charges!!!

You didn’t do anything wrong. SHE did. Thank the stars and hold your baby extra tight… but hold her accountable so this doesn’t happen to someone else’s child!

If that was my daughter they would have to put that sitter into witness protection!! So glad your child was ok, anything could have happened while she was wandering the streets alone, frightening!!


Sounds like she needs to be charged with neglect.

I’d absolutely press charges on her and him for NEGLECT! SHAME ON HER. I’d put her on blast so she never has the chance to pull something like this w someone else’s kid. It could have ended very badly, I’m glad your daughter is ok!
They both endangered your child and didn’t care.


How’d the child get out? Why did she have to go to the store? Did the 15 year old have the other 4 children aswell? So many questions unanswered. Glad she was found and returned safely.

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Check state laws. Some states you can press charges on her and at minimum she will have a record so it’ll come up so she can never do this to other kids

Press charges for neglect. I so would. And leave reviews to let people know.

Daycare, never trust that sitter again

I’m sure I saw a film about something like this … bad stuff.

I can’t even say what I want to say so I’ll just say the cops wouldve been taking me away in handcuffs. Absolutely unacceptable😡


I’d be filing a lawsuit against that babysitter her head would be spinning! Punitive damages Everything I could think of! Get a copy of the police report when they found your child or have them make one!

I’m sooo sooo sorry I had horrible experiences with day care multiple my daughter was found in the streets all kind of stuff blood but sores from them not changing her diapers all day and so much more I couldn’t work I had no one!!! I could trust :confounded:

Glad your daughter is okay.
I would be furious :confused:

Paid baby sitter? As in not cash in hand, not a “friend”? If an actual paid child minder with insurances etc id be reporting her. If just someone you know that you are giving a bit of money to watch your kid (not paying taxes, super etc) then theres nothing you can do other than never allow her to watch your child

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Step 1 would’ve been to make sure my kid was okay.
Step 2……

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Yeah, I’d be having her done for neglecting my child


I’d definitely press charges. Make sure no one else leaves their child with her.


I feel like everybody knows how the world works at this point. Stop trusting people with your children.


That’s a criminal act. I wouldn’t let this go.

Omg how terrible!!

This is so disturbing to hear, I’ve been a nanny for a decade and could never understand why people do the shit they do.

I’m glad your child was found SAFE.

Unpopular opinion first I understand how scary this must be for you and how you might be able to place the entire blame onto your sitter but at the end of the day you chose to drop your kid off somewhere and then became unreachable for a period of time . What if the sitter would of had medical emergency and the call was from one of her kids or law enforcement trying to get your child picked up by you instead of taken into custody ? Things happen , personally you should reflect on what could of been done to prevent this from being the only choice your sitter felt she had and prepare a game plan for any person or care facility you may choose for your child in the event something popped up and you were unreachable.


I would press charges. Thats neglect at the minimum and she needs to learn the consequences of that. Your child could’ve been kidnapped, hit by car, etc.

Press charges so she can’t be a babysitter anymore (at least if anyone checks her background).


Press charges! It’s a blessing nothing worse happened. Omg, that’s completely terrifying and completely unacceptable.


Press fucking charges
What the fuck
No way boss

Unfortunately, there’s really not a lot you can do except for exposing this scenario, as you have and never let them watch your child again, as you’ve stated you’re not going to. Really, those are, in my opinion the right moves. And honestly, if you go to the cops they’re not going to do anything. I know it’s hard to trust people with your child’s, but also take this opportunity to teach your child why she is to NEVER walk out of any home she’s left at by you, alone. Explain all the bad things that can happen. My daughter is 7 and has nvr snuck out, or gotten out accidentally. We explained everything bad that can happen to a child wandering alone. Scared her enough to not wanna try it.


Oh my GOD!! I am so sorry this happened to you. Personally, as a grandmother, I would have punched in in the throat!!!

Firstly, we’re all super grateful that your child is okay. Take a deep breath and let it out, as that’s the most important thing. Hug her tight and stop feeling guilty, it wasn’t your fault.

Secondly… Lose. Your. Mind. Press charges, put it all over local media pages, and be all around ugly. That is a horrible thing for a sitter to do, and she shouldn’t get off scot-free.

How did the police know to call you?
Why would they give her back to her and not wither wait there for you or take your daughter to the station?

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Oh wooooww. I’d be pissed to.

Honestly equally as pissed at the 15 year old. Like bro you had one job. When all else was going wrong you should of atleast had the head on you by that age to make sure a kid doesn’t wander off and leave the home at the bare damn minimum. :triumph::triumph::triumph: Especially if the other kids are getting left in his supervision often :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Deff file neglect charges if you can like wtf.

Alteast ask me if it’s okay first or just take my kid with you.

Why wasn’t she charged with neglect?


I mean, you’re the one who trusted that “sitter” so it kind of is your fault. :woman_shrugging:t2: You can’t trust just anyone with your child… Also, if someone has your child you should have your phone available at all times in case of emergency. I don’t care if I’m at work. Notification will pop up on my watch and if it’s an emergency, sorry but that’s more important than my job.

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I would’ve taken her outside and beat her ass

The way I would’ve pressed charges so damn fast. Girl I am so so so sorry.

Her excuse for dumping your child was a trip to the store ? go for the throat on this one because 3 year olds walking the streets unsupervised deserves mideaval responce

You have every right to be upset and you can’t blame yourself for trusting her

Make sure she never comes back !

Yeah after what I’ve seen bfs teenage sons can do hell no I’d be raging!

If pressing charges doesn’t go anywhere my ass would be blasting her all over social media to save another child from being put into her care!!!

File a report on this. Can u imagine what goes on you don’t know about. Very sad.

I wonder if you can press charges, because she shouldn’t be babysitting anyone’s child… Please share your story publicly in your area to warn anyone else about using her as a babysitter.

Oh no, that’s a big NO. You should take her to the hospital to check just in case. I don’t trust a soul that I don’t know to watch my daughter

That is a terrible experience you and your daughter went through. Maybe try a retired woman or two to alternate, to watch your child. They can use the money and would be more responsible.