Summer activities for kids?

Hey there I am Looking for fun learning activities for my 4 year old over the summer. Any suggestions


Check with your local libraries. Ours have weekly learning events open to all ages.

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Take a small tub of water, put some toys in it, let it freeze, then they can chip away at the ice block and retrieve the toy. I suggest dinosaurs because you can educate about paleontology


DIY play dough with salt & flour.

Pinterest had some good ideas… just bought a bunch of crafts from the dollar store to do learning activities with my 5 year old

In maine we have a discovery museum… mayne something like that?

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Libraries have fun classes, story times, usually all free… park, swim, children’s museum, zoo, aquarium, sports or karate!

At 4 my youngest was doing Hooked on Phonics. And studying lots of ants

Last summer my son was 4 and when it was too hot to go outside (I was near the end of pregnancy) we would practice his writing and pencil holding before school. These are the absolute best and they’re dry erase! Lots of fun things in there. We also played at the park, did crafts with popsicle sticks/pipecleaners, painted flower pots, baked lots of homemade goodies, we used flash cards to jump start him before kindergarten.

Park picnic zoo anytimes a good time