Started spotting a couple of days ago and I’m confused on what it could be

A couple days ago I started spotting (when I wipe) this morning I woke up feeling very sick and my boobs have been sore. I’m on birth control (the patch) and this has never happened before I’ve never spotted like that not even when I started the birth control it’s been messed up a little bit like changing it a day late etc. I was just wanting some advice. I’m just confused on why I’m spotting this has never happened before.

I would wait a week then take a pregnancy test just to be able to rule that out. Just because you take birth control does not mean you cant still get pregnant, there is still a slight chance of pregnancy. After you take the test, and it’s positive well there’s your answer but if it’s negative make an appointment with your doctor. Make sure to tell them all your symptoms, when they started, etc. Maybe it’s just your birth control making you feel like this. Or maybe your period will start soon? Pms symptoms include tender breasts.