Soup recipes?

My son is getting his teeth worked on today, due to having extra teeth. We really tried to opt out of surgery by letting them fall out, because all the extra teeth are baby teeth… but now they are obstructing the other front teeth that are actually Adult teeth. What did you feed your kids the days after surgery. I have a picky eater and I’m worried chicken noodle won’t cut it.
Give me your soup recipes !!! :wink: thank you ! Pray for my baby today I’m terrified for him. He will be sedated.

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Cold stuff is really good after extractions, it helps soothe the site. Ice cream, slushees, smoothies, yogurt, etc. after 24 hours start eating soup.

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Cold works better then hot. Hot food would make the blood run faster and cold will help clot anything that needs to stay clotted

Popsicle and cold food but really let then eat soft stuff by day 3 they may be ok to eat what they want kids are tough and the wont eat what hurts so let them try what they think they want.

Mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, smoothies, soft pasta.