Since having my daughter I do not feel the same about my husband: Thoughts?

Like the test, I think it’s post partum depression, and although I didn’t have your symptoms, I was affected by it. It will pass. Just get guidance for it.

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I felt like this after having my daughter and ended up splitting up. I just didn’t care about him when I had my lg all my attention was on her n I just didn’t want to be with him anymore Xx

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You just had a baby. Relax!

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Hormones suck. Don’t make any important decisions until your body heals


Sounds like PPD… I would ABSOLUTELY talk to your obgyn at your 6-8wk check up!! I went through it too but my LO is 20months now and I love all of my night time hubby cuddles!!


That’s probably temporary. I went through it twice. If it doesn’t pass let your doctor know. But your okay. Its normal honey

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I think I would talk to the doctor. He can help u. U hormones are mess up.

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Post. Partum. Depression.

Go get help.

I went through this with my first child… your hormones are rapidly fluctuating … if talk to your doctor about it… it took me probly a good 8 months to get mine some what back to normal and to stop feeling that towards my child’s father…

You are still feeling the post partum effects and your hormones haven’t regulated. Its normal. Some women also feel detached from the baby after birth even though they love the baby. It doesnt last forever

It’s hormones! Such evil hormones, I think it’s great that you are so aware that it’s not normal though and have already noticed before it causes issues. It does get better but I agree, if you cant shake it in a few weeks, talk to your doctor. :heart:

Parle-lui explique lui que tu te sens moche et c’est temporaire.

It is temporary!! Things will get back to normal

post natal depression. I did the same, my depression comes out as anger

It’s normal, I felt that way towards other family members too just couldn’t stand to hear their voices. It passes. If it doesn’t start to ease up and get better, talk to your dr, don’t wait to long maybe another month. But be honest with your husband, just tell him, I feel exhausted and disconnected, because you do love him obviously by way you talk about him and your daughter. You don’t just fall out of love from giving birth, its hormones.


Its pretty normal! But bring it up with dr at your next check! Until then you can try to correct your thoughts about him! Find the good! You’re already doing it a bit! :+1: How he loves your daughter etc!Dont tell him the full extent of your feelings!! Make it as generalised as possible, when u tell him about your struggles! Imagine if he said to you “since u gave birth I dont even like you and the thought of sex with u makes me feel ill!” That stuff can never be unsaid and will stay with him forever! Even after you feel better about him that damage will be done!!