SIgns of miscarriage?

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I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant I bleed and even passed clots told my doc I miscarried because I just had 2 back to back but went in and obviously everything is okay I just had like a blood sac by the baby’s sac I can’t remember what she called it but it went away fully after a few weeks

I had one spot at 12 weeks and knew I was having a miscarriage. 5 hours later went to the er and they did an ultrasound to find a blighted ovum situation. Listen to your body and the drs. With my second pregnancy they induced me because they said my placenta was failing, my son was losing weight and low amniotic fluid. They induced me for a week, sent me home after a second ultrasound saying everything was fine but low amniotic fluid. Drs make mistakes too and that’s why I say listen to your body.

Spotting early on doesn’t mean miscarriage. It depends on how dark and how much blood there is. At 6 weeks, I’d think it’d be implantation bleeding…


Spotting IS normal in the beginning of pregnancy. I would take it easy and monitor. If it becomes more than spotting with pain then definitely go in and get checked out otherwise just keep in contact with your doc, keep the worry at bay, and take it easy. I had a gushing and pain in my last and baby was 100% healthy and 2 weeks late. Just Spotting and a Healthcare provider telling you everything is good, there’s no need to worry right now. I know it can be scary and worrysome, but keep good vibes! I’m rooting for you!

Spotting is sometimes normal during early pregnancy it should stop soon

With my first child I was spotting pretty good went to the er the doctor did an ultrasound and everything was fine he said its normal to get rid of the left over blood from my cycle. Turned out I was 11 weeks along.

It’s normal to spot during early pregnancy just the egg attaching to the uterus and the uterus is shedding some lining so that the egg can be fertilized and become a cute baby. But if u do start to experience abdominal pain seek medical attention.

I am 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and had spotting for a week but the baby is fine. The Dr told me it’s normal to spot as long as it doesn’t turn into a flow.

I started spotting at 5 wks lost my baby at 11 wks

A bit of spotting is normal anything more and you should definitely go to your doctor stay positive and best wishes to you and baby :yellow_heart:

I bled heavily fir the first 5 months of my pregnancy. You may have a placental abruption. Just relax and try and take it easy spotting can be a perfectly normal part of pregnancy for some.

I had my period throughout my entire pregnancy. They hit every month on schedule.

Spotting can be normal…however in the instances where I misscarried I started spotting and within two to three days I misscarried

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11 weeks-14 weeks I had 3 miscarriages

Spotting can be very normal. Is it dark (old blood) bright red ( newer blood) some women bleed randomly throughout, check in with your Dr

Possibly implantation bleeding? Spotting shouldn’t last any more than 2 days though. I personally never had implantation bleeding, but I did have 3 miscarriages and all had some spotting. Sadly, a pregnancy that early cannot be saved. I hope for the best but please keep an open mind. It is possible it’s implantation bleeding, but depending on how much blood, could indicate a miscarriage. Keep an eye on it and please keep us updated. Sending hugs and prayers. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::heart:
And happy Mother’s Day :hibiscus::heart:


I spotted with one of my kids if possible try not to do to much heavy work relaxes much as possible

Sorry but this shouldn’t be a question on here, I spotted at 6 weeks everything was fine started spotting again at 14 weeks and baby had died and was told they died when I was 7-8 weeks… This is why this page isn’t for this conversion, why post it here…

I spotted with the first 2, had a sudden hemorrhage with the 3rd one… They all 3 are healthy and grown. You cannot worry your self with what may happen. It is not good for you or the baby. Believe and be happy in the moment.


Bad abdominal pain like bad piercing cramps and bleeding

Only Listen ti kind supportive statements

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Implantation can cause light bleeding. Keep your chin up girlie… stay positive if you start really bleeding absolutely go to e.r

I had placenta previa… lots of bleeding during that pregnancy. .had my baby at 32 1/2 weeks. Long stay in NICU… but he’s 24 now.

Within a couple days of spotting I began bleeding very heavily. But the cramping began instantly.

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Spotting is normal, what I wish someone told me was to go in when you start cramping cause that’s your cervix opening, I didn’t until I had a gush of blood come out and I just knew,

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Spotting can be completely normal. I remember freaking out when I spotted especially after having a miscarriage before. There’s no timeliness for something like this. Relax as possible I know its hard. Keep your feet up. Keep in contact with your doctor. If a miscarriage is going to happen there is nothing to stop it. I know that seeing it coming is the next best thing but stress is not good for you. Praying for you

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I spotted, and a couple of times I bled a ton while pregnant with my son. Hes 12 now.

I didnt miscarriage. But I full on bled like I had a heavy period. Went in to the doctor baby was perfectly healthy with a strong heartbeat.

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I full on bled until 16weeks I’m Now 34 weeks so it doesn’t necessarily mean miscarriage :heart::heart:

My mc began at 6 w 4 days. I had spotting and then only when I peed chunks of blood, but never bleeding into a pad.
I experienced no pain, no cramping or any signs others experience with mc.
I had an ultrasound at 6w5d and there was a heartbeat and everything looked fine. But I went on to mc confirmed by beta testing.
You can take a pregnancy test to see if the line gets lighter and eventually a negative test to confirm a loss. That’s how mine was.
A sunchroinic bleed (spelling could be wrong) happens too and everything be normal.
My baby’s heartbeat was only 86.

Just saying if you suspect or have to question any symptoms wouldnt it be wiser to comtact a physician? Or is everyone now doctors on facebook :thinking:
Call me Dr. Cat mom


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Make sure they keep track of your hCG levels. I’m not sure about miscarriage, but they will decline with an ectopic pregnancy. I had light spotting for several days before it turned into an emergency situation.

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Implantation spotting is normal super early in pregnancy. I’ve had 3 miscarriages and never really spotted it was just sudden heavy bleeding and bring me to my knees kinda pain. I pray and wish the best for you.

It could be the baby implanting

It could be a subchorionoid hematoma which is a blood clot in your uterus I had it with my little boy and bled a lot I thought I lost him I was also six weeks pregnant and he’s 14 months old !

Ask the doctors while you there.

They be done told ya ass you miscarried again on where

I had spotting and some cramping and went to the ER. They said everything looked fine! Good news is…everything was fine. He’s now 16

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My daughter had a couple of days of spotting and then stopped at around 6 weeks. A few weeks later she yelled at me to come to the bathroom. I ran in and she was sat on the toilet, cramping and crying. She could barely talk. Her underwear was full of bright red blood. I kept calm on outside to her, but inside I was breaking and thinking the worst. Got her to hospital and the heartbeat was still there.
She’s had the signs of a miscarriage 3 times now and it was only on the last ultrasound that they found out she had a clot on top of the womb which had ruptured. She had suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks 6 months before she fell pregnant this time.

Go and see ER if you are worried or just to get answers. You could keep an eye out for hcg levels but it still shows up for a while after miscarrying. I have my fingers crossed for you that you are fine OP. x

So my friend had full on periods up until she was 15w along with her first and now second pregnancy baby and her are fine…
I honestly I had a miscarriage at 8wks and a miscarriage at 9w1d… neither showed any signs until I went for my ultrasound to see how baby was doing and got told “I’m sorry there’s no heartbeat” after which I was given options of either waiting a little to see if baby passed naturally, take a pill insertion to assist… which by the way were my first two options and still my body wouldn’t release naturally so I had to have 2 D&C’s followed by finding out I had cancer in my uterus lining…

It’s possible baby is implanting to the uterus. That’s usually normal around that time frame

Since when did this page turn into a health Q&A page?? :thinking:

I had some pretty major cramping and bleeding with my recent pregnancy and she’s completely fine.

The only time I bleed was when the baby came out.
It was a lot of blood.
Dr told you everything was fine, so I wouldn’t worry.

I never had any implantation or spotting with my other 5 children but I am currently pregnant with twins 24 weeks and i had spotting since I was 5 weeks i started feeling everything before 8 weeks i been threw the worst with these too but I am getting older too so my body maybe can’t handle thing like it did when I was younger… I am just glad I got threw the worst my babies are healthy and active and bouncing around in my stomach haha

I will pray that your baby is ok

Sounds like questions for the doctor.

I started bleeding at 12 weeks , this was 40 yrs ago . I was told to stay off my feet over the phone I was experiencing an impending miscarriage. The pregnancy held . I have a beautiful daughter

I spotted for a while during pregnancy with all the same “everything is fine” but I’m -O and my daughter was +O so my body was attacking her. They gave me shots to correct my body thinking my daughter was an “infection” that needed removed. However we also have a friend who didnt know she was preggo until she gave birth in her tub unexpectedly. She spotted the whole time and had no prenatal care (cuz she didnt know) and both her and her son were completely fine

I spotted so much with my twins. Just try to stay calm. Try not to worry until its time to, if you know what I mean. Sorry. Freaking out when nothing is wrong can cause something to go wrong.

I experienced one at 7 weeks last August. I started spotting late afternoon at work and it was just full blown cramping and passing by the next morning .

Pains like cramping like if you was bout to start your monthly.

Mine went from spotting to full bleeding within a day. I spotted for the first time during a healthy pregnancy with my last. I was terrified! But she is almost 1.5 now so everything turned out great.

Ive spotted with all 3 of my healthy babies and had a hemorrhage during the youngest. They were all healthy. Dont jump to the worst, eventhough its much easier said than done.


A week. From spotting to full blown miscarriage. And 3 times

You’ve gone to the er, they told you everything was normal, so you come to Facebook instead of going to your obgyn. You should start there, not letting other people here scare you


Woman do have implantation bleeding comes with mild cramps and some spotting for a few days at the beginning of pregnancy. Watch for the kind of blood you have brown is old and pink and red is new.

Spotting that early is also common. It’s called implantation bleeding. It happened to me both pregnancies I carried to birth. When I had my miscarriage, I didn’t experience spotting. It was almost like a normal period with a lot of pain and pressure. I wasn’t aware I was pregnant (my periods had never been normal and we weren’t “trying”) until going to the dr because of the pain. I was estimated to be around 9 weeks at that point. Try not to stress over it too much unless it gets excessive.

I spotted and bled throughout my pregnancy with my 1st daughter and was induced at 38 weeks 5 days… I have had miscarriages with no signs at all and also traumatic onset bleeding and cramping. You can’t change the outcome either way and stress will not help. Keep calm and rest.

Just lost one at 5 weeks at the end of March. Starting of pain, to spotting, to hcg dropping, to losing baby and post bleeding was 1.5-2 weeks


Mine were all different. The first two I didn’t spot at all just started,bleedjng like a normal period and the last,one I spotted off,and on for like 3 or 4 days then felt like,a baloon,pop in my stomache and gushed blood . but also EVERYTIME ive notice blood and actually had one,by the time the blood was there there wasnt a heart beat on baby. but im currently 14 weekks now and ive had spotting off and on sense 6 weeks. If its only when you,wipe i wouldnt be to concerned if its not filling a pad dont be to concerned, if yoir not having bad period like cramps dont be to concerned, If youve had sex, you can spot and its normal. Remeber your bodys growing a baby and its implanting in your uterus you might experience spotting. Dont worry,to,much girl sending positive vibes your way :heart:

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I bled with my last 3 pregnancies, that all ended well. The first 2 I had placenta previa which was a small tear in my lining, if the placenta implants low it will tear and bleed a lil bit as your uterus grows . The last pregnancy they said they had no explanation and that everything was fine so try not to worry.

Spotting at night and miscarriage the next late morning … I don’t remember mine being painful though

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With my miscarriage I went from spotting to full on bleeding with clots within 48 hours. Then later passed the baby


I spotted starting around 7pm on a Thursday and by 5am Sunday morning, I was having a surgery to clear out my uterus. I was almost 10 weeks pregnant. I spotted, cramped, and bled a ton. Had to go to the e.r. twice within those few days. First trip in they said there was no heartbeat but I still had a chance of having a normal pregnancy. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I didn’t bleed or anything with either of my miscarriages. I didn’t find out I lost my babies until a ultrasound showed stopped growth and no heartbeat.
If the ultrasound is showing your baby is okay, then id trust that. The spotting might be from sex, your cervix is more sensitive in pregnancy.

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I spotted with my daughter from 5 up until 13 weeks. Then I had a large bleed. I thought for sure I miscarried but it ended up being placenta previa. After the big bleed, I went back to spotting until 17 weeks. She was born at 36 weeks. I had a lot of monitoring because I got pregnant using a fertility clinic.

So i spotted around 8 weeks with cramping. My doctors blew it off (this was on a Friday). I bled all weekend so they saw me Monday. Everything was fine then. I then miscarried at 14/15 weeks but they didn’t catch it until my 17 week ultrasound.

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My last pregnancy I had spotting but never miscarried I had to have a d&c

Spotting can be okay! It doesn’t always mean miscarriage! I had bleeding with this pregnancy at 6 weeks till about 7 + 4 on and off and I’m now 22 weeks!

I spotted and had full blown bleeding with my youngest. They couldn’t find anything really wrong, but the ended up putting me on bed rest and I was Induced at 39 weeks with a healthy baby boy. Spotting in early pregnancy is common, I was told it’s still the embryo implanting more into the uterus.

I had bleeding with my youngest before I knew for sure I was pregnant and then found out I was 12 weeks a few days later so kinda freaked with the amount of blood I had. Some bleeding is normal. If it’s bright pink or red then go to the ER

I had super light spotting at 12 weeks. Found out I had miscarried weeks before.


I had a miscarriage at 17 years old. I started spotting, that day I saw the dr. & learned my baby had no heartbeat. That night I miscarried :disappointed_relieved:. I then got pregnant with my son a year later & had no issues. 5 years later I got pregnant with my daughter. I spotted in the beginning and my heart sunk. I went to the ER & everything was fine. I spotted here & there but she was born in 2009 :purple_heart: I would go to the hospital just to be safe but they said it’s very common to spot.

Spotting can be completely normal in early pregnancy. I hope everything works out for you.

Not a miscarriage but just wanted to say that I have bleed in my last 2 pregnancies, with my second at 16 weeks and he’s now 2.5 it turned out I had a low lying placenta which is probably what caused the bleed and with my current pregnancy I bled at 9 weeks for no reason at all and I’m now 35 weeks with a perfectly healthy little girl

Also hemorrhage causes bleeding an is painful…most heal on their own an baby can be fine… Make sure to call the doctor let them know what’s going on…

No spotting for me, I just started full on bleeding then unbearable pain kicked in shortly after, I passed baby the next day and continued to bleeding for about 8 days with clots

I’ve spotted and even bled a little with regular carry to term pregnancies. Just need to take it easy, hydrate and rest. The only time I miscarried I lost a lot of blood for 10 hours first. I didn’t know I was pregnant but I knew something was wrong. Try to make an OB/GYN appointment asap and get some rest, hydrate and take care of yourself.

I spotted weirdly at 6 weeks…and I’m now 31 weeks so it happens :woman_shrugging:t2:

Up to 3 to 4 months spotting off an on before I miscarriaged

I started spotting Tuesday and passed the sac the following Saturday. Hopefully ur spotting is just normal

Spotting during pregnancy CAN be completely normal depending on the person and position of the cord in the uterus. If you had lab work done, you know you’re in the clear for now. When a fetus dies, the pregnancy hormones nearly immediately begin to drop. If your levels are stable, you should be able to continue pregnancy safely. Best of luck!

Good idea…instead of seeking info from a medical professional, ask a fan-page

Doctor told you everything was fine, and thats what matters the most! I understand you’re worried and anxious that this might be a repeat, but trust what your doctor says. I had periods and spotted on occasion while pregnant with my second child for 16 weeks. Wasn’t until after I learned I was that far along (no symptoms were present before then!) my period and spotting stopped.

After I had a miscarriage, I had worse spotting with my next pregnancy. That pregnancy has given me a beautiful 2 year old girl born healthy. After a miscarriage spotting can be normal in other pregnancies. Talk to your OBGYN about doing a hormon test (HGC) as long as it increases normal over time it indicates a normal pregnancy that’s is not heading to miscarriage.

I’ve miscarried twice and have two kiddos alive and well. Both my miscarriages started with spotting but progressed quickly to heavy bleeding, clots, and mega cramps from hell. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had regular period like bleeding for the first 4 months I was pregnant with her. With my son, I spotted/bled after sex every single time. Bleeding can be normal during pregnancy if you know the source. But, keeping your blood pressure up stressing about it won’t do anything to help the bleed. Make an OB appointment ASAP, drink something warm and soothing and try to relax. Best of luck to you and baby!

I just delivered a beautiful healthy boy after having 4 weeks of bleeding/ spotting. At the beginning of my pregnancy. So from 4 to 8 week. Dont freak out it might be nothing. They said my bleeding was from a blood pocket between the placenta and uterus.

So with my son who is almost 2 I had spotting and even bleeding in the first trimester. So it’s completely common and it’s also understandable that your worried. I had a miscarriage about 8 weeks ago that also started with spotting. It went on for about 3 days. The difference between the 2 was color of the spotting.
With my pregnancy it was like a light pink spotting.
And with my miscarriage it was a brown spotting.
Now everyone is different so who knows if that helps. But I would just stay positive! Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself until you have answers.

I have had 4 miscarriages. The first 3 the bleeding was that I already miscarried. I got pregnant with my daughter and I spotted 3 times twice before I was out of my first trimester and once during my second trimester. Although it was nerve wracking everything was always fine. She turned 3 this year. With my most recent miscarriage the bleeding was the sign that I already miscarried. I was supposed to be 9 weeks but when I went to the hospital no heartbeat and the baby only measured 6 weeks 3 days. There is no set timeframe or order. I never felt any sharp pains or any cramping before I started bleeding.

13 weeks pregnant I bled so bad it was dripping down my legs… My daughter is almost 5. Bleeding doesn’t always mean miscarriage. Try to rest and push fluids. :heart: prayers

I miscarried twins and got pregnant a month later with our beautiful daughter but was very scared the first half of pregnancy it will be okay just breathe and eat!