Signs of labor?

I will be 37 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and I’ve been experiencing lower back pains and cramping all week. The baby dropped at 34.5 weeks. Now this morning I woke up with a headache and swollen tonsils. But I don’t think it’s actually tonsillitis because they don’t feel swollen anymore! My throat is still a bit sore and my head still hurts. I’m going to the doctors right now because obviously that’s the smart thing to do. But I feel warm even though I don’t have a fever and I just feel like I could be having signs of labor soon to come. Tomorrow is a full moon and my first born WAS born on a full moon. I know that’s not a guarantee but there is some evidence that the gravitational pull during a full moon can affect woman who are nearing the end of there pregnancy and with the baby dropping ect I feel like baby will come this weekend. My question is, has any other mommas experienced anything like this? Mainly the swollen /sore throat appearing in the am and almost completely disappearing same day? Could it be one more sign or my body getting ready for the big day? Also I lost my mucus plug this week, and yes I know it can grow back! This isn’t the first time I’ve lost it. As I said in seeing a doctor about my throat today and I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow morning so I’m hoping they will check to see what’s going on down there. Sorry it’s so long and thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts!


Good luck !! Let us know what happens

I have that when I breathe with my mouth open in my sleep (and snore like crazy) even when I wasnt pregnant

Try and stay calm and good luck

Following… im only 34 weeks but iv woke up the past 2 mornings with sore throat…i feel warm but no fever…i hope these arent close to labor signs…cuz im early…im on baby #4 i got cold like symptoms before all those but they were October/November babies…this is my first thats in warm weather…thought it was just allergies…but Tom is a full moon…and suppose to be a blood moon

I am 37.5 weeks today. For the last 4 days I’ve been having menstrual type cramps and lower back pain as well that comes and goes but never stays consistent. Since Monday I’ve been dealing with a sore throat and congestion, no fever but clearly a cold. I went for my 37 week check up yesterday and had my cervix checked and am 2cm dilated. The doctor said it’s possible she could come before her due date but nothing strongly suggests that she will. Its frustrating to deal with all these symptoms and not know if it’s a precursor to labor or not. I’m thinking our bodies are just getting geared up, I figure I will probably end up getting excited over nothing and will have her closer to my due date even though it feels like she could come sooner! Lol Best of luck to you, sounds like we are in the same boat! Lol

I’m 36w5d, both pregnant and not pregnant I’ve had a sore swollen throat that goes away. Seems like it’s just allergies for me🤷🏻‍♀️. I think you’re over thinking this. I’m ready to have this baby too trust me

It’s sinuses and baby dropping causing back pain not early labor try walking and squaring

Allergies and dry air. Get a humidifier [you’ll use for baby later]…try nasal normal saline when you get up in the morning. Mucous runs down back of your throat all night, and gets better during the day. You could be in labor as well… …
Good luck please keep us updated!

I’m the original poster…

I do have strep throat so it’s not my allergies. But thanks for you advice!

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