SIgns of labor?

Im 38 weeks this coming sunday. Tonight i felt an odd pulsating pain in my bikini line area. Anyone experience that? I have no clue i was induced with my first. When she moves they are also so uncomfortable. Like they hurt which i also dont remember that the first time. This lightning crotch is also becoming unbearable day by day.


Lighting crotch was the worsttttt ughhh

I have this too. Also just turned 38 weeks. And it’s possible I’m having contractions but I’m just not 100% sure. I’m assuming it’s normal?

At first i thought it was the baby’s hiccups which is like a rythymic pulse feeling but it’s not painful usually…hmm

I would go get checked when in doubt get checked out it’s not worth risking anything plus you never know

It’s lightning crotch most likely

What is lightning crotch


Your body is getting ready for labor mostly … never heard it called lightning croch though

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I’ve had 4 kids…WTF is lightening crotch 🤦🤷😂


I had sharp pinching like pain and went in. I was dilated to 5 by time the doctor saw me. Better to get checked out. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Lol so funny bc I just heard about lightning crotch a few weeks ago- and last night early this morninf expierenced it for the first time… Aint no joke! I literally grabbed my vag and was like ooooouccccchhhh

I feel like all the baby’s weight is in my pelvic area. Is this lightening crotch??

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I’m 36 weeks and have been feeling this for weeks . Now I’m at the point where I can hardly move

Normal mine started at 38 weeks too I’m due next weekend