Signs of getting pregnant with your tubes tied?

Has any mom in this group got pregnant with their tubes tied? If so what was your symptoms?


I have an aunt who had hers burned… AND she still conceived, in the span of 5 or 6 years. TWINS. But I was 4 then, so I don’t know what her symptoms were.

Definitely take a test, there’s a big chance if positive it could be ectopic and an emergency

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I got pregnant aftet having my tubes tied, went to ginocologist because I thought I had breast cancer. I was 3 months pregnant. Even though I was shocked at the time I can’t imagine life without her.

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If you believe you’re pregnant after having a tubal, you need to see a Dr, ER, urgent care, something right away for blood work.

This can kill you.


Can the woman who wrote this please private message me? Don’t want to share all this with group

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just pee on the stick and save yourself some stress


Yes. My next door neighbor did. She’s 50, daughter is 10. Had them retied after giving birth.

I did but found out via missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. my body didn’t know it was pregnant and had to get a d and c done. Then covid hit and I waited 3 months to get them retied.

So just peeing on a stick does not save yourself stress I was about 9 weeks pregnant before I even got my first positive after I had my tubes tied and then two weeks later I was suffering a miscarriage please if you suspect you are pregnant please go to the ER especially if your tubess are tired