Signs labor is near?

I am 34 weeks and my back has been hurting all day and i feel like I’m being stabbed all over my belly and my back and then it’ll stop for like 15 minutes and (tmi) i have to :poop:. Lol I’ve pooped 4 times today and it’s very loose but that’s not what the pain is from i know. My question is what did back labor feel like for you cause this is so unbearable laying down and standing and sitting don’t help i need to stand and lean against a wall for the tiniest bit of relief
Anything would be helpful


Sounds like back labor to me I went through it for 2 days it was hell nothing I did was comfortable :persevere:

I would go to labor and delivery nothing like piece of mind :grinning:


I would go to be on the safe side


sounds like your kidneys you should see a dr. if it doesn’t let up

I would go in and make sure. I went in at 34 weeks for the same thing and they gave me the steroid shots because they figured he was going to make an early appearance. I ended up being in labour for 3 weeks… with back contractions the whole time. I had him at exactly 37 weeks.


I would go to be safe also. With my second child I had back labor and it just hurt like crazy and I went to hospital and had her couple hours later


I had back pain for my son.It started as a nagging pull and then got worse…like radiating up and down my back.It would go away 5-10 minutes and then start again.I dont remember how I got any relief or even if I did.It was probaly just before I went to hospital.You have 6 weeks to go so I will call doctor/hospital and let them know.Just to be safe.


Get to the Dr to rule out early labor


You could have a stomach bug, too. Call the doc and ask what they want you to do.

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Sounds like back labor!


Sounds like you’re having back labor

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Sounds like you’re gearing up to have the baby. Go to L&D to check for preterm.

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Like the worst constipation ever

Sounds like labor… my best friend did this for about four days then had her baby!!

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Braxton Hicks?? I’ve read hot water bottle might help. Ive never been pregnant though so I’m not sure

Back labor SUCKS!! Nothing u do helps, you cannot get comfortable. Literally, it is hell!

Sounds like back labor I would go get checked

Sounds like labor. I had the same issues with stabbing pain and :poop:. Never really related it to labor but had my son that night.

You should go in, sounds like early labor

You need to go to the doctor or urgent care.

I. had back pains all day and then my water broke at 2am and I went to the hospital

Sounds like you’ll b having that baby within the next 2-3wks. I pray u make it to 37. Get on all fours is what helped me. I really couldn’t from a hospital bed.

That sounds like preterm labor signs I would definitely encourage you to go to labor and delivery and get checked.

Mine did that and the next day my water broke

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I also wanted to add that my stomach feels tight every once in a while i cant feel it start i just notice it when i move and baby moves when my stomach is tight. It’s not hurting like a contraction would though if it was one

I just had my baby at 34 weeks, go in. I was extremely uncomfortable, sat on the couch, belly was tight. Thought I passed my mucus plug but that can be okay like 2 weeks. Then got in the tub, dried off, got in bed and my water broke. Went in the hospital and had him the next morning. I was dilated and in labor when I went in. He was in the NICU about a week and is home and good now

Back labor felt like someone twisting a fork in my spine.

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Labor is around the corner. I had the same thing for 2 days plus throwing up. The night before my due date my son broke my water


Sounds just like how my contractions with back labor felt

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It doesn’t hurt to go to the hospital and be checked out. One time I went into the emergency room and found out I had a bladder infection.

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Sounds like my labor. Honestly if you do go in, don’t let them pressure you into staying on your back in the bed. For me moving helped my pains and laying hindered it to the point I had to have a C-section for my baby sake

Call your dr. That could be the start of labor. It also could possibly be a severe kidney infection. I had one of those late term and that’s pretty much what it felt like.

Girl you got me I’m so confused on what to expect because with my first I was scheduled to be induced on a Wednesday (low waters) but for the entire two days before I had pretty bad back pain kinda crampy, but nothing that I could time. I could breathe and talk through it all. Well by the time I go to be induced they tell me I’m in active labor and 5 cm dilated lol now I’ve been having the same pains all day today plus nausea which has made me get sick and the poops. Hoping to wake up to my water breaking or contractions that are unbearable… Otherwise I won’t know if I’m in labor or not

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You need to be seen.
Congrats on the munchkin!! :heart:

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My labor was all in my back. Never in the front. Go to the hospital!


That sounds like labor in your back.

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I had really bad back pain with my daughter, and it was a bladder infection. I had worse back pain with my son, and was told I had preeclampsia so bad that my kidneys were almost failing. If I were you, I would go get checked out just to be safe. It could be any number of things, and it never hurts to be seen, even if it ends up being nothing.


Some people can experience there labour that way

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Back labor literally felt like my back was broken or breaking. Only thing that gave me relief was getting on all fours (hands and knees) it was a nightmare. But doesn’t last forever. And then you get to hold your baby. I’m 36 weeks 3 days with baby #2 I’m scared of the pain that’s sure to come. I just keep telling myself it will hurt but I can do this and it won’t last forever.

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I went in at 31 weeks cause of the same issue. They ended up having to give me a shot to stop my contractions. They were every 2 minutes for a minute

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

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I was way more tired than usual and felt far more pelvic pressure than I had prior. I had back labor with my first so I had lots of pain radiating from my lower back to the middle of my belly on more sides. Try to stand and walk a lot to get things moving, but most of all, good luck and congratulations mama! :black_heart:

TMI - but I cleaned out my insides, cleaned out the bowels! Major poops then shortly after contractions started.

Had period like cramps.

Contractions. My water never broke, the nurses had to rupture it for me.


I had contractions that at first I thought were Braxton Hicks but then they got progressively worse along with lower back pain and discomfort in the abdomen/pelvic area

Really bad back pain. I couldn’t get comfortable and then the period like cramps started.

I slept like it would be the last time I would ever sleep…it was kind of cruel to be honest. And once I woke up and stood up my water broke….
With my first I had no signs, but I stood up and same story

My water broke first, then the pains. I called the nurse and told her what happened, she said come in so we can check you. They did quick exam and told me I was in labor and wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

The evening before I didn’t have much appetite. I felt uncomfortable for awhile, stayed up all night, it kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. Around 4 am I started feeling the contractions, around 6 am I had my bf drive me to my mom’s house, was at the hospital around 6:30 and the contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart. They had to break my water. My first baby was born at 10:41 am.

My water never broke they had to in the hospital. I had back labor with all mine and it felt like my lower back was being cut open

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With both my pregnancies i had big burst of energy the day before than contractions started, back labor and thigh contractions

Irregular contractions for about a week leading up to actual labour. Woke up to having contractions that kept getting closer and closer together. Headed to the hospital and had her an hour later.

my mucus plug, contraction lasting for 3+ hours

Mucus plug contraction I had C-sections but also a miscarriage and that hurt way worse as far as contractions

My first time, it started slow… like I had to poop. I didn’t realize it was contractions until they got closer together and more intense. I’ve had 4 more since then and it was all different but the common tell was that feeling of needing to poop.

My very first sign was my mucus plug came out in the toilet, I wiped and there was a little bit of blood.