Signs labor is near?

Today’s my due date and I’ve been feeling all my contractions in my back. This morning they were shooting up my stomach then to my back but after I took a little nap, the pains stayed in my back. Called labor & delivery, they told me not to come in until the pains are more consistent with my stomach. My question is, what did any of you do to help with the back pain? I’m experiencing the same thing I did with my first born but this time around it’s a little bit more breath taking at times.


I sat in a tub for an hour and six hours later had my daughter lol. You’re probably experiencing crazy back labor. So try a bath that’s lukewarm! It’ll help!


Hot water bottle or wheat packs helped

Worm bath n plenty rest.:hugs:.

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My first labour was all back pain, so keep that in mind


Bath Tub. Walking. Water bottle.

I sat on the couch with a heating pad for a little bit, then moved to the shower and faced the opposite side of the shower and leaned on the wall so that warm/hot water shot on my back directly where the pain was

Go in. I wouldnt listen you know your body


Go in. Rather safe than sorry. Good luck.


I went to the hospital .


It’s your due date and you’re in pain


I went to the hospital. Barely made it before it was time to push.

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My 2nd labour was all in my back

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wait til you start spotting

I used a combo of bouncing on my yoga ball and stretches.

My first child i had nothing but back pain, if they are close enough to be labor definitely go in.

Fuck the doctor go to the. Hospital anyway if you having pain and your uncomfy. They can give you something. There. They cant tell you not to come in i would anyway

No for real go to the hospital

My sister only had back labor and had her baby super fast after going into the hospital! I’d go and not listen to them!

All my contractions were in my back. You should go In. Better to be safe than sorry! Congrats on your little one!

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My labor was all in my back for 3 days…didn’t feel hardly anything in my stomach. Finally I was in so much pain I couldn’t see straight and I made my husband take me in and refuse to let them send me home

I had back contractions.

Maybe a heating pad on low heat will help some. Go in!!

Go in could be back labor.

Did your water break? They wouldn’t admit me until my contractions were close or my water broke. Try soaking in the bathtub

All 3 of my labors were in the back. You should go in

I would get in there!! In the meantime though (if you can) it helped my pain a little when I would get on all 4’s and arch like this

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I had back labor. Ii had no stomach pain whatsoever so I would never go by what they just said.

Get an epidural. Back labor is the worst!

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Well, I guess they forgot women can experience nothing but back labor.
Id go in


I only had back labor. I had a few cramps in my belly but it stayed in my back go get checked

Went to the hospital! Time them!!

I’d still go in. Better be safe than sorry

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I had back labor. It was excruciating. I was up all night before I finally decided to go in and I was dilated to a 3 or so I think. They had to break my water. Go in to be safe.

With My 3rd baby I only had back labor, and it only lasted 2 1/2 hours. I realized after an hour of cramping in my back that the cramps(aka contractions) were every 5 minutes or so, I still didn’t want to go to the hospital because I didn’t believe it was time. Well when we got to the hospital I was 10cm dilated and he was born 10 minutes later :joy:

I’d go in and get checked. Back labor is a thing

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I’d go in. My cousin only had back labor and had him 30 minutes after arriving to the hospital!

All my labor was in my back if they had told me this my daughter would have been delivered at home! She was sunnyside up so all my labor was in my back I didnt knkw what a full frontal contraction even felt like until my 2nd labor!

I only ever had back labor with my first 2 kids soooo I wouldn’t listen to the having stomach pain part.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Everytime I was in labor, that is how it started. Prayers for comfort.

My labor was all in my back, they told me to wait. Thank goodness I didn’t. As it was, had her in the hall. Student Nurse delivered her

All mine were back pains

You cant do anything lol theyre contractions. Try a hot shower with water on ur back but theyre going to keep getting more intense. You probably womt get much pain in your belly, but when you feel one coming on in ur back, feel if your belly is getting hard too. If you cant stand/talk thru the pain, its time to go in

Try rocking from side to side while on hands and knees during contractions. My back labour was my son born spine to spine. That hurt…A LOT! Good luck

Better safe than sorry, go to the hospital. You’re in labor, girl.

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I went to hospital. I was almost out of time

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Back labour is a thing so time the waves of pain

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I had back contractions. I would go to the hospital

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Tennis balls. Rub on your back. If there’s someone to help u.

I had back labor. 3 hours. It was worse than 32 hours of regular labor with my first.

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I had back labor really bad with my first son and only thing that helped was him coming out.

I had all back labor go just to be safe

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I had back labor. Hardly felt anything in my stomach at all. I was a 5 before I made it to the hospital.

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When I went into labor it was mostly in my back. I went to the hospital and I was 8 cm dilated.

I had back labor the entire time. My doctor instructed that if I couldn’t talk through them or barely breathe through them and if they were consistent and less than 10mins apart to go in. I used a heating pad for 15mins and then off for 15 and then back on for 15. Laying on my side helped a lot. Squatting helped to relieve the back pressure.

Mine was all back both pregnacies not much in stomach. Id go het checked. Contractions every 5 minutes for hr you need to be on way to hospital! Good luck!!

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I had back labor i never felt them in my stomach at all. My contractions barely registered on the monitor but they were so bad my bed was shaking

I only had back labor, couldn’t feel any front contractions at all.

I have five kids. Every contraction was in my back. Go to the hospital!

Went to the hospital and was 7cm. My doctor told me not to. Thank goodness I went with my gut cause would of had my son in my apartment if I would of listened to my docotr!

I had to be induced at almost 42 weeks, but I had back labor, and that shit made my WHOLE BODY HURT. It was awful😩

Back labor is real. Go in and get monitored. Better safe than sorry

I laid on my elbows and my knees and let my belly rest on the bed it relieve the pressure from my back also leaned forward and rest your side of your face on the bed it helps a lot. I also got a ball I can’t remember what they’re called and I use that to bounce on and roll my hips it helps relieve the pressure in my hip my lower back and my hips I don’t really know what else I’m walking does help leaning against the wall and just arch your back as much as possible then Dr chittineni the opposite direction and just keep doing those exercises helps bending from side to side helps whatever you do though I don’t recommend laying on your back it actually puts more pressure on it and it hurts more

You should probably go if that’s still happening

My daughter had labor in her back, i think u should get checked by a doctor.

27 hours spinal labour with my first… 8 pound 9.5ounces
Emergency cesarean section as I didn’t dilate past 7cm and she twisted my pelvis the midwives heard my pelvis crack from outside the room.
she had a 7cm ring around her head for a few days …

Good luck mumma if it’s not your first baby trust your own body.
Get another opinion and congratulations :angel: