Side effects of weaning from breastfeeding?

I’m weaning from breastfeeding, and I just need to know: when do the hormones stop?! I feel crazy!!! I’m crying. Then angry at my husband. Then fine. Then full of rage. And omg I’m losing my mind. How long did this last for other moms? Any advice on how to cope until it evens out? #MomHealth


Didnt stop for me till a few weeks after baby was born

I dont think that has to do with breastfeeding. Your hormones will never be the same after having a baby. I was never a very emotional person but after having kids, I am now


Take black cohosh (capsules) and eat isoflavones -soy products like tofu.

I’ve been told it’s a similar to the drop in hormones from menopause! Once the milk dries I feel like it’s a week or two maybe even a month before you feel somewhat normal. Just explain your feelings and why you think it’s happening-hopefully they bare with ya!

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It’s motherhood. You have a long lifetime to go.

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All 4 times it took about a month to even back out. Don’t get me wrong, I have 4 kids so I’m never 100% emotionally, but it got better after a few weeks of stopping breastfeeding. No one ever warns moms about the nursing hormone drop.

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Put cabbage leaves on your breast.

Mine was about 6 months

It’s called Post Weaning Depression. I haven’t weaned yet, but I read about this the other day. You should read up on it. Good luck! :heart:

Sending imaginary hugs to you! I understand what you’re going through. Just remember it does get better! In the mean time, take breaks when you can! Ask husband, mom, mother in law, older kids, siblings, friends, whoever to keep the baby so you can pull yourself together. Too many of us feel like we shouldn’t be away from the little ones and don’t allow ourselves any breaks.

Some of it may stop but for most woemn, your hormones are gonna play a huge part of the rest of your life. Especially having multiple children, your choice of birth control, and whenever menopause hit.