Side effects of the Mirena IUD?

Any mommas with the Mirena BC. Or really any IUD. I just my Mirena put in on the 5th. My fiancé and I were intimate last night and he said it felt like something was stabbing him. I felt for my strings but didn’t feel anything else. And after attempting and stopping I started bleeding. There’s no pain. I feel normal. Should I be concerned. Also has anyone gotten a reaction that made them get patches of red itchy bumps all over their body? Have eliminated all kinds of causes so maybe thinking allergic reaction? Is that possible?


When I had Mirena, I’ve been told thr strings could be felt, but i couldn’t feel them myself and eventually they curled up behind the thing making it harder to remove it.

Welcome to the hell of Mirena. Those welts tend to turn into blisters and sores. You’ll get them everywhere. They hurt like a MF unless you pop them. I’ve had a horrible time w/losing weight and cysts too. The strings BTW, feel like stabbing to men up until ehhh your 2nd-3rd year into the Mirena. They’re “free floating” ATM and take forever to “blend” w/the vaignal wall.

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When I had the idea my partner could feel it and said the same thing that it felt like being stabbed in the dick

You can call your doctor and have them trim the strings.

My ex husband could feel it and my now husband could feel his ex wife’s too

I hated the Mirena. It’s possible you’re having a reaction since Mirena has hormones. I was told it couldn’t be felt during intercourse, but I’ve heard cases where it could be. My strings fell off. Not really a big deal other than when removing the nurse was annoyed and brought in a pair of needle nose pliers to get it out. I would bleed sometimes after intercourse. Especially when I wasn’t aroused. The strings can be shortened. I would suggest plenty of foreplay to help raise your cervix, since the cervix can normally lay 3-4 inches from the vaginal opening when not aroused, but can lengthen to allow insertion. Lube could be needed. As I said there are hormones in the Mirena and that can mess with your body.

I’ve had 3. Tried the copper, turned out I was allergic to copper. That was an emergency removal and medication at the hospital to combat the reaction, I was having trouble breathing. Then I had 2 more, one was mirena, and both had to surgically removed because 1 floated into my abdominal wall and the other started to embed itself in my uterus. I now have the nexplannon that goes in your arm and it’s so much better. I’ve not had any side effects except for my period coming and going as it pleases without any regards to a cycle patter (buy I can live with that) no weight gain what so ever and no mood swings or depression.

Just about every woman I know who has had it all say at least 1x their partner feels the strings. It happens to my husband and I almost every time we have sex. They claim trimming the strings will help but not me or my sister so… And the strings poking him are the very least of my worries with this thing. I bled for over a year when I got it, I bleed irregularly and sporadically now still, I now in the last year have developed “cystic acne” on my back, neck, chest and face and 3drs say it’s this IUD as well. Every family is different but my husband just had his vasectomy about 3 weeks ago because I couldn’t live like this anymore. If I dealt with all the dude affects and mood swings all these years from bc and I birthed 2 babies it was his turn to take 1 for the team too lol

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I have had a Mirena since Feb. 2021 & and it turned my normally heavy period in light spotting at most almost immediately

It may have slipped…make an appointment to have it checked…

Only side effects I had were migraines. Ended up with a hysterectomy anyway and it was my best decision!


I gained sooo much weight :pensive: literally I felt hungry alllll the time ALLLLL the time! I was a bottomless pit

Have had mine for 2 years and I hardly get periods anymore, spotting and very light for the most part.

Mine was the same at first then the periods completely gone

If you’re worried then take a pregnancy test. It’ll help ease your mind. Talk to your doctor as well if you can.

I’ll have spotting that resembles implantation bleeding with 0% chance I’m pregnant. It’s probably fine and you’ll likely have a normal cycle randomly as well (on one of those now, lol)…

I spotted like that the first 2 years it just slowly got further apart until I stopped

I had had mine for 4 1/2 years with no issues- period has virtually ceased. I have lilletta now and get spotting around that time of the month and weight gain. I’d check either your ib for an ultrasound, just check placement of it. Also if you are under a lot of stress then it can cause spotting(not enough to use a pad but more of an annoyance)

I don’t get my period but the weight gain is intense for me

I know more people that got pregnant on the mirena than anything else

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Girl, I was taking pregnancy tests twice a dang month when I had mine. It had my cycle way way too out of sorts. And that was just one side effect.

Spotting can occur but for safety do a pregnancy test. I did become pregnant with an IUD & it occurred after 2 1/2 years.

I gained weight. No period after two month’s only spotting afterwards. A lot of discharge. And sentimental. But depending on your body. Cuz some of us are anemic. So ya. Just depends on you. If you don’t like it afterwards. Switch. I’m thinking of switching.

ANY changes while using an IUD need to be reported to your OBGYN immediately. It may be nothing, it also may have shifted though. Best be safe than sorry. My dear friend Rowan Jupiter can tell you all about why you don’t wanna put off any time telling your doctor about any changes that might have to do with the IUD.

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I had 2 for a total of 10 years…I never had any issues with mine. My periods had also stopped. Now my tubes are tied and the periods are back

My period went away, which was cool but then I got paranoid every time after sex… because I was worried I was pregnant. But it never failed me Lol

Punctured my uterus needed emergency surgery be careful

Ive had mine in for almost a year now and my periods were regular at first and now are totally out of sorts. I’ll bleed for a week and a half sometimes. Im thinking of switching.

I had mine for 3 years, and was told the hormones are wearing out about 2.5 years in. Periods are coming back, very heavy, breaking out. So just watch for that.

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hello, i had paragard and i had the same thing.

please get it checked. i thought it was spotting too. i learned my IUD had tilted and caused me to bleed, and gave me a UTI that almost killed me.

please don’t hold off and call your doctor.

Migraines and weight gain

I had reverse cycle on the mirena (a week without bleeding/spotting per month) it ended up being lodged in my uterus.

Had mine for years with no side effects at all. Periods stopped altogether after a few months. They can move though and if you’re concerned then visit the Dr.
They should only stay in place about 5 years before being changed so keep a note

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I have the Mirena as well and have had it for a year. I bleed a lot and the dr said it’s normal for someone to bleed a lot with it. Mine prescribed birth control pills to help the bleeding and it’s worked well.

6-8 weeks and mine tapered off. Havent had a period since.

I had mine for 6 months and bled the whole time, I got it removed! If u take 4 ibuprofen 3 times daily it will stop the bleeding. My doctor told me that and it worked

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I’ve had Mirena for several years. I think I initially bled for about 4ish weeks. Minor spotting here and there, barely enough for a pantyliner.

I had that issue when I got the depo shot, then stopped & got back on it. Went on for over 4 months. I have had the Mirena IUD for 6 years. I just got another one and have had zero issues. I don’t have periods at all on the iud.

Definitely not the birth control for you as your bodies reacting this way. I have had both mirena and currently have the kyleena IUD. I actually got pregnant and miscarried on the mirena because the obstetrician didn’t place it correctly. I got it removed and after having my second child I choose the IUD kyleena and it’s been amazing, no side effects, no periods except every once in a blue moon.

Yeah it’s not agreeing with your body although it maybe normal it’s really not for your body.

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I bled the whole time while ot was in. It also hurt the whole 5 years but they said everything was fine. I also had a hard time loosing weight

No not normal at all…I haven’t bled at all with having the Mirena and have had it for 5 years ( a little longer , I’m due to switch for a new one )

I had nothing but issues with that thing. I had it for 6 years ( took a year to get the doctor to remove it ) I went from having normal 4 day periods before gettin the iud to having 14-17 day long heavy periods. Constantly bring on antibiotics bc the thing kept giving me infections every month. They refused to take it out bc I was 19 and had two babies already and any other birth control made me physically sick. Once I finally had it removed, it took a YEAR for my body to go back to normal.

bleeds constantly for 8 months

Doctor: yeah you’re fine


I bled for a long time too when I first got my first IUD. The doctor put me on birth control pills
4 for 4 days 3 for 3 days and so on. I never have an issue after that

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Side effects of the Mirena IUD?mother

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I haven’t had issues with mine as far as side effects (been in for 7 years and they just extended it to 8 ) other than no period :raised_hands:t2: but when it went for my annual they couldn’t feel the strings so I’ve gotta go get an ultrasound to see if it moved out of place. However, my friend had hers removed because she started gaining weight like crazy and it affected her mood. So it could be that, or it may not be.

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I had the mirena before for the entire length (5 years) and never felt like it affected my moods or anything. I actually got it because my OBGYN suggested it bc of past blood clot issues. It’s supposed to only put the hormones in your uterus vs your entire body like the pill, shot, or arm implant

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I personally did not like the IUD. I have it 6 months and during those 6 months I had a dramatic negative mood change and cramps that didn’t stop. I seriously took up to 800mg of ibuprofen every single day for 6 months because of the pain. The one I ended up coming back to after trying all was Nexplanon. I’ve heard bad things about it but everyone’s body is different. I wanted IUD to work for me so bad and my body literally wouldn’t accept it.

I had mirena for 5 years. I had gained weight and was experiencing a lot of the same issues you described. I was tired all the time, bloated ALL the time kept having cysts that were beyond painful. My doctor told me I didn’t need to get it out because they have just come out and said it lasts up to 10 years. I had it removed anyway. I lost 10 pounds the first week (and kept it off) and went to a non estrogen birth control pill called Slynd. Literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everything was so gradual over time with the IUD that I didn’t realize how terrible I was feeling until I got it taken out. Listen to your body and your gut. If something seems off go with your instinct.

The first time I had it, I had no problems. The second time, I had severe back pain. As soon as they removed the second one, all my back pain went away!

I have ParaGard ( no hormones ) never had an issue, maybe try that. 

I’ve had mine for 2 years & some symptoms but nothing drastic. Look into a non hormonal IUD.

I had those same symptoms and found out a month later it embedded in my uterus. I had to literally have a fake labor to get it out of the wall of my uterus without any sort of pain management. I later developed cysts and the OB told me it was common with Mirena.

I’m experiencing the same exact thing I think I’m gonna have mine removed. I have had it for 3 years

On and off bleeding for 2 years straight in addition to my period.

my friend gets headaches and really bad cramps

After almost two years, I started getting really bad pregnancy symptoms from it. Got it taken out & felt so much better!

It’s the hormones. Maybe switch to paragard it’s non hormonal that’s what I used. I can’t do hormones I turn into a basket case. If your tubes are tied why bother w birth control anyways. A hysterectomy will also put your hormones into a tail spin and early menopause but talk to your dr

My daughter just had hers removed. Same symptoms. She’s feeling better now

Yes these can be side effects. Everyone is different and you have to find the birth control that’s right for you.

Look into the non-hormonal IUD.

I gained water weight with mine and had a ton of pregnancy symptoms. I didnt get a period but would get really bad cramps that would put me on the floor.

Mine made me gain weight and I had it removed. And it took FOREVER for my body to regulate back to “normal”

Mine mad me bloated, hormonal and my cycle painful but everybody is different as i know some who didnt have any symptoms with it and shorter lighter cycles

I had mine for 5 years and it was hell. Constant antibiotics bc it gave me recurring bv. I had 14 day long periods and then spotted until my next period. The cramps were literally like contractions in my back. My gyn refused to take it out bc I had two babies ( at 17 then at 18 ) and said my body would adjust to it. After I got it out, it took my body a full year and a half to go back to normal.