Side effects of the implant?

Hey Mama’s. I have the implant (in my arm) birth control for almost a year now. Will be a year in August. But recently I have been so emotionally unstable. My moods are up and down. Sometimes I feel like I want to cry for absolutely no reason. Could it be the side effects or is there something wrong with me? I was never like this. I lash out at my husband like all the time. Shame


Have your dr check your hormones hun, you might need another form.

Also dont shame yourself…hormones are a b****.

I have had mine for 4 years and it’s a side effect. One minute I am fine and the next I am crying for no reason.

It’s a side effect that’s how I was when I had mine.

I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and I still get emotional. It’s totally normal

I have the same thing, side effects are the worst. Emotions are a roller coaster, acne, weight gain, n my hair is falling out. Had it for 3 years but I’m getting it taken out Monday.

I would talk to your doctor about it. Hormones can make do and feel some crazy things. Im 36 weeks along with my second pregnancys and sometimes I do cry for absolutely no reason. I droppes something on the floor today and hated life lol

I had mine in for 3 years… I felt like that sometimes. My husband said it’s like dealing with a pregnant lady for 3 years bc my hormones were crazy… I was great for a while then I had my emotional phase. Everyone reacts differently.

I had the same along with a lot of other symptoms, after reading about some other women’s side effects I had it taken out, within 2 months I was back to my normal self. I can’t believe how many things that were going on I can attribute to the Nexplanon. I had the Implanon for the full 3 years and had no issues whatsoever, the doctors told me Nexplanon was the same. It absolutely isn’t - it’s the devil. I’d never recommend it to anyone.

have thyroid check - research it…

May be side effect. I’ve had at least 4 women say the same thing to me about the implant

I had that birth control it’s called Nexplanon it’s horrible I got it taken out . It causes mood changes depression emotionally crying episodes and makes you feel down get it taken out .

I’ve had mine for 2 almost 3 years now and still get that way. I’ve had to change my diet and lifestyle to combat it. Good news is it’s not a hormonal birth control. A lot of women even out after about a year :slightly_smiling_face:

I had Nexplanon for 2 1/2 years before I got it removed. I can’t remember how it affected my mood, but my libido went way down.

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It’s definitely the implant. I was a raging bitch and super sensitive. All them hormones will do it. If you’re not loving who u are on it maybe switch ur bc method. Hang in there girl.

I got off my birth control for the same reason! I was on the depo shot tho. It worked great for me for up to 3 years than all of the sudden it started to give me total freak outs right after I would get it. ( got it every 3 months ) My fiance noticed it was making me lose my mind every time I would get it so I stopped and my moods straightened right up!

I only had mine in for about 8 months and the side effects turned me into a different person people would tell me. The mood swings became very unstable and so I had it removed!

I had mine for about a year when I started to become an emotional mess due to it.

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If you have already removed it, give your body time to readjust with it being remove.
I dont know your race, but I was advised about my daughter against this form, due to low testing on AA women/females.

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It takes afew weeks for the hormones to completely leave your body. But you will start to feel better soon.

Yes give your body time to adjust. I had major issues with not the implant but the iud. Terrible mood swings, a period that NEVER stopped, I gave it time like the doctor suggested and after going through that for over a year I decided it was enough and requested it be taken out. It was absolute hell. After a couple months I felt like myself again. Now I actually have the implant and feel great. Different things work for different people. Either way give it time for your hormones to regulate, stay strong you’ll get there soon!

Implant nearly killed me. Think its the most dangerous one out there.

I had it had spots of blood for months steriods to take to calm hormones . Got spots for the 1st time ever. Then suddenly went pale like a ghost at work. Sharp pain in stomach snd ended up hemmorging as a resuly of implant.
Now have a marina coil non hormone works beautifully haven’t had a period in about 3 years and healthy and calm.
Deffo try some steriods to calm mood and re balance speak to doctor about it.

But anyone else never get the implant dangerous thing.

Which implant? There’s implants inserted into the vagina, and implants for the arm

I’ve rocked my nexplanon implant for 3 years, and I love it. The first six months were weird, but not bad. Strange periods, some mood swings, and I put on about 20lbs. But my periods leveled out, and I barely have them now. My mood swings also leveled out. I still go through 3-5 days of feeling like I’ve got PMS (tender breasts, bloating, mild cramps) every couple of months, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was on other forms of birth control I’ve tried.

But, like other forms of birth control, it doesn’t always effect everyone the same way.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

The first I had it I was completely fine, limited periods (one light one every few months) but as soon as I had it changed the side effects got worse. I got really bad acne, I had NEVER had acne or spots growing up really. I put on a bit of weight, got some bad mood swings and my periods started getting heavier, although they were “regular” I thought the benefit of the implant was reduced periods. Once I had it taken out it took a while but about 6 months after the acne finally ceased. My advice is if it benefits you great, if it doesn’t there are other methods of birth control that are a lot tamer and have less negative effects.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

I had my second implant taken out because i was so moody all the time (i was fine with my first for 3 years but the new one i had was different and played havoc with my hormones). It can take some time for your body to adjust once it has been removed so your periods may be all over for a few months. It will settle into a normal cycle eventually but if you have any concerns then your doctor will be able to reassure you


I had one put in 9 yrs ago. It caused me abdominal pain and pain inside of my private for two to three hours. They thought it was all in my head until they removed it and they concluded that it wasn’t setting in me right and that it wouldn’t. I was so relieved, I wasn’t trying that again. And I’ve read that they aren’t good for your body.

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For some women birth control implants work. For me within 6 months I gained 60 lb I had such mood swings and I could not for the life of me get control over my periods when they took the implants out… I bled for 3 weeks straight. And it had completely change my natural hormones. Never been able to get them back in check, I can’t take birth control now pills or any hormone birth control after the implants…please please if you ate considering birth control implant .please read the side effects of what can happen…to make an informed decision before you put that much hormones in your body.
:pray: I hope your issues can resolve themselves sooner…I would consider talking to your doctor and options see what your options are…best luck​:+1::blush:

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The implant was the worst decision my wife and I ever made. Mood swings are horrible and that’s not just me saying that. She agrees. It’s also messing with her health, sex drive is all but gone, made her loose all the weight she had gained. Just a horrible horrible birth control option.

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I never had any issues with my implants. I had it six years. I didn’t have a period for 6 or 7 months when I first got it but after that they were the most regular they’ve ever been; however, every woman’s body is so different and every birth control has many different issues for each individual unfortunately. :confused: But yes, getting it taken out could definitely do that.

I had it and bled for 6 months straight and had to get it taken out. It took several months for me to get my period back to being regular. I got the patch which for some reason kept my period consistent. I used it until we started trying to have a baby and once I had her I got the non hormonal IUD. I do better without hormones. The only birthcontrols that I don’t bleed continuously on so far have been the Paragard IUD and the patch.

I got the IUD instead. Too many bad reviews on the implant.


My niece who passed away in February had this implant and she was the same way and had very bad mood swings and my sister just put my other niece who is 15 on it and she’s experiencing the same thing mood swings depression and she hasn’t had a period since getting it 3 months ago

Guess I was a lucky one. Implant was the best decision I ever made. I’m on my second one now. No periods (if I have one they last maybe a day or so and are super light), lost 40 pounds, and I’m more stable mood wise. I will never use anything else.

Boo I was on my period for a month and off for 2 and on for weeks and it was all over the place. I trust it for birth control but for periods sake I wouldn’t even bother again, in saying that though some people don’t get it at all…

I did this years ago after 4 years it fell out and up to last year I had the worse pain every month

Your body will get back to normal. I had periods every 2weeks on the implant and also with the depo injection.
I got the pill along side it to regulate me.
It just take some time for your hormones to rebalance but they will x

I had the implanon implant in my arm a few years ago and had nothing but issues with it, I had awful mood swings, rage/depression/anxiety, headaches and sore breasts. I also had almost constant bleeding, periods lasting WEEKS at a time D: I went on medication to stop the bleeding and that had a list of it’s own side effects too like big bruises all over my body.
I ended up having it taken out early and it was the best decision, everything went back to normal within a few weeks

My experience started by having uncontrollable mood swings and aggression, to completely out of whack cycles and ended with having the implant CUT OUT because it attached to my muscle. So, it’s a definite no from me.

Birth control is different for everyone. No ones body is the same. Some work for people while others dont. Talk to your doctor and explore options. I’m.sorry you had a bad experience cos I love my implant.

The reason it started again was because you took it away you will stop…i never had it but i have never heard anything good about them either…birth control pills are the way to go and if you cant remember to take them, put them on your nightstand and take when you go to bed


Birth control isn’t for everyone. While some women experience moodiness; I experience homicidal rage. I’m glad you got the implant out. It may serve you to use regular birth control methods like condoms & spermicidal foam

I’ve had the implant and had the same issues as you. So took it out, but the periods took a bit of time to readjust.

These comments just go to show that everyone is different and all bodies react differently to this.


Ask your doc or im sure you coukdve googled it

I had the implant for 3 years and I didn’t have any problems

My daughter has the implant and before it ran out of hormone, she had a period for 2 months straight, then would have a few days off then on again, over and over for years. The Dr would prescribe the pill to counteract the implant. Seemed like a pain in the ass to me. But now she’s due for another implant and I asked if she wanted it or not, cause of the constant periods and she said she wanted it. So…I don’t know…it really just depends… each person’s side effects are different.

When you mess with nature, nature messes with you

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The implant? Are you referring to implanon in arm or something else as you say 8n the area so a little confused

sounds like you need non hormonal based bc.

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To be expected honestly

Thank you so much everyone for your feedback. It helps some have had horrible experiences with other birth controls which makes mine not so bad. Eloise Donaldson I’m glad you are oky. We as women must always have shit lol men should be on the Damm birth control hehe

It made me extremely depressed which is not like me at all. Everything was grey. I have never felt more relief than when it was taken out

Yeah the mood swings are horrendous, I’ve had three implants over the last 9 years and my last one has been the worst, bleeding randomly, horrendous depression, I really need to take it out but I just don’t want a baby yet and I can’t take the pill and I will forget :joy:
It should get better for you now it’s out and the period should stop and they will regulate again.

I had my implant taken out becausefor the 6months I was on it i was constantly bleeding with no stopping , constantly moody , constantly in pain and made my anxiety worse . I had the implant taken out stopped bleeding for 3 days and then bled again it took 6 months for my periods to go back to normal. I originally got it because my mum had it as she has currently had it for 10+ years without an issue. Us women are all different.

I wasn’t moody on my nexplanon but it did make my periods super irregular. I would have light bleeding for seriously a month straight. I’m on my 2nd one now after having a baby a year ago and I haven’t noticed my moods being crazy.

The implant sucks but is also great. Yes, I’m not pregnant which is the goal. BUT, my first implant was horrible. I literally had my period for months straight with a few breaks in between, and when I say breaks, I mean I literally only had a day or two without a period. It didn’t make me gain any weight or have mood swings. I went to get it replaced on the 3rd year but they (some DR lady) wouldn’t let me, she said I can keep it in for another year, so I did. Then I started having issues, like sharp pains and cramping. So on the 4th year I finally changed it and the second one has been good so far I guess. My period and everything seem normal, but I’m moody and drained all the time, not sure if it relates to the implant or not though. I’m on my second year now & have planned to NOT get another one after this current one’s time is up. Hope this helped someone!

I was horrible when I had my implant and worse when I had the mirena. I had my tubes done because I can’t tolerate any hormone medication. I was an absolute asshole on the pill as well plus my period was a complete and total nightmare

It’s not right for you. Have it removed. Doesnt work for everyone.