Side effects of the birth control pill?

I just had my 6 week postpartum check up today and I chose the pill for birth control? Anyone who’s had it, how did it work for you and how did you like it?


Well my son’s nearly 13 lol so it’s defiantely not something to rely on. Haha
Being serious though vomiting diarreah and antibiotics can throw it out for up to a week so make sure you use other protection too x

as long as you take it at the same time everyday (or within an hour of usual time tops) it works. I had no complaints when I was on the pill

I’ve been on the pill for 5 years and love it

I had a lot of side effects with the pill. I ended up going with Depo, the shot. BUT EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. So it matters how your body deals with it. It is also very hard on the liver, so remember that. If you gain weight or end up with other side effects, try the shot. It lasts for 3 months.

It worked fine for me. After I had my kiddo I went for the IUD bc I wanted a set it and forget birth control

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I conceived my son on the pill.
I found the depo to be more affective to avoid pregnancy

Got pregnant twice on it lol so I hate the pill

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I got pregnant with my daughter on the pill! I took it everyday at the same time. Never missed a day.

I got pregnant on the pills i got

I’m on it, but the mini pill because I’m breastfeeding so it has no estrogen. I’ve gained a bit of weight but other than that it’s working so far. My baby just turned 3 months so I’ve been on it for 1.5 months. I’m having some sexual side effects, but I have that with every birth control I’ve tried so, I think that’s just me.

Sucked for me. My sons now almost 2 and I was on the pill. Took it religiously.

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I took the pill. My son is now 5. Lol never missed a day.

I’m pregnant with #3. Was on the mini pill. Took it religiously, exact same time everyday!

Take it at the same time EVERY DAY. It makes you fertile so missing one can result in pregnancy.

I have only ever used the pill. I used different brands of box pills (because of insurance changes) for 8 years and had no issues. I stopped taking it when my husband and I decided to try for a baby. I got pregnant the first month of not taking it and started taking it again after my 6 week postpartum appointment. Everyone’s body is different and different methods work better than others for everyone but the pill works great for me.

Just remember it takes 1 full month to get in system so you should be using a 2nd method of birth control the 1st month. I went with a IUD after I had my kid and loved it.

I was on the pill, my daughter turns 16 in 2 days so lol I dont trust them lol, never missed a dose and took it the exact same time every day

Welp i am now 14 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 sooooo i can not say much (yes i took it religiously)this time they are just gonna tie my tubes :blush:

I stayed sick and got pregnant

I got pregnant on the mini pill.

Conceived twice on 2 different forms of birth control and it made me horrible with mood swings so good luck

4 pregnancies on the pill. I have the IUD now…so fingers crossed

I choose iud and I love it but I’m also 38 and not seeking anymore more babies bc I had three rough pregnancies but I love it

I got pregnant on 2 different pill types so don’t ask lol


Been on it before baby. Got off (to try for baby) got pregnant that week and got back on 6 week pp. Still love it. I think I gained weight cause of it or its cause I eat like a cow… either way, no issues here


I’ve never had any issues with the pill. & never any pregnancies while on it.

Currently on baby #2 from the pill lol

Was on the pill for 4 months and got pregnant 🤦 Soo

I conceived him on it. Good luck

I was on the pill after I had my son and took it like you were soppouse to and three months later I got preagnt with my daughter it happens I guess my body just didn’t agree with it or something. But after I had my daughter they put me on the depo it was fine with me the only issue I had was mood swings but I got off it a year later and it did take me 2 years to get pregnant again . So right now I’m pregnant with another little girl due in October. So after I have her I’m going to look into a long term birth control like the mirena or something similar to that. But everyone body reacts diffenrlty to different birth control so you never know what’s going to work for you until you try it .

If you are on the pill for breast feeding make sure you talk to your doctor if you stop breast feeding. That pill is only effective while nursing

I was put on the mini pill while breast feeding and ended up with a pregnancy in my tubes. Baby not viable and dangerous for me. I got the Depo shot after that and have had no problems on that. Regular birth control pills shoot my blood pressure up.

I can’t even I’m going to have to unlike these pages … :expressionless:

Had the pill after my first. Made me sick and moody all the time

Got pregnant on it twice