Side effects of quitting birth control?

I stopped taking my birth control so they are giving me a lower dose but after I stopped taking it a couple days later I have been feeling so nasty I’ve been nauseous and light headaches. I have been sexually active but he is fixed and he gets checked every month and he is have been told by his doctor that he is sterile. I’ve taken like 20 test and all test are negative and I just had my period and my periods are so heavy that I fill tampons and pads in like an hour (TMI) but I had a baby almost a year ago. So is it all normal to feel this way


If you just stopped birth control your hormones are going crazy. Maybe mention it to your doctor?


I was on birth control and bled for 7 months. Heavy and painful for 7 straight months. My doctor told me there was nothing she nor I could do about it. Your body may just be adjusting.

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No talk to your primary care or OB doctor they will help you

Your hormones are out of wack , given you just stoped birt control. Take a few weeks to adjust

Definitely mention it to your doctor going threw pads and tampons with in a hour is not good. Depending on what kind of birth control you was on it might of helped you control your period and make it lighter. Some teens go on birth control just to manage the flow not because there sexually active. Hope you feel better.

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Could just be from your body adjusting to not taking birth control anymore.e


I felt sick on the birth control so I just stopped taking anything, but I had a baby 10 months ago and I don’t fill a tampon like that?

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I stopped taking birth control and felt sick for a good month while my hormones were leveling out. If you are feeling really bad, I would go to the doctor, but I’ve been in your shoes. It sucks, but it will go away.

Why does he get checked every month
I thought they only did it every 6 months