Side effects of Nexplanon?

I have had the Nexplanon implant in my arm for 15months now, and my periods are still not consistent! I may have one month without bleeding, and then the next month, I get 3-4 heavy periods back to back for the WHOLE month, or I get periods every other week. It is safe to say it is driving me up the absolute wall. I plan on going to the doctor, but I live several 100s of kilometers from a town in a rural setting. So I was just wondering if anybody out there went on some type of medication or combined it with a pill? I’ve googled everything I can think of, and I can’t get a straight answer. I just want to know if there’s anything I can do before I may have to waste my time on a doctor’s visit just to be told there’s nothing they can do.


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Ive had 3 of them. The one i have now comes out in October. Its always been like that for me. Sometimes i wont have one for months. And then it wont stop but for a day or 2 here and there for another month or so. Its a real pain

I actually went threw the same thing, my doctor said nothing could help it becides removing it .I’ve had it out for about a month now and went back on the pill and only one period now none of that back and forth periods!

Unfortunately birth control doesn’t solve all period issues. You cannot combine birth controls to make it work either. You really need to see a doctor that much bleeding is not normal and can he something extremely serious. It’s not something you should Google or ask advice on, you need a doctor sooner rather than later.


My first one i had i had a period for like 4 months straight…after that I didn’t get one at all until I had it taken out at the 3 year mark…I’m on my second one and I rarely get my period. But it is the only birth control that has worked for me. I know some people take the pill too and it helps regulate periods.

It is common issues with it. Mine is just hitting 5 years. I go either months without bleeding or months on end of bleeding. My doctor says is all normal. Also I gained a lot of weight and can’t drop it since it has been in. Again common side effect I have found out.

I just got nexplanon put in about a week ago and my doctor told me I could have my period come more than once a month but that it should be a light bleeding. He told me if it gets really heavy to where it becomes an issue for me to come in so he can fix it. I would get checked out but maybe call different doctors and get different opinions.

My daughter has that implant for 10 months total. It caused her to bleed constantly and gain about twenty pounds. We went to the doctor about it and one of them out her in a pool to control the bleeding until they could schedule her to take it out. Next doctor told us that bring on the pill with it is dangerous and to stop immediately. He tried to take her implant out and couldn’t. Had to go to a specialist the next day to get it removed. She went on a birth control patch and is happy with it. Her arm is still recovering though…

I just got my 3rd one and I haven’t had a period in 6+ years, my whole point on being on it ( I had uncontrollable bleeding and became anemic when having a period). Unfortunately everyone is different. My sister had it and still got a period pretty bad. Hope you find something that helps!

Ive have been using the implant since 2013. Everyone is different. From my experience mine was very irregular and heavy. My dr prescribed a low dosage of birth control to take only for a few months. Since then im actually regular. Consult with your Dr and they will recommend the best solution for you.

Your dr can put you on the pill to regulate your period. I have the nexplanon along with taking the pill to solely regulate the period since I was having it so frequently:) hopefully this helps. It’s worth asking your gyno

I’ve gotta say I had it when it was implanon. The most perfect birth control I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried lots. My cramps have always been so so terrible im in bed crying and that thing was like magic, no more periods and no more cramps. But then I got the nexplanon, I cramped like hell and bled the entire 7 months I had it. It was terrible. I ended up just having a partial hysterectomy where they took my uterus and cervix and they removed the nexplanon while I was under. I’ve heard it’s great for some people but for me, not so much. Lol

I dealt with a back to back period for almost 2 years with only a few days of not bleeding when I had the nexplanon. Drove me insane and I can’t tell you the amount of money I spent on both pads and tampons. Once I had the money to have it removed(insurance wouldn’t cover removal) it was a few weeks before my body/ cycle went back to normal

Shouldnt they have told u before you got it or asked yourself?

I am on it and haven’t had a period since my daughter was born a year ago after it was put in. I’m having some side effects and sadly was told there is nothing they can do other then remove it and put me on something else

10/10 don’t recommend the Nexplanon.
I had 3 before I knew I was done with babies and had a tubal.
The first two weren’t horrible. Heavier, longer periods, 10-12ish days but that was the worst of it.
The third one…I would bleed for months on end. Could soak a super tampon and through a pad in less than 2 hours. Didn’t sleep, my hair fell out. We tried every pill on the face of the earth to try to offset it with no results.
It’s been gone for almost 4 years. Periods still a little on the heavier side for what my normal was prior to the Nexplanon, but totally manageable, and have returned to being 4-7 days long.

Same thing happened with my daughter who had nexplanon. It messed with her estrogen levels. Her Dr tried adding the pill for 2 months. (don’t remember which one) it helped and her bleeding stopped. When she finished the 2 months it came right back. We ended up removing the nexaplon amd went with the nuva ring. No periods at all!!!

I took the pill with it and had no luck altering how or when it came two month of pill with nexplanon the another two and still no regulation :no_mouth:I got it removed and did nuva ring

I had norplant which was an earlier variation years ago and had major issues with bleeding. I finally demanded they remove it and when they did it had adhered to the muscle and they ended up having to cut away the muscle to remove it. 20 years later I still have a deep indentation in my arm where it was. If you keep having issues try something else not everything is meant for everybody.