Side effects of birth control?

Okay so my daughter is 11 months, when she was born I was given the arm implant… I at first was nonstop bleeding for months. Like a prolonged period. Now, I’ve only have 2 actual period since birth. Did anyone get completely throw off their cycle with the implant? I’m cramping on and off waiting on my period and it won’t come… I took a test a week ago to be sure; might again. I’m just so confused and not use to these irregularities


Normal. It makes your periods irregular. I get a period every 3-4 months sometimes 2 weeks long, sometimes just a few days.

When i had the arm implant my periods completely stopped like six months after i had it. I was on it for two years and never bled once. I also did not get pregnant on that birth control, it’s highly effective. Nothing is ever 100%, but it’s effective.

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Yes. Completely normal. You will get a surprise one very once in awhile.

Normal. I got one every 4-6 months over 4 1/2 years.

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Normal. I bled for 6 months after getting it, it was awful but then didn’t get it again until it was due to be removed.

I’ve never spotted or had a period on it. It’s been great to have nothing!

Any type of birth control you take will mess up your cycle. I was like this with my depo shot!

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My daughter has the implant and will spot occasionally but hasn’t had a real period since right after she got it over a year ago

I bled for a year after having my implant put In, then it’s been irregular ever since, I to this day never know when it’s going to hit or for how long

Nope made me irregular

I got really sick on this

I’m just gonna say I wish I never got it.
I had it put in twice. So I had it in total 5 years.
Periods were awful I would bleed a full month. Had no period for 2 months then would bleed again for another 30 days.
When they went to take it out it took them an hour to dig it out. It had moved and they couldn’t get a grip on it.
Me and my husband wanted to try to start our family. Got pregnant right away. Lost the baby at 6 weeks.
Took over a year to conceive again. Currently 20 weeks. Will never get on any type of contraceptive again.

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Mine was off for 2 years and became normal til removal

I had 2 (6 years) and loved it for that reason. I only had 3 periods that whole 6 years. But every month I would still get period symptoms. My husband used to tell people I was moody bc it was ghost period time​:rofl::rofl:

I’ve had 1 period since having the implant in in Dec 2017. Weird but U get used to it xx

I had the implant twice and never had a period on it except when it was first place for about two weeks then nothing until I got them out…totally normal with those

Normal. I had it for over a year since the birth of my LO. I just had it taken out in April after dealing with the horrible side effects. Acne, crazy mood swings, severe vaginal dryness, no sex drive, ph balance was always off, severe itching before a period would start. It is 99% effective though, no babies.

I had it and HATED it! I bled off and on for almost a year. Not to mention the hormones made me a total raging bitch! It was miserable and I was SO happy to have it taken out. I switched to the shot and had a WAY better experience. But…every body is different.

I’ve never had one since I got the implant

I was one of the first to get the Norplant. I went a year with out a period and then I bleed for 51 days straight. I was hospitalized and had to have 2 blood transfusions. They took them out for free and I was part of a class action lawsuit I didn’t know I was a part of and got a $13 check. Seems justified for what i went through…not…Keep up with your doc about it is all I can say…