Should you take a kid to a tattoo shop?

What’s your thoughts? My daughter (almost 5) wants her ears pierced. Her dad wants it done at a tattoo shop!! I don’t have a problem with tattoo shops, I’m covered BUT I do feel uncomfortable about taking a 5 year old into a shop!! Has anyone done that before an what was the experience?? I havent voiced my opinion yet… I know he will listen. I just wanna make sure I’m not over reacting first lol


I definitely feel tattoo shops is the best. Took both of my girls and it was just fine

Absolutely take them! My husband is a tattooer and agrees that a child’s ears should be done at a tattoo shop!! :heart::blush:

Always go to the tattoo shop!!

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I just had a tattoo done a couple of weeks ago and my two eldest came in and watched it being done. They were 7 & 4

I took my five year old to a tattoo shop to get her ears pierced. It was a Saturday, middle of the day. No issues. She liked seeing how the tattoos were done, she asked her dad and I questions about tattoos since we both have some. It was perfectly fine.

Im not sure what you think goes on in tattoo shops but I took both my girls and it was a great experience. Way better than going to the mall. They have a lot more experience and are usually way more professional imo

Yea go to the tattoo shop

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Best place to do it. Nothing wrong with it


100% prefer a professional piercer at a tattoo shop. Every shop I’ve been in was professional, clean, and employed kind staff.

I don’t think it’s a problem at all. There’s a tattoo shop round the corner from me and the lady that owns it brings her daughters in and they’re so helpful and enjoy seeing their mummy work.

My daughter just got hers done at a tattoo shop for her 6th birthday

Personally, the artists at tattoo shops (that offer piercings) are phenomenal. Everything is sterile and the piercers are trained and have to go through school/apprenticeship before being turned out on their own so you know it’s safe.

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I would 10,000% take them to a shop if THEY were being pierced. I wouldn’t take them anywhere else! :blush:


Safest option is a tattoo shop where they are experienced. Had mine done at the mall when I was a baby and they messed them up. Had to pierce both ears twice and they are still uneven and have nerve damage.

I have no experience in this with piercings but I would recommend them over a department store. As far as if you’re worried about if the atmosphere is appropriate, when I had my 2nd to last tattoo done I took my then 6 year old with me. He has autism and after a while he did get a bit to antsy so he had to go outside for a little to get his wiggles out but aside from that he was totally fine. Just call ahead and make sure they allow it to save both you and your daughter from being upset. We have some around my area that won’t even let anyone under 18 in the building anymore let alone actually piercing them.


I would but my neighbor is the owner of one so I know they are safe there.

We just did our 5yr old and 7yr old at a tattoo shop and I wouldn’t recommend another way of having it done. We did our oldest daughters who is 10 a few years back at the mall and I regret it as they messed up her left ear. Honestly you won’t regret doing it at a tattoo shop.


I’m a professional piercer at a tattoo shop, we get kids all the time. We did 6 sets of kids under 8 just yesterday. Just call ahead to make sure the shop does kids 1st, not all shops do. So much cleaner, easier healing and more training for the ones preforming the piercings. Most shops that do pierce kids regularly will accommodate and keep the conversations and scenery kid friendly while they are in the shop.

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Where i live there is nurses that do it

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The cleanest and least traumatic (physically needle vs spring loaded gun).
My artist has kids, sometimes they’re even there hanging out lol.
Go to the tattoo shop.


A tattoo shop is the best place to take your child for piercings actually. They’re cleaner, don’t use piercing guns, and it will probably be a way better experience. I wouldn’t allow my child to be pierced anywhere else. My 5 year old wants hers done but I can’t find a shop that will do it around us sadly because most here require kids to be a few years older. And I refuse to go to Claire’s or anything. Those piercing guns are awful and severely screwed my ears up as a kid. I 100% agree with your husband wanting to do it this way.

I would call ahead and be sure they will pierce her. Some have age requirements. Where I live it’s hard to find a shop that pierces under 7-8. If they’ll do it be sure to ask what documents you need to bring with you.


I will bring my kids there over department store my older daughters ears were messed up badly very uneven. So if she wants second holes or if my youngest wants to do hers I’ll go to a tattoo/piercing place

Absolutely, as a daughter as a tattoo artist. It’s most sanitize to get it done at tattoo shop then a hair dresser. As they aren’t held to the same standards at least in Ontario.

Thats actually the best place to get it done. They’re trained well, usually amazing with kids, and they don’t use piercing guns which are dangerous


It’s generally separated into areas one for tattoos and one for piercings. They are the cleanest places to go and I have never had problems with the piercings after they are done

Way better then someone at Clair’s that watched someone do it a couple times and now pierces little kids!

If you’re that concerned about a “tattoo shop” then take her somewhere they just do piercings. They do exist.

Your husband is absolutely correct in wanting your child pierced at a shop.

I’d rather my child be pierced by someone experienced then some untrained retail employee at Claire’s.

You know at Claire’s if something goes wrong with the piercing they aren’t allowed to help you afterwards.

Atleast going to a tattoo shop you will get aftercare if something doesn’t seem right after getting pierced.


My son has come with me to 4 tattoo appointments as a toddler (along with hubby because obviously I can’t get up :joy:) and a handful of piercings! We trust our shop very much and they are super kid friendly! The worst we’ve encountered was some cussing, but we don’t sensor adult words around our children anyway so to us that was no biggie. Nothing out of the way was said and everyone was talking/playing with him​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I took my 7, 3, and almost 2 year old a little over a year ago to a tattoo shop to get their ears pierced. We were originally going for my youngest daughter to get her ears done but my boys wanted their ears done. My oldest got hers done at Claire’s when she was a baby. I definitely recommend tattoo shops before Claire’s! I wish I would have known the difference when my oldest was a baby.

Well mom…You got your answer…Trust your hubby on this one n head to a tattoo place…Just call ahead n make sure they will do your child once u tell them the age…Good Luck.

You should absolutely take your child to a professional tattoo & piercing parlor for her ears piercings. There’s nothing crazy happening at any one I’ve ever been to. If there’s a more “intimate” tattoo or piercing taking place, they have something they put up to block that area. I would just call ahead to make sure they’ll see you and have a piercer working that day/time. You’ll need your ID and her birth certificate most likely.

Absolutely should be done in a tattoo shop. They are trained, cleaner and will help with aftercare.


Tattoo Shops are you SAFEST option. Ear piercing guns are not safe & cause trauma. Please call ahead & let them know the age of said child, they are more than accommodating :blush:

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I would not take my daughter anywhere but to a tattoo shop to get her ears pierced. It is SO much safer for her & her ears to be done at a shop Vs a place like Clair’s. If you are concerned about the environment of the tattoo shop, go check out the ones around you and talk to the piercer if it makes you feel more comfortable. Then you can see what she would be around. A lot of tattoo places are set up really nice and piercers generally have their own room/space for privacy.

Best place to get the piercing done is the tattoo shop , there’s nothing wrong with bringing her there. It’s lot like she’s getting a tattoo😁

Tatt shops pierce correctly w proper needles

Safest option for piercing her ears tbh

Just took my 2 year old to a tattoo shop for her ears. Highly recommend due to the process and sanitation. Less trauma to the ears as well compared to the gun

Go to the tattoo shop to get her ears pierced. It’s safer than going to clairs or anywhere to get it done with a gun. She will be fine. I promise

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Definitely take your child to a tattoo shop for piercings and not the mall or Claire’s.

Absolutely take them to a shop!! Obviously do your research but it is so much better to do them at a professional piercer than take them to Wal Mart or somewhere that uses a piercing gun. They heal much faster. I took my daughter when she was 3. She was scared just because she doesn’t like people but as soon as she saw her earrings she was so excited!

Here in Wisconsin, nobody in a tattoo/piercing place will ever even touch someone younger than 16.

Safest place to get them done. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. They are clean sterile and trained

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Absolutely should be done in a tattoo shop. Claire’s and Walmart pierces with guns that shove a dull earring through your child’s earlobes. If you think that’s a good idea, you’re nuts. Where I live, though, only one shop would pierce my daughter’s ears, because most wouldn’t pierce under age 10 even with parent permission. Call around. It’s a little more expensive than Claire’s or Walmart but you’re paying for a correct piercing versus an incorrect one.

I need to know what you have against taking your child into a shop? What is the issue in your head?

A tattoo shop is 100% the best and safest place to get it done.

I would say a tattoo shop is the best place. They use clean and sterile equipment. A needle rather than a gun.
Both of my girls had their ears pierced at a tattoo shop.

It’s the proper place to take them , way cleaner and better results.

Best place but where I go they won’t do a child under 12

My middle daughter was 10 when git hers done and at a tattoo shop .we also had to sign a consent forms. And everything is also at least should be sterile.

It’s the safest bet. They are trained on how to do pricings. People at Clair’s have no fucking idea what they are doing and the guns are insane dumb. They cause major infections on top of a bunch of other shit.

I took my daughter to get her ears pierced at a tattoo shop. It was quick and painless. They go above and beyond for your kid. Not to mention professionally trained. And have to complete a certain amount of hours before being a professional piercer. That’s not the same for places like Clair’s or mall kiosks

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I would much rather take mine to a tattoo shop than anywhere else! We got my daughters done at one and when my next girl wants hers, we will go again!

I don’t know what kind of tattoo shops you have been in, but all the ones I have been to are incredibly clean and very professional.

Best place to take them in my opinion.

When I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was probably just a bit older then that, I had it done at Claire’s and the gun got stuck when they were piercing my one ear and they basically had to rip it out of my ear. I’d definitely go to a tattoo shop.

Definitely a better idea than a department store. Safer for her for sure. But I would make sure they allow kids that age before taking her. Cuz some shops have age requirements.

Piercing at a tattoo shop, with a piercer, is safer than going to Claire’s or Walmart. It’s less trauma to the ear, and probably more sanitized also.

Tattoo shop is 100% the best place to get ears pierced. Also probably one of the cleanest places she will ever be in

Honestly, it’s probably the best place to go for piercings. They’re meticulous about cleanliness and are properly trained. She’ll have a much better experience and will heal better than if a piercing gun was used.

I took my 7yo to a tattoo shop to get her ears pierced and had a wonderful experience. 10/10 would recommend it!

That is the only place I would take my child if they wanted one. They are a lot cleaner and use better piercing tools.

A tattoo shop is actually the best place for anyone of any age to get their ears pierced! They use a hollow needle instead of a gun. When you go to Clair’s or any other piercing stand they usually always use a gun. The gun causes damage to the tissue and cartiledge in the ear. Sometimes the piercing doesn’t heal right and the gun in it of itself is way more painful than the single hollow needle.

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Best place ! They have the necessary equipment and proper sanitation procedures

I’d rather my child have their ears pierced by a professional so I would 100% take them to a tattoo shop if there’s a professional piercer there. I would never take them to Claires or other mall shops where they use the g*ns.

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Via took my 4 year old. It’s much cleaner and safer at a professional shop

That the best place to take her.

Tattoo shops are the best place to get it done.

I wouldn’t go anywhere but a tattoo shop. My almost 5 year old had hers done just before christmas. They were super professional and did amazing with her. The jewelery us also top notch which helps the healing process.

I took my 6 & 8 year old with me to a shop while I got tattooed once. The shop had arcade games and they had a blast.
As far as getting her ears pierced there, it will be less painful because they use appropriate needles and more sanitary

Absolutely take her to a tattoo shop to have it done. Please, do not take her to, like, the mall or Claire’s or whatever is near you, and let some doofus, who had to watch a 5 minute video…punch a whole in your daughter’s ear. :heart:

Got my daughter and I got our ears pierced at Claire’s years ago - she was 6 - my granddaughter just got hers pierced at Claire’s - she loved - loved all the earrings necklaces -

I would definitely take my kid to a tattoo shop for ear piercings

I would :100: take her there. So much cleaner, less trauma to the piercings, and less painful.

Tattoo shop is the best route for piercings

It’s the best place to take them. Professionally trained, cleaner/sterile environment and less crowded so no gawkers to make her nervous.

The best way is to get it done at a tattoo shop.

100% take her to the tattoo shop! Cleaner and will be a littl less painful

DO NOT TAKE HER TO CLAIRE’S :joy: the tattoo shops are the absolute BEST place to take her!!!

Best place for her ears to be pierced

A tattoo shop is the best place for ear piercing. The room used for it in ours is as sterile as an operating room! Better than some chair in the corner of a grotty store.

That’s literally the best place to get a piercing. I do think you’re overreacting mum.

Nothing wrong with taking him in the shop. I agree with your hubs on this one. Piercing guns are no good. A shop is best for his ears.

I have same dilemma with my 7 yr old. Feel oqurred taking her to tattoo shop.

a tattoo shop is the best place to go because they use a needle versus a gun

A tattoo shop is where you should take her for piercings.

A piercing and tattoo shop is the best place to get her ears pierced.

Dads correct on this. You don’t want to take her to Claire’s where they use a piercing gun. Tattoo shops are best.

It’s the best place to take her. Cleaner, better process for piercing (those piercing guns are garbage). Definitely always take your kiddo to a professional rather than someone that was handed a piercing gun.

In my opinion going to a “store” that uses a gun only causes risk of infection, and the gun makes the ear rings soooo right there is no room for the skin to heal, also the ear rings themselves aren’t always “equal” on placement.
A tattoo shop is more sterile and safe.

I was no educated on this when my 6yr old wanted her ears pierced. If I could go back and go to a tattoo shop and do it right the first time I totally would.

It’s the safest and cleanest compare to say Claire’s or anywhere at the mall

I would say it’s a great idea to take your kiddo to a tattoo shop. The shop I went to, had someone who specialized in nothing but piercings. Super sterile and clean. Very patient. Least painful piercings I got. Easiest healing. Great after care instructions and even offered a follow up. When my daughter was young the pediatrician offered piercing ears. But I still would chose the tattoo shop with the person who specializes in all things piercing. After many piercings, it was by far the best experience. Do your research on the place and person.

Tattoo shops are the best place, the piercing guns are not sterile they cant clean all the parts

So my daughter’s dad took her to get her ears pierced for her birthday this year at a shop as I said that was the only way I was okay with it, it was a wonderful experience for her! She loves them and the piercer was great with her from what I’m told. But I would also call local shops and make sure they will pierce them that young, they ended up driving an hour and a half away to get hers done since no shops local to us would pierce her ears at 8 even with parent consent.

But why does it make you uncomfortable? What part of being there?

Tattoo shops are cleaner and the people are better trained on piercing.

Better to get them done by a professional at a tattoo shop then by some young person at Clairs who’s not licensed.
Less chance of infection and ttlhey uses the proper tools

Check to see if your pediatrician does it. That’s where I got my daughters done. They can numb the ear before they pierce it. If they can’t then 100% the tattoo shop is where to have it done.

Who cares what anyone thinks. You are the parent, make a decision.