Should toddlers nap twice a day?

I have an almost 13 month old who is used to taking two naps a day. Since his first birthday he’s been fighting his second nap during the day and giving me a really hard time. I’ve been very persistent for the last few weeks about making sure he gets both naps but is it time to transition to one? He’s typically well behaved and the only trouble he gives us now is when he doesn’t want to nap.


My son was about the same age when he stopped taking 2 naps and started only taking 1. It’s probably time to just do 1.

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Cut the first one. Move the second one up a little. Might sleep a little longer and give you a break!


Go down to one nap. My 13 month old is doing the SAME thing. Just had to go down to one nap.

Cut out the morning nap and maybe start the afternoon one a little early until he adjusts. This is typically the time they transition to one.

That’s a lot for a day lol

Time for one nap a day

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Move to one nap after lunch and see how his mood does. If it’s all good, stick with that.

Just do the one.He will wear himself out a bit early but later he will adjust.

2 naps? No, he’s letting you know he doesn’t need 2 anymore.

My daughters 6 months old. Cat naps about 2/3 times a day for 5-15 minutes then sleeps all night. Clearly every child is different so u do what u thinks best. You will find your solution together x

My kids had one nap until 18 months after that not at all they went to bed ear though.

If you do a morning 10am or 11am nap, he’ll go to bed for the night by 7:30pm and you’ll have the rest of the evening to relax and catch up. Worked for me with both my kids😊

I think he’s telling you he’s ready for 1 nap.

My son was the same at that age cut down to one nap my son’s up at 6am used to have an hour nap around 10 and occasionally fall asleep in car late arvo if I was out. Gradually his one nap gets later 17 months now and naps at around 11.30 am just put in down when he’s tired no point forcing certain nap times