Should my teen miss vacation as a punishment?

My 13 year old son has gotten himself in trouble for being disrespectful and screaming at me. He rages at video games and when I try to intervene, it always ends in him screaming at me. Screaming to get out of his room and to screw off. He is the oldest of four kids and on this last incident I sent him to stay with his dad for a couple of weeks. We leave for our second family vacation this year in 3 weeks. We plan to go on more trips this year, making up for trips missed due to lockdowns last year. Is it reasonable for him to miss this one, in hopes of it making him realize his behavior will not be tolerated?

I definitely don’t think a child should be left out of a family vacation as a punishment because it can trigger early anxiety and possibly abandonment thoughts. There have been lots of studies done on this topic and most children feeling like they just got left behind typically tend to be even more rebellious and start being sneaky about more and more things when the abandonment feeling comes up. At the end of the day it is totally up to you because that is YOUR child! Keep your head up!!