Should my sons dad have a say in who he stays with?

Just wondering if you guys think the dad should have a right to say who my son can stay with… back story the first thing he said when I found out I was pregnant was to have an abortion. Decided then he wouldn’t have a say but was I wrong to do so? Should he have a say?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should my sons dad have a say in who he stays with?

The court doesn’t care what you do on your parenting time. He doesn’t get to dictate who your child stays with when they are with you. Just like you don’t get to dictate who your child stays with during his time.


Most courts will tell y’all you have no say what the other parent does on their time. Now if it’s in the paperwork that they have first right then he has partial say. Meaning you have to ask him to watch the kid first. Buy if he says no then you can have whoever watch him


Legally when the child is in your custody he has no say same goes when he has custody you have no say. My husband’s baby momma tried that stuff with us and we have been through the courts. I’m in ontario


If he’s on the birth certificate and in his life regularly, then his opinion matters. That doesn’t mean he gets his way. He gets the same conversation a married couple would have about their kids when making decisions.

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By “stay with” I am assuming you mean when the child is with you and you decide to have him stay over with a grandparent or friend.
In that instance he has no say.
But in general, if he has custody of any sort he does get to decide if he pursues it legally and has it written into the custody agreement that he has 1st right of refusal or that he does not want the child staying with someone specific

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Is he actively parenting ? Are you two still together ? Has custody/ parenting time been established ? Many variables …

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It should matter. At least IMO. Regardless on how he feels about you, he is still the parent to your shared child. I guess what really matter are why he is concerned…

Why do you guys keep posting questions with no context? Like if he doesn’t want the kid, don’t have him sign birth certificate and have him release all rights to the child…no he doesn’t get a say in anything.
Is he coming around and chosing to want to be a parent? Then yeah, you have to at least give him the chance to be a parent if that’s what he wants. Is it about splitting time and you’re worried about OTHER people your child’s around? In that case it’s entirely up to the parent that is responsible for the child during that time.
This group could really work on explaining what theyre actually asking though… might be more helpful answers


He doesn’t get a say when the child is with you, every court has that rule. Unless said person is a danger to child.

Tell him you don’t trust his judgment he didn’t have the right answer the first time

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So should you have a say who they stay with on his time? If yes then he gets a say.

If it’s on your parenting time, he has no say. My ex kept having tantrums about it.

If he is in the child’s life faithfully, He sure should

Legally when the child is in ur custody he has no say as when he is in his you have no say right

He’s his parent. If he’s currently involved, he deserves a say. Especially if it’s logical reasoning why he doesn’t want him to be somewhere.

If he doesn’t have court order, then no.

Legally he has a say whether you like it or not. The only way you can stop him from having a say is to have him sign his rights over.

It really depends on the situation

Who has primary legal custody?

There isn’t enough information here. My biggest question is, is dad actively involved in the life of the child? His initial reaction may have been what it was, but what has happened since the child was born? Is he physically there and supporting his child in every way that a parent should? If the answer is yes, then he has as much of a say as you do when it comes to his child. If the answer is no, then he doesn’t get much of a say as to who is in the child’s life when he himself isn’t involved.

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Yes he should have a say in any and every decision made about his child. Unless hes an abuser and dope fiend.

Do what u want who cares what he says

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Yes, he should.

By your premise, every woman who considered abortion when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant should have NO say in the child’s life of she should decide to give birth rather than abort.


Stop being so selfish and controlling.

Think about your child having his or her father in his or her life.

In other words, stop being so vindictive, so petty, so controlling…

Grow up.