Should I Steer Away From My New Boyfriend After Latest Episode?

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"I need advice, I'm only 22. I told my newly titled boyfriend (he's had a drink or 12) I was going to make my salad (which was pre-made from a grocery store and single serving) And only needed dressing he came in the kitchen said I'll help. I stated no I got it, he insisted and so on. I just eventually placed it back in the fridge and said I can just finish my toast. I walk in the living room and I heard smashing and breaking of things from the kitchen. He threw the toaster, smashed bottles, tossed everything from the counters. He lost it."

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"Newly titled ex boyfriend it should be. Please run now. As fast as you can."

"When I was in a relationship like that it got bad quick. The following week he broke my nose and went to jail. Packed his stuff and sent him on his way."

"Yes, lashing out over something the small what happens when it is something big and important."

"Men who hit or break things when they are mad are just making sure you know that next time it could be you. Run. It’s too new for violence to being showing up and you not take it seriously."

"Not sure what your question is. Please leave honey. I lived in that when was a kid. It was hell"

"Leave that’s the first sign he’ll turn physical abusive in the future and no it doesn’t get better either"

"leave, asap. Newly titled boyfriend, can be retitled as ex-boyfriend. Red flags right in front of you."

"Speaking as a DV survivor leave before he starts putting hands on you. It’ll be easier the earlier you do it. That’s not the first time he’s done something like that and definitely won’t be the last. The longer you stay the more manipulation and trauma bonding happens and it will be harder to leave."

"Run far and run fast"

"Yes. Run. Also he’ll apologize and say it won’t happen again. It will."

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