Should I press charges against my ex?

In the early morning hours, my now ex was in an alcohol and possibly drug rage , my sons birthday party was supposed to be the following afternoon and this was about 4 AM at this point and I told him that he was not welcome to be there.. he was not happy. Long story short— he left the property so I went outside to smoke a cigarette to calm down he ended up coming back, he grabbed me and pretty much tackled me to take my phone so I couldn’t call for help because I wanted him to leave because he was making me nervous the way he was acting. It was on accident but he ended up burning me really bad and now I have a big hole in my arm. But he intentionally grabbed me and tackled Me fir sure.. now I have bruises on my arms and legs. He then pretended he was going to give it back and then smashed the phone throwing it down the block. I then found Phone and he said he was gonna repetitively punch me in the face, (but he didnt this time) and that I should be afraid of him. Then he kicked out my car window. My question here is yes there is obviously property damage but did he technically abuse me this time. I know he has in the past but I know he didn’t punch me this time. Does anyone have advice what to do I also don’t wanna run out of time if I have to do anything please help me.

Yes absolutely call the police.

That’s assault. Press charges if you want. It’ll go on record. Take photos etc. but if you’re pressing charges, stay away. Get an order of protection. For your safety.
If you do this though-don’t back down after the charges are filed. Because then the police etc will not take you seriously the next time this happens. Stay safe chick.

This is absolutely abuse! Every state has different laws for domestic violence, but here in NJ smashing your phone like that is considered DV… I would definitely report it and press charges , ask for restraining order. Again depending what state you are in if you file reports for DV and decide to drop Charges the state most likely will still go through with it. I hope you do press charges especially if this isn’t the first time.