Should I not buy my daughter so many Christmas gifts due to COVID?

It’s nobody’s business but your own!’ Don’t listen to these people that try to put you down.

Why not do what you want,it is nobody’s business

Do what you want for your little one. Shame on people to say any different!

You do you. If you can afford it, why not? Its noones business unless they’re paying your bills

You do what you want to do… it’s been a tough year for everyone… Don’t listen to idiots… You do what’s best for you and your child…no one else’s opinion matters…

No one would know how much you bought her,unless you tell them.

It think you should do what you want to and not let anyone make you feel guilty about it …

people should mind their own business. buy what you can afford.

If you can afford the same as other years why change? Is this really a question?

It’s your business and nobody else’s. Why should you feel guilty? Buy the gifts. Tell anyone that disagrees to piss off.

You get whatever you want its your money since you work to provide.

It’s your money you work for it. You buy whatever you want to buy her. No body has a right to tell you how to spend your money. Or the right to tell you what and how much to buy your child.

Bunch of kill joys. :roll_eyes: as long as your essentials are paid then why should anyone care?? Not like you are taking there money.: they are just jealous they suck at planning ahead

Get what you want to and can afford to? Why care about others opinions ? Even ours?

Buy whatever you want for your child. Your bills are paid and its your money.

It’s none of their business. If you want to it’s your decision.

… Grow up don’t take any advice from the internet and live your life how you see fit it’s the only one you’re going to get f*** everybody and their opinion.

This is your business and decision. It’s no one’s business but yours.

Do what you feel is right. You are the only mom.

Tel them to mind their own business, you’re not asking for their help. Don’t tell them your business.

You do you… Not your issue what anyone else is doing

how do they so much bout your life? how do they how many gifts you have and ect? why do you give two rat tails what they think?

You do what you are doing. You plan and budget for this that is a good thing. All the bad comments ignore them.

As long as you are taking care of business and you can afford it why would you care what others think? You will get many jealous people telling you not to do this or that because they can’t. You know right from wrong go with your heart and mind.

I would buy all that i could afford. She is your one and only.


Get what you want for her and have fun shopping.
Nothing better than Christmas with kids!

I might not have kids, but that doesn’t give me the right to tell you how many presents you get your daughter. Who cares if you are buying her 1 present or 250? It really is no body else’s business but your own. If you decide to buy her a thousand presents, it shouldn’t matter. Get your daughter as many as you want, and do what you would like to for whomever you want. It is no ones place to ask you to do for them or anyone else.

Forget what others may say. Follow your heart for treating your daughter with lots of love and fun. Stand your ground on how many gifts your daughter gets, they don’t live in your house!

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Why are you asking? And why do you care?

Do what you are comfortable doing. This is no one else’s business. Merry Christmas!

It’s not your child’s fault COVID appeared if you can afford do wat makes YOUR family and YOU happy xxxx


,Sweetie, your child,your that precious little one and do as you feel is right

Get her one for how old she is and then one special gift.

Go for it and make her happy and yourself too! We never know what tomorrow will bring.

It’s your decision. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad. Do what you want for your family


Spoil her. Buy as many presents as you want! He have one life!

I say if you can afford it, do it. Life is precious and short, make the best memories you can

You do you momma! Only you know what’s best for your kid and family!

Your daughter…you do whatever is in your heart !! Not a thing wrong with spoiling her ! Enjoy !!

You do what you want with your money for you and your daughter. Please don’t let others tell you how to parent or spend your money. Merry Early Christmas to you and your daughter!!

Your daughter, your Christmas, do what you want, just don’t feel guilty. Haters gonna hate

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Do as you always have, as long as you have your necessities covered as you say you have.

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Why would you change anything you normally do thats exactly what the liberals want you to do is change everything about your life

Seriously you listen to other people. Buy her whatever you want to

get what you want, if you can afford it , why should she suffer, let her enjoy her childhood.

You do whatever you want for your daughter, as long as you are all well and happy xx

Wow. Get her what you want. They had absolutely no right to make you feel bad.

Do what you want and can afford! Enjoy her while she’s little

Go for it if you’re in a financial place where you don’t have to worry have a blast xxx

You do for your daughter and make her happy, and make you fill good.

Do YOU do not listen to other people about your life and your kid

I do it too, with 19 grandchildren I can’t wait till December

Thats your business and if you can do it and it makes you happy screw the others

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She is only 4 once. Don’t listen to others. Make it special

Do what you feel is right for you and your family. That’s all anyone can do.

Tell these other people to mind their own business!

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I say , buy your baby as many gifts as you want to.

What you do to celebrate is no one else’s business. Who cares what other people are saying.

it is absolutely nobody’s business what you spend…!!!

Do what is good and right for your family :grinning:

What you buy your child is your business. If you can afford it, do it.

you go girl !!! shop for that little one

It’s your life and your child. Only you know your financial situation. Do what you feel is best.

Agreed you do what’s best for you and your family nevermind what others think!!

I think you should do whatever you want for your daughter and people should mind their b I siness

Unless you are asking these ppl to PAY for the gifts…IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! Tell them so!!

Nobody’s business how many presents you get your kids♡ do what’s good for you

So what you feel is right for your family.

People are funny do what you want don’t worry about what everyone thinks

Who cares what other people think. Your child you buy what you want.

I think you should buy her whatever you want your business not theirs!!!

Yes, you should just be careful when shopping

Your money, Your Kid, have YOUR kinda Christmas, ain’t nobody else’s business!!!

Buy what you want to buy for your child. It’s no one else’s business!!

Don’t let other people tell you how to parent your children.

Do what’s in your heart, their only young for a short time !

It’s your kid. You buy what you want. It’s nobodies business but yours.

I think you should do as you please! It’s noone else’s business!

This is what I tell anyone who tells me how to parent. :woman_shrugging:t2:

You do you. Everyone else can live their own lives.

Spoil YOUR CHILD! who cares what you do at your house woth your child and your money

Do what you want. Its nobody else business but your own

Get her whatever you want - it’s nobody’s business!

Do what YOU can afford and enjoy doing!

Get her what you want to. You work, you pay your bills and she’s your child.

Buy her as many as you want

She is your child. Do what makes you happy

Don’t listen to others. Do what makes YOU happy.

You get that baby anything you want to, it’s nobodies business!

Do what you want you know if you can afford it. If you want a local ANGEL TREE and give child a gift too

Nobody business but your own you know what you can and cannot afford

You get her what ever you want. It’s no ones business!

You are here parent. If you can afford it, get what you want to.

Do what you want and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks

The sky is the limit. Enjoy the moment

I wouldn’t listen to other people.

Buy for what you want to don’t care what other people say

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Do what you feel is right. That is your child. Period.

You do what works for you!

Nobody’s business but yours! If you can afford it DO IT!! I WILL AND I AM !!!