Should I let my youngest date?

At what age do you stop punishing and start picking them up when they mess up? While I understand she is your baby and you want to protect her. Think about the life lessons she can learn now. That you can say I told you that would happen now how can WE fix it .

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Just going to say good luck saying she can’t date same thing happened to me and I dated anyways


I say 16 for one on one dating. But like 14/15, depending on maturity, can be a group of friends with a boyfriend. But I also wanna make my daughter comfortable enough that she doesn’t have to hide stuff from me like I had to with my mom. I want her to be able to talk to me about anything and everything, so if we have that kind of relationship then maybe sooner :woman_shrugging:t2:

But it’s your child and your mother rin law gets NO say whatsoever

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What worked for one is not going to work for the other. Believe me I know. I have 3 kids. I think your going to need to find some middle ground with her. Let the boy come over. Invite him over for dinner, and a games night or something. Then move on to letting her go out with him with a group and then on there own.
She needs more freedom.
I look at it this way. I’ve got 3 years to prepare her for life in the real world, and yes that includeds dating. I’d rather her learn as many of those lessons as possible we’ll at home, so that when those bumps come along were thier to saport and help as they happen.The experience she gets from dating now will help her know what she wants in a SO when the time comes.
As for MIL, well the kid most likely learned that lesson. She won’t be saying to much to her anymore.

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I’d personally allow it. She’s going to do it anyway, so having your approval will open the lines of communication.


I say chaperoned, distant dates aren’t really a bad thing. What I mean by that is maybe dropping them off at the mall, you being around but not around, and let them do their thing. My mom just requested that I tell her where I was by text and to stay in the place she dropped me off at. I think it’s fair and safe. Take it from me, she’s going to do it anyways, you might as well help her be as safe as possible and make sure she understands everything about boys.


Make sure she knows the dangers and little tricks boys do to get what they want. Calling them pretty and telling them what they want to hear to get what they want. Make sure she knows if someone truly loves her they’ll wait till she’s ready. And Just be there for your daughter. Assure her you’ll be there for her and pick her up at anytime if absolutely anything happens to her while she’s out partying or with a boy or even if she snuck out, if she’s in trouble she shouldn’t be afraid to call you.


If she’s sneaking behind your back and you know she’s dating then the rule is already null. I would just have a talk with her about dating now and make new rules so she’ll be more apt to talk to you instead of others in the family. Obviously the grandmother has burned her trust so now is a good time to re-establish a connection and discuss dating rules and allow her to slowly approach dating within your comfort zone and make her feel more trusted instead of trapped.


Stick to what u believe is right.

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The world your Mil lived in does not exist any more. We need to be so much more careful then she had to. I think the rules you put in place are working for your family based on your family. My rules may not work for you and that’s ok. They are your kids but I would never tell another mom she is wrong for trying to protect her children in her way.

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I think that’s way too over protective if she’s already going behind your back I would just explain the precautions that need to be taken in relationships and let her go as she pleases


Have you ever heard that overprotective parents create perfect, sneaky little liars?
That is what you’re doing to her.

You need to loosen the reigns, let her openly date as long as she’s open and honest about what’s going on. The key is that you want her to come to you about anything- including when she decides to lose her v-card.
Keep overprotecting her and not letting her date or whatever, she’s not going to tell you anything and she will find a way to see boys behind your back.


13, 15, 16. It does not matter what the age is. The problem sounds like your MIL needs to butt out. It is one thing to give an opinion but what she did is cross the line. Some kids are mature at 13 and some are immature at 16. I think that the best thing would be to sit her down together and discuss why she feels the need to date now. Maybe see things from your daughters point of view. If you decide maybe have her start out with group dating with other kids their age so that they can get to know each other in a less intimate setting. I have told my kids to get to know all people. You don’t know who you will fall in love with and don’t fall in love with someone who you just met and says I love you on the 2nd date. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Become friends with and have respect for all people. When I met my husband,( who is by the way 7 years older) he said he would never date me. It was weird because when he said it I gave up trying to impress him. I was normal around him. I wore pjs, and did not have my hair or makeup done just cause he came over. But we spent all our time together. We became best friends. We married exactly one year after he said we would not date.

I am Mexican & we aren’t allowed to date until 15; that’s the point of a quinceañera. But I also know many who haven’t waited or “run off”/ “get married” aka live with their boyfriend or get pregnant :pregnant_woman:! Just something to consider, talk to your kids!!! You’ll know what to do

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I think it depends on the teen. My daughter needed a tight reign she is 18 now and still under our roof but getting more freedoms. Now if she had been a responsible mature teen we wouldn’t have to have been as strict. I think every teen is different and you have to parent for what you feel is best fit them not what others think or say. I’m sure most of my friends think I’m way to strict but they also have not dealt with stuff I have

The more you say no the more she will want to amd will hide it. Why don’t you set boundaries so she doesn’t have to sneak around amd lie to you


My oldest is 18 and we had told him that he could not date until he was 15. When he was in 8th grade he met a girl and wanted to date her. I asked him if he knew what that meant and he was like we just want to hang out. so after four or five months me and my husband agreed that she could come over and hang out. They called each other boyfriend girlfriend but they never actually went out on a date. If they went to dinner or to a movie my husband and I and his brothers and sister went or her parents went. I felt for my family this was a good compromise because they could hang out with each other but we chaperoned. To be honest they broke up my son’s junior year. They never really got past never going out of the house. Once they got their licenses and started driving they went one or two times by themselves to the store. we were okay with him going out to dinner or to a movie at that point but for some reason they weren’t. Come to find out she had cheated on him multiple times and ended up having sex with a couple of these guys. so looking back I’m glad that we did what we did in the beginning because it showed my son who she really was in the end.
For your daughter sneaking around I kind of get it I was like that as a teenager. My parents were strict and I found sneaking around and lying to them made it so I wouldn’t have to explain anything. Now I can say that I was a stupid teenager 🤦
I would just let her know that it was wrong of her to lie to you and let her know that she let you down if she did. all kids are different so what might have worked best for the oldest might not work best for the next. I say that because I have four kids three of which are 18 17 and 15 and what worked for my oldest did not work for my 17-year-old related to dating.

She’s doing it any way regardless of ur set rules or not right? So if she’s goanna do it while u yell about it or if u dont U might as well not yell and make sure she’s safe I was raped at a young age and in order to prevent or allow a safe space if something were to happen u need to be open and educate her as well as making her feel like she can believe and trust you or she will be hurt and in worse dangerous situations

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Talk to your daughter. Screw grandma.

I would much rather be in the loop and know what my daughter is doing then have her lie and go behind my back because she thinks she can’t speak to me, give her a little more freedom.


15 is either a freshmen or sophomore in high school. She’s going to start asking question and pushing boundaries. I would say with limitations and if she pushes past those then nothing till she can earn your trust. Kids are sneaky and will start doing what they want at that agr

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The more you try to push a kid away from something the more they’re going to fight you to do it take it from someone who had a kid at 14 my parents pushed it down my throat no sex no sex all It did was push me to do it

Honestly cut the cord, she’s just going to get worse allow her to date just have rules like you want to meet him and that you or his mum will drive them to dates and pick them up an hour after be supporting don’t drive her away and it sounds like that’s exactly what is happening. She’s rebelling

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you are the parent to your child not her if you don’t feel its right for her to go places and do things then thats the rules is your Mil don’t like yourf rules she can stay away been there done that and will not go back

We made our daughter wait until 16 and our son. You are the parent not their friend.

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Your kid. Your rules. 16 is a great age to start dating

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Control freaks let go with who she likes let her make bad choices how she gonna learn from past mistakes if u lot keep embarassing her and wrapping her in cotton wool shes 15 let her live her life fgs

Make sure she use birthcontrol!

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Ignore mil you decided the rules for your daughter even if your daughter becomes upset sand angry

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I was 16 when I was allowed to date

I made my kids wait until 16 just like my mom did for me

You’re actually less strict than I am. My rule is that they have to have a job. Boys so they can afford to actually a girl out on dates instead of “hanging out”. Both genders so they can be prepared for “accidents”. They also have to be able to stand up for themselves, say no & accept no for an answer. I feel a lot of teens & adults date because we’re taught we need a boy/girlfriend. Like it’s a social status, value. Same for being pushed into sex. They feel they’re supposed to sex crazy & there’s something wrong with them if they’re not. I want to my children to find value in themselves, not need someone else to give them value. As far as grandma she’s out of line. Tell her she’s raised her kids now it’s your turn.


So what do these young boys have to offer your daughter? Job, car, house, money? Going to marry them? So where is the relationship going? It sounds like to me your MIL is living through your daughter


15 is too young for a 1 on 1 date. Maybe something with a group.

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16 was the age for both of my girls and all three of my boys

Tell mil to mind her business! I’d flip on her ass. She is over stepping her boundaries. I would stick to 16 for now and get her on birth control also. Not to condone but to prevent a pregnancy. I’d say she can have a guy that’s a “friend.” And that friend can come over for dinner etc. NO sleep overs etc. Try to keep open and honest conversation with her.

Nope. Stick to your guns! I had the 16 year old rule. My daughter just turned 16 and hasn’t asked once. Her friend parent lets boys stay over and guess who has already had sex. They have their whole life to date. The later they date the less partners they will have in their life. My daughter is also boy crazy and is popular with the opposite sex. They will respect you in long run if you stick to guns.

Nope. It’s more about maturity than age. It doesn’t sound like she is mature enough

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You are so right!!! Stick to your guns and tell your mil to butt out!!!

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tell ml to mind her own business unless you are ready to be a grandma

Regardless of what you decide you should definitely tell you mil that anyway. But since she’s just one year away from what age you say she can date have you thought about a compromise? Maybe you can go with her on her dates and keep a distance.

Wait til 16 !!! Tell mil it’s none of her business. My mother always said " be their mother FIRST then you will be friends for life" BEST ADVICE

Omg WHY DO PEOPLE TOLERATE THIS FROM THEIR IN-LAWS?! Tell her point blank to mind her fucking business and you tell your daughters to stop telling grandma things she can use to cause drama in your home. Your children are old enough to understand grandma is a sticky beak. This should have been delt with when your eldest was 15 or whenever these issues started. Simply dont entertain her ridiculous interferring anymore

My personal experience is I was the oldest daughter 2nd child with an older brother he was allowed to date and go out I WAS NOT! NO MAKE UP NEITHER. mom and dad tried to protect me as much as they could left home at an early age because of that and got pregnant at 19 (meanwhile on my own working and had a place) my son is 16 and has had a girl since he was 13 Nd takes her on dates when he earns money so I say its about a maturity thing if she seems mature let her try it. If she slips up then make more restrictions

Tell her that she had her chance to raise her children and that this is your child and you will make the rules that your child has to follow ! If she can not support you in your parenting then she will be limited on the information that she is told about your child’s life! Also if she continues to tell everyone about the situation that she will alienate her grandchildren and that they will never confide in her again! I was not allowed to date till I was 16 and I am doing the same with my child! I am so very thankful that my parents made me wait till I was more mature

15 is to young my mom let me do what ever I wanted to do when I was younger I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16 so keep up the good work and I have 2 girls and 2 boys they didn’t go out on dates until they was 16 or older until ur child is a adult it’s ur business

She is your daughter you n husband make the rules. Nobody opinion matters.

16 is a good age, and your MIL needs to shut up and butt out when it has nothing to do with her…
Don’t change it, as you didn’t allow your first

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Every child is different some can be trusted not to make bad decisions at earlier ages than others dont worry about what mil wants because shes not the one who has to live thru every choice your daughter makes your daughter is

My 17 yo son and 14 yo daughter are still NOT allowed to date nor do they have a phone. :woman_shrugging:

I wasnt allowed to date till 16 and my daughters if i have any wont be allowed either

Stand by your gut. Every kid is different.

I dated when I was 13, I didn’t do anything sexual other than kiss until I was 18. You may not like it but it’s better she comes to you then hides it from you trust me you don’t want that relationship. I hid everything from my family because they were extremely controlling. Now I don’t talk to them because of their control issues. She is your daughter and do as you see fit hun. I don’t see it as being to tough but maybe you can come to a compromise with her. Get her to invite the boy she is interested in over to the house watch a movie that kind of thing.


No you are just fine. It’s your MIL that needs to get a life.

If my father would have had it his way I would never have dated. I wasn’t allowed to even have male friends. (My father literally freaked out at my history teach when we had a mixed group for a school project.) When my parents divorced I went boy crazy and ended up pregnant at 17. So I have handled my kids differently so maybe they won’t follow my path. I have no regrets. But still wouldn’t want my life for them.
I allow my kids to go on group dates to the movies or the mall when they were 13ish. My 19 yr old is gay so I’ve never really worried about him. My 15 yr old is pretty responsible and hasn’t really showed any interest in dating yet but if he wanted to go on a date I would let him, but we also have a very open relationship and have discussed love sex and relationships openly for quite a while. If you have good communication a little trust goes a long way.

Tell her that she raised her kids, its your turn to raise yours. It absolutely is about maturity more than age. I have 15 year old twin girls. They are good girls. One dates a lot, the other not at all. I can trust them both that things won’t go beyond an occasional hug or peck on the cheek. They aren’t left alone with boys, but are given space too. Usually its a sibling or friends that supervise because both are very protective of the girls. They have to learn about relationships, but also have to be responsible enough to do so. Good luck :heart:

Stick to your guns. You’re the parents.

My son never dated till he was 24 a friends daughter came pregnant with 2 kids from son fell in love at first sight and she had the new baby on his birthday. He was 26 his son was born. Now my daughter all different she was a do what she wants to I never let her date she did on her own. She got pregnant but lost her baby. No matter what you do they will more than likely do it anyway.i think you should come to a decision together so that maybe you could keep it under control.

My kids business is MY business because they came out of my business!! The daughter and the boy she dates should respect the rules the parents make! 15 is old enough for a movie or whatever but if you say 16 then she needs to wait until you think she is mature enough to handle herself. Definitely need to have the talk with her about sex before she does go out

My parents said 16 so I began sneaking around and I had my first child at 16. So just be careful how much you try and shelter. I’m not saying don’t do what you think is right I’m just saying don’t think kids aren’t sneaky

16 was our rule and you do what you feel is right. No one can tell you how to parent.

My mom made that rule too but i had my first boyfriend at 15 anyway…not deliberately but that’s how it happened…I also didn’t have a bunch of “boyfriends” before either…I was boy crazy but not boy hungry…they were cute and i wanted to flirt and kiss em’ but I was still super prude and virginal that I was too shy to want to do much of anything else…1 yr is not that big of a difference, let her date

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I feel like your Mormon. This is a Mormon thing… plus you said church :rofl:

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Telk your MIL to back off. She is not the parent. Stick to what you feel is right.

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My mom made the rule that I couldn’t date more than 2 guys a year. She knew how teenage relationships go and she was also trying to protect me from what being with too many guys can do to a young girls reputation. I find it reasonable now, but I think back then it made me want to break that rule even more, so I did. Which led to a lot of sneaking around

I dont see 16 as being over protective :woman_shrugging:


Most parents don’t allow dating until 16. That’s how it was for me and all my friends growing up & that’s how it was for my daughter and her friends when they were younger. You’re not being over protective, you’re being a practical parent.


Depends what the dates are. Public places with no alcohol should be OK with you dropping them off/picking them up. School events, fine. Parties where you know and trust the parents who will be present, OK. TV room privacy but no bedroom access.

The other half of the equation is frequent, short talks about safe sex and STDs, responsibilities, birth control (for him and her), consent, online pitfalls, how to say no, how to escape bad situations. I’ve heard the book “The Gift of Fear” is excellent. Of course I’m guessing you have already offered to pick her up no questions asked anytime, anywhere if she feels unsafe or is in a bad situation. If you think she may be reckless, it might be worth getting her on birth control as a precaution.

If she isn’t enrolled in a family life education program with her school where they learn to budget and how much it costs to maintain a household and children, you will have to teach her. Does she babysit? Does she have any idea how much work babies are?

Have alternating family members wake her up every 2-4 hours over the course of a weekend and make her fill up a baby bottle (or a jar) in the kitchen and heat it up each time so she has an idea. Then make sure she washes all the bottles. Bonus if she has to change diapers on a baby doll. And remind her it’s just symbolic. No one is crying incessantly, the diapers are symbolic vs. the ones that make you gag, and she doesn’t have to whip out a boob where the baby will suck it raw.

Ask your older daughter if there’s anything you missed.

You are her mom. You know if she’s ready to date responsibly.

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The more you forbid it the more enticing it becomes

I didn’t date until college so I think you are reasonable lol… but maybe you could try letting her do group dates?

If your not ready or feel they ain’t ready. I see nothing wrong with it. My girls are 2 and 7. So I have alittle bit before I gotta worry about them wanting to date. But I’m not sure when ill be ready for them to date. Do what u feel is right. Like ppl said above alot of ppl wait til the age of 16to let there kids start dating.

16 is old enough tell MIL to mine her own business they are your children not hers


She’s going to date whether you “let” her or not. Better she be allowed to date so she feels comfortable being open with her parents than she have to hide it. She needs to be able to communicate with you when things happen like breakups or abuse. She also needs to be able to talk to you when things like intimacy, birth control, etc come up in a relationship.


At the end of the day, you are the parent, however, you’re raising an individual with needs and desires of their own. The more you force what you want on her, the more she will push back. My parents tried the “not allowed to date” thing. I just snuck around. My mother made comments about the style I preferred (my hair is almost always some kind of unnatural color, and I have many tattoos and piercings). The more negative things she said about it, the more I wanted to look that way.
I am now 31, with two children of my own, and she tries to shame me into a more conservative appearance so that I don’t “embarrass my children”. Meanwhile, my son proudly declared to his substitute teacher one day that his mom was the one with “fun, pretty colored hair”. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Still, even as an adult, the more she pushes me, the more I push back, and it has really hurt our relationship. I feel as though I was never truly accepted for who I was, and I was never allowed to want or like anything that wasn’t pre-approved by my parents.
If you want to have any kind of relationship with her as an adult, let her be her, and give her the knowledge and tools to protect herself. Make yourself her safe space, so she knows that no matter what, even if she screws up, even if the ground falls out from underneath her, you’re still always there, no judgement, just love.


What is teenage dating? Let’s break that down. Because let’s be real, if they are calling someone their boyfriend because they sit together at lunch, play video games and go for bike rides, I’m not worried. Now if we are talking movies, out to eat, and wanting legit alone time, that’s where I’m concerned.

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I’d say dating would be allowed at 14. But meaning that it’s supervised dates. Dates at the house where people can see them. It weeds out the fuck boys and all the boys that just want sex. Plus if they date while still under your roof, you can teach them what a healthy relationship is and how a guy should act properly. If you wait till they’re too old then they’ll be out of the house because they can learn those things and the more parents usually say no to things, the more children rebel and go wild when they can actually do it

I raised two girls and unfortunately you can’t be with them 24-7 so all I can say is they are all different but you are responsible till 18. It sounds like you are doing a good job,so keep it up. Tell the MiL to but out.


My dad made me wait. Guess what? I had one anyway.

I’d say yes mil dont make the choices but in the same time it’s part of development I’d rather my girls tell me there relationship then to be sneaky or eventually sneaking out at night to go see that bf we all were teenagers once yes set guidelines public dates maybe meet the bf meet the parents etc. Cant stop them from dating they will do it regardless even more so when you give them an age when they can…

If she’s 15 spend the next year preparing her to date. Have your husband take her on a date to show what she should expect , and to know how she should be treated . Tell her to never except less. . My oldest had to take me on a date before he was allowed to start dating . Taught him how a girl should be treated and vice verse


Tell your mother in law to mind her own business! These are your children and you will decide how to raise them!


It’s your choice as her parents and 16 isn’t unreasonable but your mil is wrong as her parents it’s your job to keep at least a side eye on her life. Remind her that the biy needs to wear a raincoat if they get intimate

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Your MIL must have all the answers since she too raised kids with cell phones and social media…


MIL needs to back off and shut her mouth how awful that she announced this to the whole family and embarrassed your daughter.
Please do not let her get to you.
She has had her time as a mother and needs to respect you and your hubby as well as your parenting choices.
She doesn’t have to agree with them but she needs to respect them and respect your daughter too.

As for the dating thing i am no help I don’t think you can stop her since she is already disobeying it now anyway…
I would chat to her an tell her you trust her and maybe let the boyfriend come over so then she can see him in the safety of your home?
You can supervise in a very discreet way?
There needs to be some kind of mutual ground so she doesn’t feel the need to rebel or hide anything from you.

If she feels comfortable with you she will share more with you then you can know where he head is at?
Wish you all the best i am not looking forward to this age with my son or daughter!!!

From personal experience, I’m 23 now but my mom did not want her kids dating until we were 16 IF we were mature enough. I unfortunately was very boy crazy and did not listen and ended up getting myself into alot of bad situations because i thought my mom was over reacting and being over protective. If I were you i would sit down with her and be brutally honest (not rude but direct and open) about boys at that age and why she needs to wait. I wish my mom would have explained why rather than just telling me not too. It may work and it may not but at least she will know different situations that could occur. Other people will have their opinions whether you let her date or not but she’s your child and as long as you’re taking care of her your opinion is all that matters. Good luck!

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Don’t change your parenting ways to please other people. If you know she’s not ready to handle herself w a boy, DONT. It’s your job to protect her until she is able to do it on her own.

I started dating my first husband at 14 years old. When we were 21 we married. We never even had sex till we were 20. I feel like even if you tell her no, she is gonna do it regardless and maybe even do things she may not be ready for because its “sneaky”. Lay down some major ground rules and give her a shot. She may seem like she’s not ready, but seems to me she may just need some room to prove it. At the end of the day, whatever choice you make is okay. You’re the parents, but be prepared for her to do it anyways.

Tell other to mind their bussiness this is why kids are a mess they are bad parents

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I’d let her go on Movie dates or shopping dates, where you can be close by but not sat with them. I’m sure she has a phone at 15 to call if she needed you. That’s just being sociable more then anything else and teaching her to enjoy herself without hiding it from you.

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I always had ‘boyfriends’ growing up. Nothing was ever serious when I was young. But when I did start to date someone seriously I was able to talk to my parents about anything an everything. I never ever kept anything from my mum. You need to treat her abit more like an adult. Then more you tell her she cant the more she will do it behind your back, an I dont think that’s the best start to your relationship.


dating is a natural next step. You can’t control your daughters feelings. What you can control is where she goes, who she goes out with and what time she is allowed to go out. My daughter has more guy friends than girl friends and I was hesitant but she know I trust her until she makes it that I don’t. So I started off small with a 2 hour get together at a park. I told her she is to answer my texts and calls and be ready when I pick her up. She did all those things and then I allowed her to hang out for longer periods of time. She’s in band so she reminds me all the time they are good kids. Also, I do not go through my daughters phone. At all. There are some things we as parents do not need to know. Obviously if she gives me reason to not trust her the rules will change but I believe we all deserve some degree of privacy. Now my daughter is 16 and tells me mostly everything, including some things that are tough to hear but I promised her if she came to me, I’d listen without judgement and help her. Our relationship is great and I attribute that to my mother who was the exact same way with me.


I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16, but I let my daughter date at 15. She was a very young sophomore, she turned 15 days before school started. August birthday. BUT, I set limitations and curfews. She followed my rules made curfew, even though she started to push the limits. That’s when I changed the curfew to earlier and changed it back after only one night because she no longer pushed it… And she made sure her chores and homework were done. I didn’t have to worry though because she didn’t have the same boyfriend for more than a few weeks, until the middle of her junior year. They are still together 29 years later and married 21 years.


No maam my daughter was 19 whem she started datinng.that is our rule


Your daughter is 15 and a minor and your responsibility, she doesn’t get to make the rules. Your MIL needs to mind her business and stay out of how you raise your child. Having said that I would allow her to date as it’s only a year difference anyway but with certain rules that she has to follow. If the rules are broken then it’s 16 again. If she defies you then her phone is taken away as with all social media.

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Tell your mil to mind her own business. She’s your daughter not hers. Stick to your guns and do what is right for your family.

Sorry i dont agree with a lot of the comments…Its natural for teens to want to date…By forbidding it u put them at risk of going behind ur back and possibly getting into a bad situation…Yes we dont want kids to grow up but if u talk to them and show them whats acceptable and whats not when dating…Then i think they will make the right choices…They will only end up resenting u if u lay down the law…Especially with something thats so natural…You may feel preventing them dating is helping them but its not its pushing them away from u and can force them to keep things from u if they started dating…I would keep the lines of communication open not shut them down by saying u cant date and thats final…Its kinda controlliing i think

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Tell MIL to kick rocks! That’s your child not hers. Your house your rules. So, if you did let your youngest go out and she doesn’t know how to protect herself. Say boy forces himself on her and rapes her. What’s MIL going to do now? Blame you because you let her go out?! Yeah, nope not taking that chance. MIL needs to mind her own business.


Knowing what I did before the age of 16, she can wait! This is nearly 2021. Times are different than when I was 16. YOU know, more than anyone else when she’ll be ready to date. Stick to your rules!! Nicely explain to your MIL you’re very capable of mothering your daughter and that you’d appreciate her standing behind you.


First off, you guys are the parents not your mil! She has absolutely no right to say those things. She can have her opinion for sure but for her to try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with/for your children is sorely inappropriate! Second, she embarrassed your daughter! And she called you a bad mom for not letting her go out in a date with this guy. This guy that cheated on her?!? And broke her heart! She sounds like an idiot, imo.

 You know what’s best for your kids, don’t let anyone else make you second guess that!