Should I Let My Son Wear This Halloween Costume?

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"My 10 year old son has always been more on the feminine side. He loves dolls and long hair, girl cartoons. I love him and it has never bothered me. I though when he was younger this may have been a phase, as he gets older I am starting to realize that may not be the case. His siblings and I support him and never judge him. This year for Halloween he said he wants to be a My little pony character. He said he’s like to wear a wig as well so he doesn’t look like a boy. How do I handle all of this? I am obviously going to get him what makes him happy, but if I post pictures on social media… how do I handle judgy people? "

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“Let him. And for what others think? Tell 'em to go f themselves. You’re supporting your child which is more important than anything they may think”

“Screw what other people think. He wants to be a little pony then that’s what’s going to happen. Life is short. Let’s do what makes us happy.”

"Oh momma, that’s easy… “Anyone getting rude in my comments towards my child will be blocked”… Then, you block them.”

“Let your kiddo be exactly who he is. Sit down and ask him about himself and let him tell you. As for those judgey people out there, simply set the settings so they can’t see or delete those negative against your child.”

“Absolutely let him wear the costume and post pics if you want to share. He is who he is who cares what others think.”

“Be proud to post your children as they are, and be shocked when people do not accept your children as they are, promptly remove those people from your life and social media.”

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Let your little one wear what he wants and post as many pictures as you want.”

“Let him, and screw anyone who says otherwise . Let the kid be whoever he wants to be for Halloween and in life”

“Let him wear whatever he likes, but in a kid friendly way tell him some people aren’t very nice about this idea and how you and him would handle any issues”

“Tell them to kiss your a**. Make your baby happy.”

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