Should I let my son go to a high school football game?

My 8th grader wants to go to a high school homecoming football game…all of his friends are in highschool now…should i let him go to it? i am nervous he has never been out that late before


Is he trustworthy? Are his friends trustworthy? Does he get good grades? Is he respectful to others? If so then…
I would say yes with him knowing that upon screw-up, that privilege can and will be revoked at any moment and depending upon severity of the screw-up my never return.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I let my son go to a high school football game?

Yes. As a kid that was never allowed to go do anything in middle school, bc I was forced to babysit, I would absolutely let your son go. If he’s got a phone or the friends have a phone, he should be perfectly fine. Plus football games nowadays have police and a lot of teachers there. $20, a jacket, hat and a hug and let your kid have fun for one night. I get the hesitation, entirely. But you can’t build trust without giving your kid some.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I think you should give him the chance to prove to you he can go out with his friends to a highschool football game and be responsible.


I would definitely let my kid go. Depending on what school system your child is in, mine is a senior within CMS who has played football. Yes, things can happen but for the two years my kid played, there was never an incident. There are security that you have to go through like the little wand detection. They checked bags. If you have a big bag and nine times out of 10 at the games that we’ve gone to police are on scene. I tell you this to let you know that while you may worry, he’s going to have a blast if you let him go.
I get him being out that late. Maybe you can send a phone with him so you can get in contact with him?


You have to begin to build trust at some point or he will grow to resent you. Let him go.


I was so hesitant to let my kid go. My friend who is also a helicopter parent convinced me. I had only ever gone to one in high school. My friend had gone to many. She said it was the safest place for him to experience “freedom”. They can’t go out and in as students. If he has a phone download a GPS (life 360 is great) and let him go. If you’re REALLY nervous, go to the game too and sit at the other side to keep an eye out. High school football games are SO fun. My son now plays so Friday Night Lights for us every Friday. Our 10 year old daughter runs around with her friends and has “free” reign, but not so free she can really get in trouble. It’s a great first outing.

This seems crazy to me tbh. Not trying to be rude in any way! Young kids go to our games in groups or with parents usually. An 8th grader is capable of taking care of himself at a football game especially since he has friends there. There needs to building trust and this is a great opportunity for that.
If you are concerned about safety certain rules can be set but I would also say not to be so strict that either of you loose trust.

Me personally I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it were my son. But you know your son best and you know his friends it’s a football game I say let him go if he’s a good kid and he’s trustworthy and he doesn’t get into trouble I don’t see the problem.

Now since there is better security ar schools, I’d probably let my kid go. I’m what people call a helicopter mom.

Yeah. He’ll be fine going to a football game.

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Yes!!! Let him grow up!!! It’s a football game with friends .

He’ll be in high school next year anyways

Yes its a football game…