Should I let my daughter ride the bus?

My daughter will be attending first grade in August. I am due September 10th. My 6 year old is currently a car rider because I hate buses and I don’t trust them lol Just me being paranoid maybe. Anyways, should I attempt to still have her as a car rider for first grade or should I have her ride the bus? Is it doable to have a newborn and get her up every morning to take her with us to drop my daughter off? Seems like a silly question, but I’ve been pondering it for a while lol


I dropped both my kids off with a newborn. It wasn’t bad at all. I mean, I was nursing a baby in the car rider line more than once, but it was fine!

I said my son was going to ride the bus this year to 1st grade since baby was going to be a newborn when school started but the bus was going to come way to early so he was a car rider! It is very doable! I would drop him off with the newborn and toddler along.

Its honestly up to you. If you feel comfortable with her on the bus and she is comfortable as well then go for it. If not then don’t. I have 3 kids, 2.5 years between the oldest and middle, 2.5 years between middle and youngest. Its definitely possible to get your oldest to school with a newborn. It just takes time to figure out a good routine. If you decide to drive, inform her teacher when you are due and let them know she may be tardy from time to time while you guys figure out your new normal, but you will do your best to have her on time.

I HAVE to take mine to school. It gets hectic in the mornings and afternoons putting and taking out baby in car seat especially as the baby grows up. Let her ride the bus. Plus she’d be making new friends.


I was in this exact boat a few years ago, with my son going kindergarten and my daughter due in Aug. And same! I don’t like the bus. I decided to just keep him a car rider and it turned out perfectly fine, cause my newborn was up early anyway.

It never hurts to have her knowledgeable about how to ride the bus in case of emergency. I always took mine to school, but once or twice a month I’d have them ride to/from just so they knew how, knew the rules, etc. Chances are when field trips come around she’ll have to ride a school bus, so it’s good to be prepared.

My kids have been on the bus since kindergarten. There have been times we just drove but it was quicker and easier. But morning when my daughter was an infant it was much easier just to send my son to the bus and watch from the window

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I had my son in February and got him and my daughter out to take her to school and pick her up everyday. Some mornings were rough but it’s usually not bad

In my experience my newborn was always awake in the mornings. My kids have never rode the bus, busses and kids are violent. I chose not to have bus riders due to my own experiences on them as a child. You can do it, it might be a little hectic, but you can do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends if bus comes right to your home I say do it. If there’s a bus stop pointless. I dropped my 2 off at separate times with a newborn. It honestly was easier because the bus stop I had to drive to anyways and wait with them. And sitting outside on cold at bus stop seemed worse to me than going from house to car then car to house real quick

It also helped my now toddler get into a routine tbh. Being up and having to be ready to bring her brother and sister to school, then hanging out just us until pick up time.

Mines been doing the bus since kindergarten. It’s been soooo nice to just get him on bus and not have to take kiddos in car. Every now and then I’ll bring him myself so he can play on playground before school with friends, but he’s alert enough to tell me if there’s any concerns on the bus and if needed to reach out to principal they’ve been good about seat switching.

Let her try to rude the bus I was the same way and my baby just finished kindergarten and I have a baby due in Oct and 1 going into kindergarten, let her try and if u still feel like it’s not a good fit you can change it

I’d have her try it out and maybe she will actually like riding the bus. If she doesn’t like it then you’ll know at least you tried. I personally drove my kids to school with a newborn and it wasn’t to bad.

No ride the bus they have assistants on the buses now it’s not how it used to be anything to make your life easier DO IT

I got two kids up with a newborn. It can be done

I had my child ride the bus from kindergarten. It was fine as the school district was very strict about any incidents.
I guess it depends if your child is in a decent school district.

Where I live they have aids on the bus. My son was on the bus when he was young. I was always scared but he did excellent on the bus. My son loved the aids on the bus. My nephew is 3 he rides a bus. They keep the kids occupied lol. So he does fine on the bus. Give it a try and see how your child does. If you see anything different in your child then don’t do the bus

You can’t leave her at home, so is anybody there?

If it’s the kids whom you don’t trust her riding the bus with, you should recognize, they’re the same kids she’s spending 7 hours with in school.

My 6yo has been catching the bus to after school care since 4years old. Either me or my husband had always dropped her off to school