Should I Let My Daughter Go to Her Friend's Party?

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"My daughters friend is having a birthday party at a waterpark…they are 13 years old and it will be an overnight stay…i want her to go have a good time but I dont like my kids not being at my house…my house is the land of all the teenagers and i dont mind it because i know my kids are safe…should I send her? UGH i dont want her to miss out on this but i have such anxiety"

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"Yes. She deserves the experience. I understand the anxiety though. I’m the same way, but please don’t make your child miss out on an exciting event because of your anxiety. That isn’t fair to her."

"Send her does she have a phone keep in contact the whole time or get the mother number and keep in contact"

"Does she have a phone? Let her go. Don’t hold her back because of your anxiety. She deserves to experience these normal things."

"Assuming there will be appropriate parental Supervision and you have no reason not to trust your daughter or the family, let her go. Your anxiety (while difficult) is your issue to manage. Don’t hold your children back because you have anxiety about them doing age appropriate things."

"Yes let her go. Give her some say to contact you. Your anxieties should not dictate her life. That’s not fair to her."

"Let her go. If you trust the parents let her enjoy this time. This is where trust starts and your parenting will keep her good"

"Let her go. I was an only child, my mom and i were extremely close but i was basically adopted by my best friends family."

"Let her go, but get parents phone numbers and address…"

"Honestly, you may think youre not being overbearing but the more you hide your child from outer experiences the more they’ll do it behind your back. It’s better to let her have reasonable freedom and know as opposed to being naive and unaware. Let her go have fun with friends and experience things outside of the house."

"If you don’t let her go she is going to grow up to resent you and rebel keeping her in a bubble and not letting her experience life is not a way to grow up"

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