Should I go to the doctor?

I haven't had a period in almost 3 months took tests negative should I go for a blood test to see if I'm pregnant idk what else to do?

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It wouldn’t hurt to go and see what’s going on.

Drugs can make you not get a period, prescription and street both. Stress is a huge one. Stress can affect so much about your health and it’s really terrible for you to stress to those extents, the long term affects are undeniable. I would be seen but it’s not necessarily that you’re pregnant so don’t stress anymore than you Already are


Absolutely go to a doctor. There are many other reasons your periods have stopped such as being over/under weight, thyroid disorders, PCOS, some medications, stress (tho unlikely for 3 consecutive months)


Any changes in menstruation needs to be addressed with your Dr to see why

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There are a million reasons, aside from being pregnant, that could cause you to miss your period. It’s possible, but statistically low, to miss a period for 3 months and test negative for 3 months.

I would suggest an appointment with GYN.

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Are you on birth control? If so…what kind? Many BC methods affect your periods. If you’re on Depo or mirena, then as long as you’re getting negative tests I wouldn’t worry too much. They can stop your periods and it is not abnormal for them to. If this is the case for you, then unless you’re having symptoms other than missing your period, I wouldn’t worry too much.

That said, if you’re not on a BC method that could affect your period, then it wouldn’t hurt to go see your doctor.
Plenty of things can cause missed periods.
Stress. Anxiety. Certain medications. Just being post partum (it can take a year for your body to regulate)…but it doesn’t hurt to check in with your doctor about it.

Yes I always test negative when I’m pregnant. I needed the blood test.


I didn’t get mine for 3 months then had it for 3 months. Don’t know why but hope this doesn’t happen to you!

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Stress and a million other things can make u miss periods. My periods tend to skip months sometimes. It doesnt mean anything is wrong but you should make an appt with your obgyn just to rule out and make sure its nothing other than irregular periods


I would call the doc either way, it could be a number of things

You should call your Dr

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Go to a doctor and yes get a pregnancy test. If that’s negative you need more extensive tests to determine why you’re not having a period. Listen to your body. Somethings off.

Omy gosh. I hate being rude disrespectful. I hate it from other people but this is a common sense question ! You do not need our opinion to know to go to the Dr !!!

Could be stress or hormonal imbalances. But yes, go see a doctor.

They have pills to induce your period . Talk to ur gynecologist

Did you by chance get the covid shot recently? It screwed mine up got the shot in October which was also my last period too and I didn’t get my period again till dec 22… I did home tests and a blood test which were all negative. Really screwed up my body


Go to the gynecologist Stress or other health issues can make you miss it I’ve have times where I missed it months n wasn’t pregnant recently I missed it for 5 months straight when I went to the gyn she did tests all normal and she gave me progesterone pills to bring it down it happens

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A cyst on my ovary caused me not to have a period for around 3 months. I’d definitely go to your gyn

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I haven’t had a period in at least 7 months. Everything is fine. I was concerned. Seeing as I’m on the pill. Its stress, mostly. Some months I’ll maybe spot a day and that is it. I still take a test every month tho, for my own piece of mind. I would definitely go get checked out. Dr said if I wasn’t on the pill and wasn’t getting regular periods then we would probably have an issue. Good luck!

If you are not experiencing any other symptoms that would suggest pregnancy and the tests have been negative, I would say there’s a good chance the lack of periods has little to do with the potential of being pregnant. Are you on any form of birth control? Some types can cause you to have less, shorter or no periods.

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Way more could be in than pregnancy

My daughter didn’t show in urine until I was 6 months along.

Then there’s all the things it found be that isn’t pregnancy.

So ya I say go.

Many things could be the cause of no period, not just pregnancy. You should be seen by a Dr to get checked out.

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It could be a lot of things but definitely go to a doctor. I didn’t have my period for 3 months a few years back and kept testing negative and one day I started getting these pains in my stomach and it ended up being a ectopic pregnancy. They did a test at the hospital and it came back positive.

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The pill or other birth control methods can mess up your cycle, stress can mess up your cycle, cysts can mess up your cycle, I’ve seen lots of women stating that their cycle has been different after receiving the covid shot. There’s lots of other reasons you may not have a period, but if you’re concerned you should make an appointment to rule out pregnancy and any serious conditions.


Depending on your age for the last 2yrs mine have been the same way … missing months then having a small bleeding then none for months again … I’m not on meds / contraception or anything … perimenopause :see_no_evil:

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Go to ob… I missed my period for 6 months at one point… Turned out it was Precervical cancer… Go see your ob

Are you stressing about anything right now? When I was under a great deal of stress, I legit did not have a period for 6 months and i’m always regular.

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With my first all my tests kept coming back negative I was 10 weeks before I got a positive my first scan I was 22 weeks . Can also be stress , I went down to 6 stone once and mine stopped for 6 months

I never had a period every month. The only time I had one every month was if I was on birth control. I would have one like 3 months, then skip a month or 2, then have another. I had blood tests done, and was checked out by my ob and I was fine. It was hard to conceive when not getting monthly periods.

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How young are you…?? Yes go to the doctor…

Get your thyroid checked

It could be pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) you would need a doctor to check your ovaries and you keep track of your menstrual cycles. It’s way more common than talked about. If I remember correctly the statistics are something like 1 in 5 women have it and do not know. Causes hair growth like men (stubble like beards, chest hair, etc), hormonal imbalances, cysts on ovaries, irregular cycles.


It could be from stress or if your periods are irregular. Ever since I had my last baby almost 3 years my periods have been irregular so I can go anywhere from 1-3 months without having one. I don’t cramp either so I never know when it’s coming.

After covid vaccine relatives have had changes in menstrual cycle including missed period for months.


Lucky. Mine keeps coming every other week :expressionless:

You’re not pregnant, there’s underlying health issues, go to a doctor.

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Why are you even asking for opinions on health issues like this. See your doctor asap.


Even if your not pg you need to see Dr

Yes go see your obgyn

could be a number of things! i didn’t have a period for over a year after my first. i went in and found out i had cysts developing on my ovaries as well as a thyroid problem i developed after my son

Mine completely stopped when I started taking topamax for migraines. I was completely freaked out by it because I didn’t know that’s a common side effect of that medication, called my doc, told them what was going on, and they switched me off it immediately and put me on something else. Now I’m having a period from hell after not having one for a few months. Stress will also delay it as well, but you should definitely see a doctor or at least put in a phone call!

Your period could stop for a lot of other reasons that aren’t pregnancy related. To be sure (heaven forbid) it’s not something serious I would suggest you go to your gp. In saying all this have you changed your diet in the last 3-4 months, are you stressed about anything in particular? If this is the first time you’ve experienced this since first starting your period I’d say that’s reason enough to see your dr.

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I’d do bloods just in case. Urine tests never worked for me and always had to have blood test to determine pregnancy, I was 24 weeks with one of my pregnancies when I found out and the urine test was negative

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Yes go see them. Mine was negative 4x and when I finally got in they said I had 6 months to live. Something is definitely wrong. Check your thyroid. It can cause negative tests. God bless.

With my daughter, every pee test was always negative, even in my 8th month, Dr’s would use me as an example for the young ones in training, to show that urine test weren’t alway accurate. So every time I thought I was pregnant I’d go get blood work done

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When in doubt seek a professional…better safe than sorry

Planned Parenthood does tests and health care

How do you feel? Do you feel pregnant? You’re the only one that knows your own body so with that I think you know the answer to your own question.

If you’re breastfeeding or on hormonal birth control, this is 100% normal I had the liletra IUD for 10 months, bled for 3 weeks like I just had a baby, then didn’t bleed again til 3 months after It was removed

Please see a Doc, same happened to me and I was recently diagnosed with PCOS

It depends on a lot of things but yes. I haven’t had a period since my early 30s and I’m in my 40s now. Not having a period doesn’t always mean pregnancy, it could be PCOS and a lot of other things.

Go. And just a heads up I didn’t have but 2 periods in a year and a half due to stress, started going in for tests to find out what was wrong (family history of cancer along with an increased risk of my own then PCOS and endometriosis are also in my family history) blood work was all good and so we proceeded with ultrasound to check it all out about 5 weeks later and we found a 6week 4 day baby.

I do support going to see the Dr.

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It could be 1,000 different things. So yes, go to the Dr

have u been stress go get a full check up

Dont be stupid. Somethings not right