Should I go for custody of my siblings?

It’s for sure you need to do something. Starting legal may cause your mom to get upset but in this case your siblings have to come first. Be the big sister that you need to be. My prayers are with you.

Yes! It is best they are with stable family member even if a sibliling. Protect, fight for, and advocate for your siblings! God only knows what will happen once in state custody. Many times it is not good or they are split up. God bless you and give you the widsom and stregnth for what is ahead.


Please take care of your flesh and blood, God will provide the rest. He placed them with you, the answers you already have.

I understand why you’re conflicted. Believe me. You will regret it if you don’t try to go for custody, I have some emotional experience with that as well. It’s going to be a difficult decision but the best one. You’ll be doing right by your siblings and I promise you, it really does pay off down the road. just prepare yourself, they’re going to be feeling all sorts of conflicted emotions too. Try not to take it personally and if you’re not sure how to help them and help yourself, there is definitely no shame in seeking a family therapist to help all of you. In fact, I highly recommend it.


You should. They need a stable permanent home. That ensures she can’t decide she doesn’t want to pay support and try to take them into her chaotic life.

Yes, definitely go for custody! Your siblings deserve a better life than your mother can provide right now. God Bless you and you husband for wanting to take on the responsibility of your siblings and opening your heart and home! Good lucky


The most important thing is the children…and what is best for them…go with your Heart :heart:…best of luck and God will bless you for taking care of his children…God Bless…many :pray::wink::sparkling_heart:


when you have the thought in your head and heart…you already know exactly what is needed to be done. They need you jus like you needed someone their age. Nothing but positive vibes and love your way. :heart:


What ever you do, choosing what’s best for them is what you need to do. They need love and stability most of all. May God be by your side while making your decision.

Definitely!! Those babies need love and stability and if you and your spouse are able to, then do it!


They will appreciate that forever. You are their only hope the only person they can count on! Blessings much love peace for them and you


Yes. Maybe until you do you might could be their foster parents then you could get some financial help until the other was granted. Because if she’s not sending money now what makes you think she will pay child support

You definitely should. Sounds like your mom isn’t fit or really wants to care for the little one. You sound more responsible and that young child needs stability


You should do what you can to protect those babies! If that means filing for custody then absolutely. It sucks that you have to do that to your mom but she is making choices without considering what is best for them. If you can handle it do what you have to do. They have to be safe and have a stable home.


Yes you should so that she can’t just pop in and try to take them. Do what is in the best interest of your siblings.

Yes, That is why the Lord has placed them with you and your husband. It will be hard because their own mother turned her back on them. But both of you be strong and pray each day, Thanking the Lord that you have them. I will keep you in my prayers.


Why the question? Do the right thing dont wait any longer. Save them b4 its too late. U are probably the best thing that will happen for them . Good luck…God bless. :pray::pray::heart:

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Please take care of those siblings. They need you

Do whatcha gotta do. Make her pay child support too. Your siblings need a safe place

Conflicted? Can you live with yourself if you turn your back on them but also will you treat them bad cause you resent being put in this position. I guess for me being conflicted would not even be a thought. You need to really ask yourself if you want this responsibility. They already have a mom who doesnt want them. Sure it won’t be easy but the memories you make along the way will be priceless. I can’t tell you what to do and maybe being conflicted is not really what you mean. Maybe you are just scared it’s a big step and yes your life will change. You should get some counseling on how to make this work and the kids too cause they will have all kinds of emotions cause what their mom is doing. Don’t mess them up more by making them feel like they are a burden to you.

Do everything to keep your siblings away from drugs!

Yes they need stability to grow into healthy successful adults

Have you considered talking to your mom asking for them? Put it to her benefit that you have them. If she is on board then it can be less stressful on all and can be done without a fight.

They need a safe stable home with family

Yesssss, Save Your Siblings !!! Get Custody !!!

You are the best chance those babies have. If you can, please do.

File for emergency custody asap.

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You need those custodial rights

Do what’s best for them no matter what!

Please get custody of your siblings. This will ensure that they have stability and safety.

Hope you are able to do it if possible so they can have a stable life

Yes God bless you all