Should I get an epidural?

I’ve had the epidural with 2 of my kiddos. I’ve had to have it inserted twice because it leaks out of my back the first time and works the second time! I’m due with my third but want to know why it leaks out the first time? Anyone else’s do this and know the reason? I’m considering just not getting an epidural so it doesn’t work when I need it to haha.


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I’ve never had one (2 pregnancies) but I signed for my first and never ended up getting it because the doctor had to go to an emergency c-section and then my second labour was too quick So I never got the option. I’d say sign for it just in case and then decide at the time.

My first didnt work but my second worked to well lmao. I think it all depends on how the anesthesiologist handles it

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It all depends on the anesthesiologist. Some are great some are not so great.

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That’s your spinal fluid leaking, he put it in wrong.


Every single epidural I’ve had to get twice. (With 3 births) They just told me that some are harder to do. Then, by the time they started working it was almost time to push! :tired_face: I’m probably no help :joy:


I would never attempt to deliver a whole human without it again is all I’m saying


My first 3 kids I didn’t get one and my last one I did. I do not recommend the epidural. At all. Mine worked and did it’s job great don’t get me wrong. I just liked my natural experience better :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’ve done it 2 out of 3 times without one and plan on doing it again without it in December!

Pain the likes you’ve never experienced before…if you don’t get it…your choice…


Absolutely would get it. Mine never worked and when :poop: hit the fan I had to be put under because no time for one. Then nearly died.

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I didn’t have one with my son and have zero intention of getting one with any future children.

I had it 2x with 9 hrs apart from each other in same day

How they have you positioned sometimes creates pressure or you could have an abundance of spinal fluid that creates pressure. If you mention it to the anesthesiologist and your dr to make note in chart they may choose to go about insertion differently .

I had one with my first and my last three was all natural and I honestly think it’s definitely way better without it in my experience

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It depends on each person and their pain tolerance. Personally, spontaneous labor is easier than induction. The contractions are easier with spontaneous labor making it easier to endure labor without the epidural. I didn’t have an epidural with my spontaneous labor but I did have an epidural when I was induced.


Only you know what you can handle. Know that our bodies were made for this. I’ve had epidural with one and not with the other and I was just as fine. Sure I endured a little more but it wasn’t more than I could handle. So my advice is decide at the moment. Who knows? Some women give birth so quickly and you may be one of them and you may end up not needing it. Best of luck!

I’m glad I had an epidural with my now 4yo daughter. Her big head broke my tailbone on the way out :woman_facepalming:


I had my 2 without any at a birthing center, all I can say is have faith in what your body can do if you are thinking of going without. But all you can do is what your gut is telling you.

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I’m due any day now and never had an epidural but am debating on it. This is my 8th baby.


Don’t do it I had issues with it since

I’ve had 4 epidurals and they saved my life! Lol I couldn’t with one child as I dilated too fast and missed that window. That was the hardest and worst pain of my life. The first 3 I got worked perfect but the last one I noticed only my left side worked. It was better than nothing lol if you do get one, get one as soon as the pain comes, no use in suffering for nothing! That’s what a nurse told me and man was she right lol best of luck.

I had my kids in the mid-70s when they didn’t give epidurals. I sure wish they had. I hurt more than I could handle, especially the first time. The only thing that would worry me is getting a spinal headache. I hear those are awful. Sometimes after an epidural, they have to go back later and “patch” a leak which causes trouble. This happened to my daughter with her first baby. They think it might have happened because she flinched a bit when they performed the epidural.

I had 2 with it and my third without. I would never do it again. I recovered so quickly and was so much more comfortable afterwards

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10/10 if your pain isn’t intolerable I say no epidural! Baby #1 epidural baby #2 none. I can’t explain it but I wouldn’t never have an epidural again unless they said it was either an epidural or a c-section. (Scared of a c-section, props to moms that had to go through that, I am not that strong😅)

I did natural delivery with my first two but epidurals with my last few. The last one paralyzed me for a week in the hospital. I couldn’t stand, walk, sit without assistance. If I were to have more I wouldn’t do another epidural. It’s all personal choice.

I was in no way prepared to go through that pain with my kiddos. 5 epidurals and i dont regret them a bit. My body my rules


I didn’t have an epidural when I had my son. I have a high tolerance for pain though
I have had 2 epidural injections in my back within the last 2 weeks. I am not a fan of them.

With my first they attempted a epidural but it wouldn’t take so we decided not to keep trying and justhad him natural. My second I was induced and as precautionary they recommended a epidural. So once again I agreed and it didn’t work except made my legs numb to where I couldn’t even stand up for hours. So just from experience I would do it 100xs more with no epidural. Honestly if I were to have another it would be at home where I’m at peace.

Honestly how my body felt after choosing not to get qn epidural with my last…was insane. I wasn’t sore, achey, I could walk, shower sooner, and my baby was soooo much more awake. I also didn’t have additional back issues from the previous births because of the epidural. I recommend no epidural and go to someone who won’t force you to labor on your back.

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1st epidural was fine. 2nd failed attempt like 4 times then I flipped out and just did morphine. 3rd no time to even consider, he was almost born in parking lot so was natural birth. Now almost due with my 4th and honestly not sure what route I’ll be taking. :woman_shrugging:t2:

With my first I was forced to have an epidural (high risk with twins, one baby was breech thought they would have to do a c-section but was able to physically turn baby plus I was having lots of complications where I spent 3 days in ICU after my girls were born) second pregnancy after being in labor for 24 hours I asked for an epidural 3rd pregnancy I waited too long to go to the hospital (his head was born in the elevator lol) so his was all natural

I planned on going natural with my first daughter but I was induced. So as soon as the bad contractions came, I screamed at everyone to give me it. The lady that did it, messed up and I had 5 little holes down my spine. It still worked tho. Her shoulders got stuck coming out and I didn’t feel a thing. I’m now 7 months with my second daughter and I def plan on getting it again.

Best thing I ever had didn’t have one until my 5th (last one) I slept the whole way through ,they even had to tell me to push I said yh I will in a minute :rofl::rofl::rofl: plus glad I did as the doctor literally had to stick his arm in there to turn her around.

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I had an epidural with my first baby and it was lovely. It honestly progressed my labor much faster because I was so relaxed. With my second baby it was a different story. I was already dilated past 5cm when I showed up to the hospital. It was literally right after the guy did the epidural that I asked the nurse to check me because I felt like blood was gushing out down there. To our suprise my cervix was complete. I started pushing and had my baby within 5 minutes. The epidural didnt start working until AFTER I gave birth. I felt it all. But our bodies somehow make us forget what the pain feels like. You do whatever you feel will make you more comfortable. Best of luck to you! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy :blush:

Had it with my first two because I was induced and they worked perfectly. Tried to get one with my third but they missed or something. It sent a horrible pain shooting down my right hip and leg, was only partially numb for like an hour, felt everything giving birth, and there was still a pain shooting down my right side that hurt worse than anything else once I was done. If this labor goes fast I’m doing it without but if not then I’ll probably try for one and cross my fingers

I had my first two in the 80’s all natural. It hurts like hell but once that baby is out you forget about the pain. The 3 rd I had to have a c-section and that was the worse pain ever. I was put completely to sleep and missed the first 12 hours of my daughters life because of the after effects and I couldn’t get awake enough to hold her and feed her. The pain afterwards was great.

Yes. I didn’t even feel them putting in my epidural. The pain of the contractions were so much worse that I didn’t even noticed when they put the epidural in. I have had no side affects from the epidural and thaT was almost 4 years ago

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Sounds like they didn’t put the first one in correctly.

I had a epidural with my first three but not my forth and I would recommend the epidural!

Iv had 2, pain wise they work brilliant, but Iv had a bad back ever since x really wish I could have done natural both times x

If you don’t do an epidural you can always get some Stadol to take the edge off. I had this during my 1st delivery and it still sucked (I had a lot of other things going on that contributed) but I got through it just fine. You may just want to talk to your OB about other options and see which ones might be a good fit. It’s all about what will make you the most comfortable.

5 babies and not 1 epidural

Get the epidural!
Have u ever had back labor . Especially if ur going to be induced u should get it.
I do t see why u have to waste all ur energy and exert yourself when u could focus on relaxing and and way less pain. Focus on giving ur all once baby here and ur up all night nursing