Should I force my daughter to play Tball?

My 4 year old has social anxiety im pretty sure. She does great at church when its her immediate friend group but she shuts down other places. She is also homeschooled. I signed her up for tball this season. She knows the coach. Im helping and 3 of her best friends are on the team and she is still petrified. Should i force her to see it through or should i let her quit?


No child should be forced to participate in an extracurricular :roll_eyes:


Why did you sign her up? Did she ask to play? If not- take her out amd DO NOTake her play. If my child asked to play, we signed them up. If they realized they didn’t really like it, they finished the season because you finish what you start. They didn’t have to sign up again unless they asked.

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Encourage, don’t force.
Try to explain to her how much fun she could have and that she might be disappointed later when she misses out on the experience, but let her know that it’ll be a good time. If you try to force it and she really doesn’t want to it’ll do more damage than help, you should never “force” children to do things. Forcing her might get her to do it but she probably won’t enjoy it because she’s starting with a negative mindset about it


Did she ask to play T-ball? If it’s something she wanted to do, I would make her see it through. If not, do not force her to do it. There are so many things out there for kids to do… Sports, art, dance, gymnastics, etc. Please don’t force her to do anything she didn’t choose to do.

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I wouldn’t let her quit when you sign up for something you should teach the kid to follow through with it till at least the seasons over so she doesn’t disappoint her teammates. If it wasn’t a team and it was more one on one thing be more acceptable.

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My daughter is the same way. We tried gymnastics, but she was too shy and wouldn’t participate so I took her out lol

I’m the same exact way tho :sweat_smile: I’m an introvert. I don’t like socializing. Forcing me to socialize just made it worse so don’t force her.

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Did you choose tball for her? Or did she express interest & say she wanted to do it?

Both my boys don’t do well in large groups. School is a nightmare. I wanted them in karate. My oldest walked in saw all the kids & parents & locked up. He later joined a martial arts class in smaller groups when he was a teen. My youngest laid on the floor. The coach was military-like. So this big man stood over my 4 yo SCREAMING at him. I saw red. My friend went & grabbed him because I was too angry by this guy’s actions. (he later apologized). Lucky I paid by the week. We didn’t continue. I feel it causes trauma to force someone with anxiety to be in a situation that will increase their anxiety.

If she expressed interest of take her & let her try. If it was your idea. Well don’t force your ideas on her. Find small group activities for her.

I honestly don’t think a child should ever be forced to play sports if they don’t want to. I know I would have been incredibly unhappy if I had to because I wasn’t into those things and the kids at school who played sports were the kids that bullied me, it wouldn’t have mattered if my best friend was with me. Do you have other options to get her out to socialize? You said she had friends, so could she do things with them that would get her out more? I just feel like a child shouldn’t be forced into doing something like that.


Don’t be that person and force things upon your kids who don’t want to do them please. I was forced as a child to play softball. I hated it. It was a bad experience. It caused problems with my parents.

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I signed my daughter up for soccer at the age of 3 and she hated it so we never put her in anything else til she was ready. She just stood on the field. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention. It took my daughter til the age of 10 to decide what she wanted to do. She is in cheer now and loves it. Please don’t force her to do anything until she is ready.


What I would do is not force her to play, but bring her every game/practice. Especially if you’re helping. I bet after time she will want to join in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also - if she originally said she would play, I’d make her go every week, rather she participated or not. Again, she may just need time and may want to join in.
If she did not want to Play and you signed her up anyway, that’s a different story.

If you’re helping, so not quit on the other coach, regardless Of what you decide with your daughter.

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If she didn’t ask. She shouldn’t be forced. My kid wants to quit some stuff, but I told her she has to see it thru this year, since we’re at the end. But after that. If she doesn’t want to, she won’t be signed up. It’s not going to be fun, if she’s forced

My son was so scared to start soccer so what I did was stay where he could see me an cheer him on loudly! It made him more comfortable an confident definitely encourage don’t force!

Ask her what she wants to participate in and give it a try .

Horseback riding is a really good introvert sport … solo yet social … the sport itself is solo but the people you meet along the way can be friends for life! Might be something to consider. Also dance because you have to work together to form a routine

If you have to use the word force, it’s never gonna be the right thing to do

You signed her up. Did she want to do it?

You should encourage her but NEVER force her.
My suggestion is to take her just “ to help you out “ and to see the dynamics of the group and practices ask her if she would like to try and let her decide

Did she even want to play T ball???

It it took my 3 year old about 4-5 soccer practices before going on the field by herself…lots of it’s going to be ok and I’m sitting right here of you need me, I’m not going anywhere.